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Short description of the russian culture

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  1. 1. Russian cultureRussian mentalityRussian soul
  2. 2. Russian culture is rich, spanningcenturies of Russian history. Russianculture encompasses art, food,traditions, literature, attitudes andmore. The culture of Russia is both apoint of pride for Russiansthemselves and a major draw fortravelers who plan trips to Russia.
  3. 3. What are Matryoshka Dolls?Until the early 1900’s, Russian toyswere made at home out of wood.Wood was the easiest material to get,and the cheapest for the people. Itwas used to make puppets and manydifferent kinds of animals. A favoritetoy among the children was thecolorful Matryoshka nesting dolls.These dolls fit one inside the other,with the biggest one holding all of therest. They are all meant to be a familywith the baby as the smallest.These dolls are now popular touristsouvenirs.
  4. 4. ValenkiValenki are traditionalRussian felt bootsworn to keep feetwarm during thewinter. Valenki makegreat souvenirs fromRussia or practicalpurchases for wintertravel.
  5. 5. Russian Food
  6. 6. What do Russians like to drink? The most popular drink for both adults and children in Russia is tea. The tea is brewed and served in the fancy metal container you see at the left, which is called a samovar. This boils the water and keeps it warm. A small teapot rests on top which contains a very strong tea. A little bit of that is combined with the water from the samovar. While samovars have fallen out of everyday use, samovars are still used for some occasions. In addition, antique samovars are sometimes family heirlooms and decorativeRussian Samovar reminders of the past.
  7. 7. What do Russians like to eat? Russians eat lots of bread, and prefer to buy it while it’s hot. The most popular bread is dark rye bread. They like to eat salads. Soup is also very popular, especially cabbage soup. All kinds of meats are eaten, with a variety of vegetables and the well- known potato pancakes. What about dessert? Russians like piroshki, or fritters, along with very thin jam-filled pancakes called blini. Kissel, or fruit puddings are popular, along with marozhinaya, or ice cream.
  8. 8. Delicious Russian Recipes Blini (Russian Oliviet (Russian Salad) Pancakes)1. Put 1 cup of flour in a bowl. Add 1 1. Boil 2 medium potatoes and 2 tablespoon of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of medium carrots in their skins. Let baking soda, 1/2 tablespoon of baking cool, then peel and dice. powder, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.2. In a new bowl, beat 1 egg. Add 2 cups 2. Using about 2 tablespoons of of buttermilk and 1/8 cup of cooking mayonnaise, mix the above oil. ingredients with: 3-4 diced hard3. Combine the bowls and beat. boiled eggs, 2-3 diced medium4. Cook in oil. Eat and enjoy! pickles, 1/4 cup diced fresh Russians eat these with a variety of cucumber, and 2-3 tablespoons of toppings. chopped onion. Those toppings include: caviar (fish eggs!), sour cream, jam, and honey. 3. Season to your liking with pepper and enjoy!
  9. 9. Popular Russian Sports Russia is one of the most successful countries at a number of sports and continuously finishing in the top rankings at the Olympic Games. Among the most played sports in Russia are football, ice hockey and basketball. Other sports widely played in Russia include gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, volleyball, rugby union and skiing.
  10. 10. Hobbies and Games Russians enjoy a wide variety of activities. In the summertime, they enjoy swimming, long walks in the countryside, and fishing. Skating, cross-country skiing and ice fishing are their favorite winter activities. Mushroom picking is a favorite activity for people of all ages in the fall. A favorite board game among Russians is chess. In fact, Russian children begin learning how to play chess in kindergarten! They get very serious about chess in fifth grade when they learn plays of the famous champions. Many world champions are from Russia!
  11. 11. Russian BanyaThe Russian banya (or steam bath or sauna) is still very popular atRussian dachas. Sometimes accompanied by bouts of drinking,sometimes accompanied by birchbark "whisking" (the process ofwhipping the limbs with birchbark branches to improve circulation), thebanya experience is a social one usually followed by the participantsjumping into cold water. As with other elements of Russian culture, thebanya centers around tradition, the wisdom of generations past, and thepracticality of life in Russia. Though individuals dont usually go to thebanya in place of taking a shower at home, going to the banya is stillconsidered healthful and a well-established Russian custom.
  12. 12. Russian Music and Dance
  13. 13. What kind of music do Russians like to listen to? The people of Russia enjoy listening to all kinds of music. Folk music is very old and popular kind of music. This dates back to medieval times, in the 1800s, when someone would play a string instrument, and the peasants would sing and dance. At the right is the popular balalaika, a three-stringed instrument. It is very old, but still widely played in villages and folk music bands.
  14. 14. Balalaikas and Russian Folk Instruments What is balalaika? It is a triangular stringed instrument sort of like a guitar. This traditional instrument is sometimes brightly painted with Russian designs and scenes from Russian folktales. The music of accordions, which are also pictured, feature in Russian folk music as well, along with pipes and other stringed instruments.
  15. 15. The Nutcracker Ballet is very popular in Russia, and dates back to the 1700s. Many wonderful ballets, dancers, and choreographers have come out of Russia. We have all seen a portion of the well-known Nutcracker ballet. Well, music to Swan Lake, one of the dances of the Nutcracker, was written by Tchaikovsky. He is the first of many great Russian composers.
  16. 16. The Russian MentalityRussian mentality is truly different from the usual thinking of a WestEuropean or North American person. Russians may seem quite reserved,harsh and distant at first, but in most cases just in a few minutes they willopen up and you will have a great conversation and maybe even a newfriend!Russians will gladly invite you to their home even after hardly knowingyou at all. They are very curious about foreigners; that must be an effect ofmany years of communism, when one could hardly meet a foreigneranywhere.Russian women take great care of themselves, in spite of many lifesdifficulties a Russian lady looks good, groomed and very feminine.Russian guys are very attentive and caring for their women. They spendfortunes to make them happy and do not forget to give compliments eachand every time.
  17. 17. The Russian SoulIn the history of Russian thought, it is knownthat the Russian soul is a mystery.Feodor Tjutchev wrote the most famous poemabout this.Russia can’t be understood by reason,Russia isn’t measured by common means.It is quite unique.Russia can only be believed in.
  18. 18. 1. What do Russians like to eat? -Sushi - Pizza - Hamburgers - Piroshkis2. What kinds of sports are popular in Russia?- Baseball - Hockey - Races - Ping-Pong3. Who wrote the most famous poem about Russiansoul?- Dostoevsky - Chehov - Tjutchev -Fet
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