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Special programme vilnius

  1. 1. SPECIAL WEEKEND PROGRAM IN VILNIUSSeptember 17-19 the days of the capital city of Vilnius residents and guests are invited to the "Festival of Gediminas”. Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas holiday tradition still upheld a feast last weekend of September and set up a prize for the glorification of the city of Vilnius. The idea is to revive this beautiful city of Vilnius and the return of cultural life and development of autumn festival in Vilnius. Exciting three-day program for cultural, entertainment, sporting events and performances is foreseen. September 17, Friday V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)13.00. Gediminas Festival Opening V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)13:30 to 20:30 Concert of folk ensembles. The White Bridge14.00. Presentation of the new sculpture “Radius spear” Royal Palace (Cathedral sq. 4)16.00. Krakow welcomes all over Vilnius. Dance group "Cracovia Danza" play " Chopins dance world" Entrance by invitation St. Casimir s Church ( Didžioji str. 34)18.30. Krakow welcomes all over Vilnius. Orchestra “Capella Cracoviensis " chamber ensemble and organ concert. Entrance by invitation Polish Culture House ( Naugarduko 76)20.00. Krakow welcomes all over Vilnius. Joannes Slowinski concert. Entrance by invitation Lukiskes Square - V. Kudirka Square20.00. Theatre of Old Town Square at Lukiškes Sq. starts the procession.V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)21.00. International street theater festival "Mosaic - 2010 opening. Old Town Theatre Performance "The City"21.30. “Anti - Spinners" - theater of fire of St. Petersburg, etudes with fire.22.00. Kiev Fire Theatre KOT program "The Red Cat”. Anna Morozov solo show "Mermaids in da xaus "22.30. Moscow Theater Fire Phoenix ". Performance "Sketches "
  2. 2. September 18, Saturday V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)11:00 to 19:30 Concert of folk ensembles Television Tower ( Sausio 13 th Street 10)12.00. Campaign "In town without my car!". Cyclists ride through the streets of Vilnius. The Finish: Town Hall Square, 13.00. Gedimino Str .13.00. Old Town Studio Theatre with a spectacular campaign "J. Erlickas TEXTS for passer ears” V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)14.00 . "Little Witch Theatre” - educational performance for children about theatre The Lithuanian National Drama Theatre15.00. Actor V. Mickiewicz street show with elements of the circus Town Hall (Didžioji St. 31)16.00. Krakow welcomes all over Vilnius. W. Majko photographic exhibition "Krakow" Opening Gedimino Str. - V. Kudirka Square16.00. Open Lessons. Stepan of Anti - Spinners, and other Fakir clubs The Karaites kenesos Zverynas (Liubarto Str.)17.00. Zverynas Karaites. Trakai and youth gymnasium Zverynas concerts The Lithuanian National Drama Theatre18.00. Viaceslav Mickiewicz street show with elements of the circus St. Catherines Church Hall (Vilniaus str. 30)19.00. Krakow welcomes all over Vilnius. Jazz artist Jarek Śmietana and group concert. Entrance with tickets. Teachers Palace Grand Hall (Vilniaus str.39 / 6)19.00. The spectacle - concert "No Concert" Entrance with tickets. Neris embankment (near King Mindaugas Bridge)19.00. Fire and Music Mystery "Lullaby for Vilnius” V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)20.00. Lithuanian Fakir clubs appearances.21.00. Old Town Theatre show “Jurate + Kastytis”21.30. Kiev Fire Theatre KOT program "The Red Cat”. Anna Morozov solo show "Mermaids in da xaus"
  3. 3. 22.00. Stepan of “Anti - Spinners" - solo program22:15. Solo appearances of Fakirs22:45. Moscow Theater of Fire “Phoenix" performance "Poloveck Dance" September 19, Sunday V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)12:00 to 18:00. Concert of folk ensembles V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)15:00 to 17:15. International Folklore Festival Pokrovskije kolokola “concert "Mosaic of Nations" Bernardine Cemetery15.00. Vilnius History Program - "Memory Paths"Tour of the Bernardine Cemetery (in Lithuanian) V. Kudirka Square (Peoples Fair Stage)18.00. Concert of 1998 Festival “Di Sanremo" winner Luca Sepe (Italy ) Lukiskes Square20.00. Mystery of Fire " Fire ŽALGIRIS Sketches”