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Schoolgarden 2013


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Norway Comenius Team

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Schoolgarden 2013

  1. 1. Skolehage School garden
  2. 2. First We asked a teacher to borrow equipment for growing plants. It can be placed in the windows.
  3. 3. Second We went to the gardening centre and bought soil and seeds. Tomatoes, cucumber, basil, oregano, spring onion and sunflower.
  4. 4. Finish with planting. Now we have to wait for the result.
  5. 5. After 1 week Do you see the snow outside the window?
  6. 6. Something is happening
  7. 7. Cucumber Looking good!
  8. 8. After a few weeks The tomatoes- and the cucumber-plants are growing very fast. We have to find homes for them where they can "grow up". We don't have a greenhouse at school. And it's still to cold to put the plants out. We don't have a good place for it outside at school either.
  9. 9. Cucumber Almost ready to be eaten!
  10. 10. In the kitchen window The cucumbers are almost ready, the tomato-plants are quite tall and check out the tall basil to the right!
  11. 11. Ready……….
  12. 12. Yummy!
  13. 13. Why we don't have a permanent school garden In the summer 2014 the whole school will be demolished. A new school will be finished in the summer of 2016. From the spring 2017 we hope we can offer the pupils the opportunity to grow their own vegetables, flowers and berries in a new permanent school garden.