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Blogging presentation


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Blogging presentation

  1. 1. Blogging: An Introduction Presented by Molly QuellShell Outpost Expat Support Network 28 March 2013
  2. 2. About MeMolly Quell Molly Quell Consulting www.mollyquell.comSocial media strategy, design, andimplementation services Molly Quell Shell Outpost 2 Expatriate Support Network
  3. 3. What Is A Blog?Portmanteau for “Web” and “Log” WEBlog“Web site on which an individual orgroup of users recordopinions, information, etc. on a regularbasis.” Molly Quell Shell Outpost 3 Expatriate Support Network
  4. 4. Who Blogs• The Daily Dish• Dooce• Becker and Posner• The Style Rookie• Nomad Mom Diary Molly Quell Shell Outpost 4 Expatriate Support Network
  5. 5. Topic• What are you passionate about?• Professional Vs Personal• Long Form Vs Short Form• Photoblogging• Videoblogging Molly Quell Shell Outpost 5 Expatriate Support Network
  6. 6. Platforms• Blogger• Wordpress.Com• Wordpress.Org• Tumblr• LiveJournal/Dreamwidth• TypePad/Squarespace• Drupal/Joomla Molly Quell Shell Outpost 6 Expatriate Support Network
  7. 7. Visuals• Keep It Simple• Teaching Yourself• Outsourcing Ref: WDL Molly Quell Shell Outpost 7 Expatriate Support Network
  8. 8. Structure• About You• Contact• Blogroll• Archives• Search Bar• Related Posts• Links To Social Media Sites Ref: Wordpress Molly Quell Shell Outpost 8 Expatriate Support Network
  9. 9. Promotion• Yourself• Social Media• Blog Directories• Blogging Competitions• Guest Post Molly Quell Shell Outpost 9 Expatriate Support Network
  10. 10. Search Engine Optimization• What is SEO?• How to improve your SEO• Is it worth it? Molly Quell Shell Outpost 10 Expatriate Support Network
  11. 11. Develop Community• Find Similar Bloggers• Online Communities• Search Your Platform Molly Quell Shell Outpost 11 Expatriate Support Network
  12. 12. Privacy• Your Blog• Your Posts• Your Identity• Social Media Molly Quell Shell Outpost 12 Expatriate Support Network
  13. 13. Writing• Style Guide• Post Length• Sentence And Paragraph Length• Edit, edit, edit Molly Quell Shell Outpost 13 Expatriate Support Network
  14. 14. Commenters• To Allow Or Not To Allow• Responding To Feedback• Dealing With Trolls Molly Quell Shell Outpost 14 Expatriate Support Network
  15. 15. What To Expect?• Traffic• Comments• Money• Personal Reward Ref: Molly Quell Shell Outpost 15 Expatriate Support Network
  16. 16. Contact InfoMy Contact InfoWebsite: www.mollyquell.comBlog: www.themarketingsalon.comLinkedIn: @mollyreneFacebook: Molly Quell Shell Outpost 16 Expatriate Support Network
  17. 17. Super Awesome Things Brought to you by the letters M, R, and Q.