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IKEA CARDS 21 to 30


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IKEA CARDS 21 to 30

  1. 1. 21 22 MESUSUFAR M A C K I S light shade d r a w e rDescriptionThis set of storage drawers come in unfinished Descriptionplywood allowing them to be coloured to suit their A ‘swirling’ light shade made from sheet materialsurroundings. fitted over a cylindrical core.Materials MaterialsCase - birch plywood Shade - polyethylene - low densityDrawer - birch plywoodLabel holder - steel / nickel plated Process of manufacture Shade - stamped and formedProcess of manufactureCase - laminated / veneer Method of assemblyDrawer - laminated / veneer Shade - rivetedLabel holder - pierced, blanked and pressedMethod of assembly Questions ?Case - finger joint and glue 1 Explain how the sheet of polyethylene wouldDrawer - finger joint and glue have been manufactured.Label holder to drawer - riveted 2 Fashion can strongly influence the design of aQuestions ? product. With reference to the light shade explain1 Explain why plywood is a suitable material for how fashion has possibly influenced its overallthis product . ‘look’.2 The label holder could be described as a 3 Describe the process of riveting, use sketchesstandard component. Explain why using standard to illustrate your answer.components in products is common practice.3 Name and describe a suitable joint for fixing the 4 Describe how the light shade could have beendrawer sides together. Use diagrams to illustrate manufactured from wood.your answer. 5 State three considerations a company would4 Explain where the designer would have have to make if the material for the shade wasconsidered physiology in the design of this product. switched from plastic to wood.5 Describe two aspects of the design which could 6 Function and durability are two important designhave been evaluated by user trials. factors. Describe two aspect of function and durability which the designer would have6 Explain how the designer would have used the considered in the design of the light shade.information gathered during the user trials.Assignment AssignmentTo extend the range the drawer will be replaced The shade is made from a flat piece of PE , cut toby a hinged door. The door must be made of shape and then opened up.similar birch plywood. Produce a design solution for a table lamp whereProduce a design solution for a door which could the shade is manufactured in the same way butbe attached to the unit in place of the drawer . has a different overall shape.
  2. 2. 23 24 food spatula soap dish PERISKOP S PAT U L A DescriptionDescription This cooking spatula is made entirely of plastic.A chunky white soap dish in steel, fixed to the The single hole in the handle allows the spatulawall with four screws. to hang on a rack.Materials MaterialsTray - polyethylene Handle - polypropyleneHolder - steel tube / lacquered Blade - polyamide plasticFixing plates - steel / lacquered Process of manufactureProcess of manufacture Handle - injection mouldingTray - injection moulded Blade - injection mouldingHolder - formedFixing plates - pierced, blanked and formed Method of assembly Moulded togetherMethod of assemblyTray onto holder - placed Questions ?Fixing plates onto holder - welded 1 Explain why a polyamide plastic was chosen as the material for the blade of the spatula ?Questions ?1 State three pieces of evidence found by visual 2 Describe the process of injection moulding.inspection of the tray which would establish Sketches should be used in your answer.injection moulding as the manufacturing process. 3 Describe the spatula in terms of its aesthetic2 The holes in the fixing plate have been piercedand not drilled. State one piece of visual evidence appeal and state its possible market niche.which establishes that the holes have been piercedand not drilled. 4 State three aspects of safety the designer would have considered in the design of the spatula.3 Explain why piercing is the preferred processfor manufacture in this case. 5 The handle could have been manufactured from hardwood. State the name of a suitable hardwood4 State the name of a metal which could have and explain how this change in material couldbeen used to manufacture the tray. change the market niche of the product.5 Describe a suitable process for the manufacture 6 State two aspects in the design of the spatulaof the tray using your chosen metal. where the designer would have considered anthropometrics.6 The soap dish is described as chunky. Describethree ways in which the designer could make the Assignmentsoap dish look less chunky. The spatula has been selected as a product for possible redesign.Assignment State and justify three aspects of the design whichThe tray has to be redesigned to allow water to could be evaluated.drain from it. Produce three design solutions for Describe the strategies which could be used tothe tray. evaluate these three aspects.
  3. 3. 25 26 VA G O e a s y c h a i r VA N E R N c a b i n e tDescription DescriptionA one piece moulded easy chair which can be This wall mounted cabinet has a portal windowstacked for easy storage. and hinged door.Materials MaterialsChair - polypropylene Cabinet - MDF Door - MDF Window - acrylicProcess of manufacture Window frame - aluminiumChair - injection moulding Process of manufactureMethod of assembly Cabinet - machinedNone Door - machined Window - cut from sheetQuestions ? Window frame - blanked and pressed1 Explain which properties of polypropylene makeit a suitable choice for the manufacture of the Method of assemblychair. Cabinet - bolted/steel dowels Door to cabinet - hinged Window and frame to door - push fit2 Describe the process of injection moulding.Sketches should be used in your answer. Questions ? 1 State three properties of MDF which make it a3 Explain the difficulties which may be encountered suitable choice for the manufacture of the cabinet.when injection moulding such a large product asthe chair. 2 The cabinet is to be manufactured from galvanised steel sheet. Explain a process which4 State four aesthetic factors which the designer could be used to produce the cabinet. Sketcheswould have considered in the design of the chair should be used in your answer.and describe how they have effected its overalllook. 3 State three ergonomic factors the designer would have considered in the design of the cabinet.AssignmentIt is decided to produce a stool/table to accompany Assignmentthe chair. The cabinet is to be redesigned with double doorsProduce a design solution for a stool/table a n d n o w i n d o w. H a n d l e s h a v e t o b emanufactured using the same material and incorporated(cut) into the door design.Produce aprocess as the chair. design solution for the cabinet with double doors.
  4. 4. 27 28 PS VALLO watering can s t o o l F O R B YDescription DescriptionA sculptured watering-can made from a single A light weight stool with very modern stylingsheet of material and available in a range of available at low cost.colours.Materials MaterialsWatering can - polypropylene Seat - polypropylene Legs - steel / lacqueredProcess of manufactureWatering can - injection moulding Process of manufacture Seat - injection mouldingMethod of assembly Legs - extruded tube and formedNone Method of assemblyQuestions ? Seat to legs - 4 screws / 1 centre bolt1 Aesthetics and fashion are closely linked. Forthis product describe the aesthetic styling which Questions ?prove this to be the case. 1 Describe one functional and one aesthetic reason for curving the legs.2 This design of watering can allows for stacking.Explain how this will influence the cost of 2 Explain the effect on the cost/aesthetics of thetransportation and storage for the company. stool, if the stool had been manufactured entirely from stainless steel.3 User trials were conducted with the wateringcan before it went into production. State two 3 Describe the stool using four aesthetic terms.aspects of the watering can where user trialswould have proved useful. 4 State the market niche for this product and justify4 Explain how the designer would have used the your answer.information obtained from the user trials. 5 State a suitable metal and process which couldAssignment be used for the manufacture of the seat.It is decided that due to the popularity of thewatering-can, the range is to be extended to Assignmentinclude a plant pot and tray. The plant pot and The appeal of the stool is to be improved by thetray should be manufactured from the same addition of a low back support. The same materialsmaterial/process. have to be used.Produce a design solution for the plant pot and Produce a design solution for the stool with antray. added low back support.
  5. 5. 29 30 FORMELL holder FJARRAN sconceDescriptionA sconce made from black lacquered steel forthick cathedral candles. DescriptionMaterials A simple dish for holding a candle with centreBack plates - steel / lacquered spike to ensure the candle does not fall over.Dish - steel / lacqueredUprights - steel rod / lacquered Materials Dish - aluminiumProcess of manufacture Spike - brassBack plates - formedDish - blanked and formed Process of manufactureUprights - cut Dish - die cast Spike - turnedMethod of assemblyAll parts welded Method of assembly Spike into dish - screwedQuestions ?1 Describe the process used to manufacture the Questions ?dish of the sconce. 1 State two pieces of evidence found by visual inspection of the dish which would establish die casting as the manufacturing process.2 Describe one functional and one aestheticreason for the back plates on the sconce. 2 Describe the process of die casting. Sketches should be used in your answer.3 Describe three features of the sconce whichallow it to be manufactured in this way. 3 State two properties of aluminium which make it suitable for this product.4 Explain, with reference to psychology andaesthetics why black has been chosen for the 3 Explain, with reference to aesthetics why brassfinish of this product. may have been chosen for the manufacture of the spike.AssignmentThe sconce has to be redesigned to be Assignmentfreestanding. The holder is to be redesigned with an alternativeProduce a design solution which will allow the method for securing a candle.sconce to be redesigned as a freestanding candle Produce a design solution for a holder which willholder. hold a candle without the use of a spike.