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Slovenia christmas craft o5o6


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by Petra Kocar

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Slovenia christmas craft o5o6

  1. 1. Christmas crafts From SloveniaMake a Christmas greeting cardWhat you need:o Scissors,o A glue,o Paper; white harder paper for greeting card, peaces of green and red paper,o White finger colouro Pictures of childreno Clothes-rack
  2. 2. Procedure:o Cut out a Christmas tree shape out of green papero Let children decorate it; stamp Christmas balls on with fingers and white colouro Let the decorated Christmas tree dry and than cut out round shapes of children’s faces out of their pictures and put one round shape on each Christmas treeo Fold white paper on half so you get a greeting card shapeo Glue red paper rectangle shape on left side of the front side of the card and than glue decorated Christmas tree on. You can additionally decorated the card with peaces of shiny strings, you can put golden star on top of the tree or draw it with gold pen!o Put your text with wishes inside the card!o Glue clothes-rack on the back of the card so your friends can put your greeting on their Christmas tree!o Have lots of fun!
  3. 3. Make a Christmas candlestick decoration that you can use for your Christmas table decoration.What you need:o Old CD roms, scissors, glue, white and green paper, clay, tea candles, models for baking cookiesProcedure:o Make a star shape out of the clay and make a round hole in the middle of it in the size of your candle (we used tea candles); for making clay shapes you can use models for baking cookies.o Let the clay get dray and colour it with shiny brown or red colour and let it dry again.o Glue the clay shape on the CD rom as you can see on the picture and put the candle into the clay shape. You can decorate the rest of the CD rom with star and holly shapes you can cut out of the paper.
  4. 4. Some useful shapes for Christmas decorations and crafts Tree shape star shapes bell shape Ornament shape stocking shape