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Slovenian animal sentjernej's_rooster_petra_kocar


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By Petra Kocar

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Slovenian animal sentjernej's_rooster_petra_kocar

  1. 1. Making a Slovenian animal: ŠENTJERNEJ’S ROOSTERPreschool teacher: PETRA KOČAR KINDERGARTEN JELKAPreschool teacher assistant: IRENA KOVAČIČ Glavarjeva 18aPresentation by Petra Kočar 1000 Ljubljana SLOVENIANOVEMBER 2010
  2. 2. ŠentjernejThe towns beneath the Gorjanci hills, including Šentjernej, have been famous for quite a while. In the 19th century, they were described by Janez Trdina in his tales and fables.Šentjernej is the seat of the municipality of the same name, known to the rest of Slovenia for the wonderful cviček wine, the singing and roosters, the traditional horse races, the »Petelinjada« rooster races, the May Day celebration at Javorovica, Koledovanje (when groups of men go from household to household singing carols and wishing good luck) and Jernejevo – the municipal holiday on the day of St. Jernej (Bartholomew).In the Šentjernej valley beneath the Gorjanci stands the Carthusian monastery Pleterje, and next to it there is an outdoor museum with displays of the architecture and day to day life in the area.From:• Source: Foto from web page
  3. 3. Source: Foto from web page Foto from web page Source: Foto from web page
  4. 4. We have made some Sentjernej’s roosters with our parents during our ComeniusSlovenian day Playing hour : We have glued send on printed Sentjernej’s rooster symbol s.
  5. 5. We have also created Sentjernej’s roosters out of colorful paper.
  6. 6. We have made some Sentjernej’s roosters also on our own in first week of November.Make your own Sentjernej’s rooster.