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Privacy on Facebook


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How to find and set your privacy settings on Facebook. Part of the webinar series for Nomad Parents.

Published in: Technology
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Privacy on Facebook

  1. 1. Privacy on Facebook Presented by Molly Quell For
  2. 2. FacebookSocial networking site1 billion usersFacebook has a bad reputation forprotecting privacy They generate revenue by selling your information They frequently change policies with little notice and unclear explanations Molly Quell Nomad Parents 2
  3. 3. Privacy OnlineStoring and repurposing of dataHow data is made available to thepublic Molly Quell Nomad Parents 3
  4. 4. Facebook PrivacyHow To Determine Your PrivacyLevelsHow To Change Your SettingsHow To Stay Up To Date Molly Quell Nomad Parents 4
  5. 5. ProfileSections Work/Education Living Family History By Year Basic Info Contact Info Favorite Quotes Molly Quell Nomad Parents 5
  6. 6. PhotosProfile PhotoAdding PhotosExisting Album SettingsPhotos Others ShareProfile Photos Molly Quell Nomad Parents 6
  7. 7. ListsLists can be any group of friendsFacebook has native listsAllows you to control who seescertain informationEasier to direct posts Molly Quell Nomad Parents 7
  8. 8. Other StuffTags AppsComments AdsSearch SecurityPast Posts Subscribers Molly Quell Nomad Parents 8
  9. 9. Staying Up To DateCheck your security settingsCheck Facebook’s privacy informationFact check information about privacy Molly Quell Nomad Parents 9