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Online communities


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The slides from my webinar on using online communities which I did for Nomad Parents

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Online communities

  1. 1. Online Communities Presented by Molly Quell For
  2. 2. Online Communities• Forums• Groups• Blogs• Twitter Molly Quell Nomad Parents 2
  3. 3. Forums An online discussion site where people use posted messages to engage in discussions. Pros: Moderated, Wide Audience Cons: Not Verified Identities, Slow Response, Public How To Find: Search for “parenting forums,” many are attached to parenting websites.Molly Quell Nomad Parents
  4. 4. Groups and PagesGroups Networking generate discussion around a certain topic. Public / private / invitation LinkedIn and FacebookPages Profile for a product, company, or website to promote to the public.Pros: Verified Identities, Rapid Response, TargetedInterestCons: Limited Access, Not Designed To Be A ForumHow To Find: Search for “parents” or “parenting” inFacebook or Linkedin, Ask parents in your area orgroup. Molly Quell Nomad Parents 4
  5. 5. BlogsShort for “web log”, a blog is a website based around generating information anddiscussion.Pros: Wide Audience, Smaller Audience, Targeted InterestCons: Not Designed To Be A Forum, Unverified Identities, Slow Response, PublicHow To Find: Search for “parenting blogs” or your specific parenting interest (such as“expat parent blogs”), several websites put together lists of the best parenting blogs(such as Babble), check the links of any parenting blogs you currently read, searchpopular blogging websites (such as Blogger or Wordpress) Molly Quell Nomad Parents 5
  6. 6. Get started with some blogs• Adventures in Integration (Expatica NL expat blog of the year)• Expatica NL 2012 blogging competition nominees• The European Mama blog• Drie Culturen (third culture kids)• Other experts in the Nomad Parents webinar series Molly Quell Nomad Parents 6
  7. 7. TwitterA microblogging service which How To Find: Look at Trendingallows users to post short Topics on Twitter, look atmessages. websites for hashtags they use (Edudemic has compiled a list),Hashtags search for generic terms on Twitter. Feature which allows you to easily search for terms on TwitterPros: Wide Audience, InstantResponsesCons: Unverified Identities,Public Molly Quell Nomad Parents 7
  8. 8. Conclusion• Transferable Communities• Varied Opinions• Unverified Idenities Molly Quell Nomad Parents 8