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IKEA Cards 1 to 10


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IKEA Cards 1 to 10

  1. 1. 1 2 KANTRA rack MAMMUT chair Description A rack which could be used to hold newspapers, magazines, books etc. Supplied as two identical sides, flat packed. Materials Sides - birch plywood Rods - polished steelDescription Process of manufactureA chair for children available in a range of primary Sides - mitre joint / gluedcolours. Rods - extrudedMaterials Method of assemblyAll parts - polypropylene Rods to sides - push fit Sides - slotted togetherProcess of manufactureAll parts - injection moulding Questions ? 1 Explain the advantages of using plywood insteadMethod of assembly of solid timber for the manufacture of the sides.Rails to back rest and seat - push fitLegs to seat - push fit 2 Describe the processes which have been used to manufacture the rack sides.Questions ?1 Explain why primary colours have been used 3 Describe the aesthetics of the rack in terms ofin the design of the chair . balance, proportion and texture.2 State three properties of polypropylene which 4 State a suitable finish for the rack parts andmake it a suitable material for this product. explain why it may be necessary.3 Describe the process of injection moulding. 5 State an alternative material which could haveSketches should be used in your answer. been used to manufacture the rack sides and explain the process which would be used with this4 State two alternative materials which could have material.been used in the manufacture of the chair. 6 This product has been designed as a ‘magazine5 Describe two ways in which the designer could rack’. Describe how the rack could be used ashave obtained the relevant sizes required for the part of another, different product. Sketches shoulddesign of the chair. be used in your answer.Assignment AssignmentIt is decided to produce an alternative chair of the When built, the rack sits at a fixed angle giving itsame type but with armrests. a wide vee shape.Produce a design solution for an identical chair Produce a design solution which would allow thebut with armrests. rack to have either an adjustable angle or an option of three possible fixed angles.
  2. 2. 3 4 KALL ice cube tray PS RIVO chairDescription DescriptionA modern looking chair in two materials. Notice Ice cube tray in a variety of colours. Very flexiblethe pattern and translucent effect of the seat allows to allow for easy removal of ice cubes. Comesyou to see the positioning of the legs underneath. with a rigid holder.Materials MaterialsSeat - polypropyleneFixing plate - polypropylene Tray - SEBSLegs - aluminium Holder - PCCOProcess of manufacture Process of manufactureSeat - injection moulding Tray - injection mouldingFixing plate - injection moulding Holder - injection mouldingLegs - extrusion / formed Method of assemblyMethod of assembly Tray is placed in holder.Legs to legs - boltsLegs to seat - clamped by fixing plate/screwed Questions ? 1 Explain why SEBS was chosen as the materialQuestions ?1 Explain which properties of aluminium make it for this product ?a suitable choice for this product. 2 Describe the process of injection moulding.2 Describe the process of extrusion. Sketches Sketches should be used in your answer.should be used in your answer. 3 Describe the ice cube tray in terms of its aesthetic3 State three ergonomic factors which the designer appeal and state its possible market niche.would have considered when designing the chair. 4 The tray could have been manufactured from4 The two materials used in the manufacture of aluminium. State and describe the process whichthe chair can both be recycled. What are the could have been used to manufacture the tray inbenefits to society of recycling and why is it aluminium.necessary?Assignment AssignmentIt has been decided to produce a version of the The ice cube tray has been selected as a productchair with an all aluminium seat. The ‘solid’ seat for possible redesign.design however is both heavy and uses a large State and justify three aspects of the design whichamount of material. Produce a design solution for could be evaluated.the seat which will eliminate the weight and Describe the strategies which could be used tomaterial problems. evaluate these three aspects.
  3. 3. 5 6 c a s t o r IDEALISK grater A K I SDescription DescriptionA small rotating castor which could be fixed to a A food grater with a number of possible gratingvariety of products by means of four screws or sizes.bolts. MaterialsMaterials Grater - stainless steel Handle - stainless steelWheel - low density polyethyleneAxle bracket - steel Process of manufactureCup - steel Grater - pierced, blanked and formedFixing plate - steel Handle - cut and formedProcess of manufacture Method of assemblyWheel - injection moulding Handle to grater - weldedAxle bracket - pierced,blanked and formedCup - pierced, blanked and formed Questions ?Fixing plate - pierced, blanked and formed 1 Safety was an important factor in the design of the grater. State two safety aspects which wouldMethod of assembly have been considered and explain why they areWheel to axle bracket - steel pin important for this product.Axle bracket to cup - captivated to allow rotation 2 Explain three properties of stainless steel whichCup to fixing plate - riveted over make it a suitable choice for the manufacture of the grater.Questions ?1 Explain which properties of low density 3 Describe two aspects of the design where thepolyethylene make it a suitable choice for the designer will have to use anthropometric data.manufacture of the wheel. 4 State two methods the designer could use to2 Describe the process of piercing and blanking. obtain this data.Sketches should be used in your answer. 5 The designer would also have considered3 State a suitable finish for steel used in the castor physiology in the design of the grater. Describeand explain why it is necessary. an aspect of the design which would require the designer to consider physiology.Assignment AssignmentThe castor is to be redesigned to fit onto the end It is decided that the introduction of wood into theof a 50mm diameter beech table leg. design of the grater will widen its appeal.Produce a design solution which will allow the Produce a design solution which will use birchcastor to fit securely on to the leg. plywood for the handle of the grater.
  4. 4. 7 8 HARLIG bowl PLASTIS peeler Description A mesh bowl with a variety of uses from holding fruit to acting as a waste paper bin. Materials Top/bottom rim - aluminium Side/base - aluminium Process of manufactureDescription Top/bottom rim - pierced, blanked and formed.This peeler, used for peeling foods such as Side/base - cut and stretchedpotatoes and apples is available with handles ina variety of colours. Method of assembly Rims to side/base - crimpedMaterialsBlade - stainless steelHandle - ABS Questions ? 1 Describe two advantages of the method ofProcess of manufacture manufacture for the side/base over using aBlade - pierced, blanked and formed pierced/blanked sheet.Handle - injection moulding 2 State two properties of aluminium which makeMethod of assembly it suitable for this product.Blade moulded into handle. 3 Aluminium can be recycled. State two advantagesQuestions ? to the consumer of recycling products.1 Aesthetics and fashion are closely linked. Forthis product describe the aesthetic styling which 4 Explain the difference between the reuse andprove this to be the case. the recycling of a product.2 The blade of the peeler has been moulded into 5 This bowl is made solely from aluminium.Statethe handle. From your knowledge of injection two other product made solely from aluminium .moulding, describe how this would have beendone. Use sketches in your answer. 6 Describe two tests which could be carried out on a product to establish whether or not it was3 User trials were conducted with the peeler before made from aluminium.it went into production. State two aspects of thepeeler where user trials would have proved useful. 7 Describe the bowl using four aesthetic terms.4 Explain how the designer would have used the 8 Explain the effect on the cost/aesthetics of theinformation obtained form the user trials. bowl, if the rims had been manufactured in brass.AssignmentIt is decided that due to the popularity of the peelera ‘set’ will be produced comprising of the peeler, Assignmenta bottle opener and a small hand whisk. In order to widen market appeal the bowl is to beProduce design solutions for the bottle opener redesigned as a basket. This will mean the additionand hand whisk incorporating the original peeler of a carrying handle to the original design.handle. Produce a design solution for the basket handle.
  5. 5. 9 10 BRUKLIG pot stand b o x T R A L LDescription DescriptionThis small box has a lift off lid and can be used A traditional cast pot stand used in the kitchen forfor a variety of uses from holding herbs in the protecting surfaces from hot objects such askitchen to jewellery in the bedroom. cooking pots and tea pots.Materials MaterialsBox - hardwood Stand - cast ironLid - hardwood Process of manufactureProcess of manufacture Stand - sand castBox - laminated then turnedLid - turned Method of assembly NonMethod of assemblyLid placed on box Questions ? 1 Some products are often used in ways whichQuestions ? the designer did not intend. Describe two ways in1 Describe the process used to manufacture the which this pot stand could be used apart from itsbox and lid, sketches should be used in your intended function.answer. 2 Describe the process of sand casting. Sketches2 State two aspects of the design where the should be used in your answer.designer would have considered anthropometrics.3 Explain the importance of these aspects in the 3 State two properties of cast iron which make itdesign of the box and lid. suitable for the pot stand.4 The box and lid could have been manufactured 4 Explain, with reference to psychology andin aluminium. State and describe the process aesthetics why black has been chosen for thewhich would have been used. finish of this product.Assignment AssignmentMarket research has revealed that the loose fitting The pot stand is to be redesigned with feet whichlid is not suitable for certain uses of the box. will raise it 50mm from the surface it is place on.Produce a design solution which will keep the lid Produce a design solution which will incorporatefirmly secured to the box. a number of feet and raise the stand by 50mm.