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Target 2020 florida participant guide

  1. 1. Deauville  Beach  Resort Miami,  Florida June  1-­3,  2012
  2. 2. 1 Welcome to Target 2020!2 Letter from Under Secretary Dr. Martha J. Kanter3 Letter from Alberto Ibargüen4 Letter from Senator Bob Graham5 Summit Schedule 7 What to Expect 8 Summit Competition Guide 9 Speaker Biographies16 Summit Supporters17 Summit Partners19 Resource Guide
  3. 3. Dear  Target  2020  Florida  Participants, On  behalf  of,  the  John  L.  and  James  S.  Knight  Foundation,  the   Bill  and  Melinda  Gates  Foundation  and  the  Lumina  Foundation  for  Education,   it   is   my   pleasure   to   welcome   you   to   Miami   and   to   the   third   Target  2020  Summit  on  education  and  student  success.       You’ve   been   selected   from   an   impressive   group   of   students   from   South   Florida  community  colleges  and  we  look  forward  to  spending  the  next  two   days  together,  engaged  in  dialogue  and  collaboration,  driving  towards  action   that  addresses  the  unique  barriers  and  obstacles  you  face  in  your  pursuit   of  academic  goals  and  strengthening  the  engagement  and  participation  of   Millennials  in  Miami.    We  have  an  agenda  that  includes  amazing  civic  leaders  from  around  the  state  who  are  ready  to  share  their  experiences  and  commitment  to  supporting  your  ideas.  On  Friday,  we  are  honored  to  be  joined  by  the  Under  Secretary  of  Education  Dr.  Martha  J.  Kanter  who  will  share  her  vision  for  student  success  across  the  country.  On  Saturday,  we’ll  spend  a  day  discussing  and  developing  solutions  to  the  most  pressing  challenges  facing  from  the  network.    The  mission  of  is  to  empower  and  invest  in  Millennials  to  create  and  implement  solutions  to  social  problems.  We  believe  the  Millennial  Generation  is  at  a  landmark  civic,  social  and  economic  crossroads;;  it  holds  an  endless  potential  for  civic  innovation  while  facing  overwhelming  socio-­economic  obstacles.  We  factors  in  reversing  generational  poverty,  and  given  both  the  challenges  facing  the  Millennial  Generation  and  the  unique  innovation  and  technological  savvy  we  have  to  address  them,  we  must  tap  into  the  leadership  of  our  generation  to  solve  some  of  our  greatest  problems  as  it  concerns  educational  equity,  quality  and  student  success.    While  our  partners  are  leading  the  way  in  addressing  student  needs  that  alleviate  obstacles  preventing  you  from  achieving  your  educational  goals,  Target  2020  is  your  opportunity  to  develop  solutions  that  you  will  lead.  It  is  also  a  chance  to  use  your  voice  in  a  way  that  will  impact  your  campus,  community  and  the  future  of  our  country.    We  encourage  you  to  use  this  time  to  connect  with  those  who  share  your  experiences  and  your  passion.  Most  importantly,  we  encourage  you  to  continue  the  conversations  we  have  here  and  to  let  us  know  how  to  best  support  you  and  your  ideas  after  returning  home.  Congratulations  again  on  being  selected  to  attend  Target  2020  and  welcome  to  Miami. Sincerely, Maya  Enista  Smith   CEO,
  4. 4. Dear  Students, In  his  Back-­To-­School  speech  on  September  24,  2010,  President  Barack  Obama   the  months  ahead  when  you’re  staying  up  late  cramming  for  a  test,  or  dragging   yourselves  out  of  bed  on  a  rainy  morning,  and  wondering  if  it’s  all  worth  it.  Let   me  tell  you,  there  is  no  question  about  it.  Nothing  will  have  as  great  an  impact   2020   Summit   demonstrates   your   personal   commitment   to   the   importance   of   education  for  your  success  in  college  and  throughout  your  life. Now  more  than  ever,  education  is  the  currency  of  the  21st  century  and  the  key   to  our  nation’s  future  prosperity  and  security.    Providing  every  American  in  the   United  States  with  a  quality  education  is  both  a  moral  obligation  and  economic  graduates.  To  achieve  this  goal,  over  the  next  decade  we’ll  need  to  educate  10  million  more  college  graduates  with  half  coming  from  our  nation’s  community  colleges.    This  will  be  no  easy  task.  As  a  former  community  college  leader  for  more  than  30  years,  and  now  as  Under  Secretary  of  Education,  I  can  tell  you  that  our  challenge  is  great,  but  it  is  a  challenge  we  must  meet.  I   hope   you   will   take   this   opportunity   to   renew   your   hopes   and   dreams   by   making   sure   you   get   the   best  possible  education.    In  this  world,  the  future  is  in  your  hands  but  only  if  you  are  willing  to  work  hard  for  it.  Investing  in  education  and  your  success  as  a  graduate  will  ultimately  help  shape  our  country’s  future.  By  sharing   your   experiences,   contributing   your   ideas,   helping   others   learn   from   the   risks   you’ve   taken,   and  building  on  your  accomplishments  you  will  illuminate  the  path  to  new  opportunities  for  millions  of  students  and  help  our  nation  thrive.  Please  accept  my  best  wishes  for  a  successful  event.  I  look  forward  to  seeing  all  of  you.Martha  Kanter
  5. 5. Dear  Students,   Welcome  to  the  Target  2020  Summit  in  Knight  Foundation’s  hometown,   Miami.    I  hope  you’re  ready  to  engage,  to  learn…and  have  some  fun.   And  congratulations  on  being  selected  to  play  a  role  in  transforming  the  future  of   education.     The  Target  2020  Summit  is  an  opportunity  for  you  to  meet  community  leaders,   share   your   voice   and   engage   in   a   civic   dialogue   about   the   challenges   you   face   to   completion.   As   South   Floridians   and   community   college   students,   Knight   Foundation  and  believe  your  unique  experiences  equip  you  with  the    This  is  your  chance  to  be  heard,  so  –  speak  up!    Actively  engage  in  the  conversations.    Ask  questions  and  share  your  thoughts,  passions  and  ideas.  Listen  closely  and  understand  that  lively  debate  is  an  important  unite  students  in  a  way  that  drives  your  passion  towards  tangible  ideas  for  sustainable  change.  At  the  Knight  Foundation,  we  promote  quality  journalism,  advance  media  innovation,  engage  communities  and  foster  the  arts.    We  seek  and  support  ideas  that  transform  communities  and  we  believe  that  democracy  thrives  when  people  and  communities  are  informed  and  engaged.    In  Miami,  we  seek  to  inform  and  engage  our  community  by  bridging  differences  and  bringing  South  Floridians  together  through  the  arts  and  educational  opportunities.   We   strive   to   help   inform   and   educate   our   next   generation   of   leaders   and   foster   a   spirit   of  entrepreneurship.  the  kind  of  leader  who  can  transform  our  community  and  our  country  and  we  are  proud  to  support  your  conference.Sincerely,Alberto  IbargüenPresident  and  CEOJohn  S.  and  James  L.  Knight  Foundation
  6. 6. Dear  Millennial  Students,   Civic   education   for   the   Millennial   Generation   is   at   a   critical   point   in   our   state.   Florida   is   growing   in   ethnic   and   racial   diversity   and   will   soon   become   a   state   where  the  minority  is  the  new  majority.  Your  generation  is  changing  the  face  of   our  communities  and  your  voice,  now  more  than  ever,  is  essential  to  shaping  the   future  of  education  in  our  country. That  is  why  I  am  honored  to  welcome  you  to  the  Target  2020  Florida   Summit.  Over  the  next  three  days,  you  will  share  your  experiences,  contribute  your   ideas  and  develop  solutions  that  will  help  Millennial  students  on  your  campuses   and  in  your  communities  overcome  barriers  they  face  to  achieving  their  academic   goals  and  promote  civic  participation.  I  am  committed  to  listening,  to  being  a  part   of  the  discussion  and  to  learning  from  your  conversations.I  formed  The  Bob  Graham  Center  for  Public  Service  to  enhance  citizenship,  train  current  and  future  civic  leaders,  and  develop  policy  on  issues  important  to  Florida,  the  nation  and  the  world.    The  Center  provides  a  forum  at  which  state,  national  and  global  issues  of  the  day  are  debated  and  analyzed  by  policy  makers,  scholars,   students   and   members   of   the   community.     I   am   calling   on   you   today   to   become   a   part   of   this  debate  and  to  identify  the  important  civic  and  educational  needs  of  our  communities.    No  one  knows  better  than  you,  the  students,  what  you  need  to  help  our  communities  and  the  Millennial  Generation  become  more  engaged  and  meet  their  academic  goals.While   we   are   working   across   the   state   and   the   country,   we   need   you   working   in   your   community.   Visit  are  doing  to  improve  student  engagement.  Ask  them  what  they  can  do  to  support  you  and  your  peers  in  creating  a  culture  of  civic  participation  and  student  success.  Your  voice  is  crucial  and  collectively  we  can  work  together  to  enhance  citizenship  in  our  communities.On   behalf   of   The   Bob   Graham   Center   for   Public   Service   and   The   Florida   Joint   Center   for   Citizenship,  congratulations  on  being  selected  to  attend  the  Target  2020  Florida  Summit.  You  are  all  models  of  student  success  that  will  help  us  create  an  educated,  fully  represented  democracy  with  sustainable  Millennial  civic  engagement  and  true  social  change.Sincerely,Senator  Bob  GrahamThe  Bob  Graham  Center  for  Public  Service
  7. 7. Summit ScheduleFriday,  June  1,  20121:00  PM   Registration  (Deauville  Beach  Resort  Lobby)3:00PM   Opening  Remarks  (Le  Jardin  Ballroom)     Maya  Enista  Smith         CEO,  Mobilize.org3:15PM   Summit  Kickoff       Dr.  Eduardo  Padrón     President,  Miami  Dade  College3:45PM   Miami  Millennial  Civic  Health  Index  Release  by  Florida  Joint  Center  for  Citizenship     Dr.  Lenore  Rodicio,  Executive  Director,  Miami  Dade  College  (MDC3)  Student  Success  and           Completion  Initiatives4:45PM   Break  and  Late  Registration/Hotel  Check-­in                      5:45PM   Networking  Reception  (Peacock  Alley)6:30PM   Dinner  and  Keynote    (Napoleon  Ballroom)     Dr.  Martha  J.  Kanter     Under  Secretary,  U.S.  Department  of  Education7:45PM   Program  Ends  Saturday,  June  2,  20128:30AM   Breakfast  (Richelieu  Ballroom)9:00AM   Welcome       Amber  Cruz     Program  Manager,  Mobilize.org9:10AM   Opening  Remarks         Matthew  Haggman     Miami  Program  Director,  John  S.  and  James  L.  Knight  Foundation9:25AM   Interactive  Conversation  Process  Introduction  (Le  Jardin  Ballroom)     Crystal  Carson  and  Jade  Flader     Target  2020  North  Carolina  and  California  Participants9:45AM   Table  Discussion  1       What  challenges  do  students  face  in  completing  their  education?11:05AM   Break   5
  8. 8. 11:20AM   Table  Discussion  2        12:40PM   Expert  Luncheon  (Richelieu  Ballroom)2:00PM   Table  Discussion  3           improve  completion  rates  at  our  schools?          3:20PM   Table  Discussion  4     What  can  Millennials  do  to  ensure  we  achieve  our  individual  and  collective  academic  goals?4:30PM   Service  Project  by  HandsOn  Broward  and  the  Miami  Chapter  of  AmeriCorps  Alums     (Cavalier  1  and  2  Conference  Rooms)    6:30PM   Dinner  and  Keynote  (Le  Jardin  Ballroom)     Isa  Adney     Author,  Community  College  Success7:30PM   Entertainment  in  Miami  (On  Your  Own)8:00PM   Summit  Competition  Workshop  and  Viewer’s  Choice  Award  Filming     (Cavalier  1  and  2  Conference  Rooms)10:00PM   Summit  Competition  Presentations  Due  at  Summit  Information  Table     (Deauville  Beach  Resort  Lobby)Sunday,  June  3,  20129:00AM   Breakfast  (Richelieu  Ballroom)9:30AM   Summit  Competition  Kickoff       Damian  Thorman     National  Program  Director,  John  S.  and  James  L.  Knight  Foundation9:45AM   Summit  Competition  Presentations  (Le  Jardin  Ballroom)11:00PM   Past  Target  2020  Award  Winner  Presentation     Crystal  Carson,  Target  2020  North  Carolina  Participant     Peer  Pairing,  Central  Piedmont  Community  College11:30PM   Break12:00PM   Luncheon  (Poolside  Patio)1:30PM   Award  Ceremony  (Le  Jardin  Ballroom)2:00PM   Commitments  to  Action  and  Evaluations2:30PM   Program  Ends2:35PM   Seed  Investment  Proposals  Due  at  Summit  Information  Table     (Deauville  Beach  Resort  Lobby) 6
  9. 9. What to ExpectThe   Target   2020   Florida   Summit   convenes   over   100   students   from   South   Florida   community   colleges   to  identify   barriers   they   face   in   achieving   their   postsecondary   educational   goals   and   develop   Millennial-­led  solutions  to  address  them.The  conversations  will  continue  into  the  evening  during  a  networking  reception,  followed  by  dinner  with  a  keynote  address  by  Dr.  Martha  Kanter,  Under  Secretary  of  the  U.S.  Department  of  Education.The  second  day  will  include  large  and  small-­group  discussions,  interactive  voting,  and  a  keynote  address  from   Isa   Adney,   Author   of   .     Participants   will   also   have   the   opportunity   to  network  with  community  leaders  and  organizers  during  the  expert  luncheon.On   day   two,   the   Summit   Awards   Competitors   will   also   have   the   opportunity   to   receive   expert   advice  from   the   team   on   improving   their   presentations   and   will   record   one-­minute   pitches   for   the  Viewer’s  Choice  Award  online.  During  this  time,  summit  participants  who  have  collaborated  on  projects  back  home.    Interactive  Keypad  Voting  During  summits,  participants  use  interactive  keypad  voting  to  drive  conversation,  acknowledge  disagreement  and  build  consensus.  Each  participant  receives  a  personal  handheld  keypad  to  vote  on  ideas  and  discussion  points  that  are  raised  or  presented  during  the  summit.  Please  write  your  keypad  number  on  the  back  of  your  name  tag.Prior  to  large  and  small  group  discussions,  participants  use  their  keypads  to  participate  in  a  demographic  survey  that  help  participants  identify  and  understand  where  differences  in  opinion  may  exist.  At  the  request  of  can  occur  in  a  respectful,  civil  manner.  Participants  also  use  keypad  voting  to  decide  the  winners  of  Summit  Award  Competition.  Emergency  Contact  Information   Amber  Cruz   Rolanda  Schand   Program  Manager   Florida  Community  Mobilizer 7
  10. 10. Summit Competition GuideWinners  will  also  participate  in  the  Fellowship  program;;  a  12-­month  skill-­building  curriculum  that  prepares  students  to  successfully  implement  their  projects  on  their  campuses,  in  their  communities  or  online.  proposals  and  invited  the  individual  or  team  who  proposed  to  compete  in  the  Summit  Competition.    minutes  to  present  their  idea  to  summit  participants,  who  use  their  personal  interactive  keypads  to  vote  on   Potential  Social  Impact  –  how  well  the  project  addresses  a  particular  student  issue  or  academic         barriers  students  face  in  Miami. Creativity  and  Innovation  –  how  well  the  project  is  customized  to  address  your  community’s           need  in  a  new  or  unique  way.   Sustainability  –  how  likely  is  the  project  to  last  long  enough  to  fully  address  the  student  issue/       Use  of  New  and  Social  Media  Communications  –  how  well  the  project  uses  technology  and                         social  media  as  a  catalyst  for  social  impact.        Choice  Award,  selected  via  interactive  online  voting.    Competitors  are  encouraged  to  invite  their  peers  and  classmates  to  tune  in  and  vote  at  Presentation  Slides  and  TechnologyParticipants  who  plan  to  use  and  create  slides  for  their  presentation  should  bring  their  own  laptops.  Some  laptops  will  be  available  at  the  information  table,  but  only  for  limited  use.    All  other  technical  support  you  need  for  your  presentations,  besides  the  LCD  projector,  is  each  individual  and  each  team’s  responsibility.  For  the  actual  presentation  participants  must  deliver  their  slides  or  other  visual  aids  via  USB  hard-­drive   to   the   technical   staff   at   10:00PM   at   the   information   table   in   the   Deauville   Beach   Resort  Lobby   for   testing.   Visual   Aids   are   not   required   but   may   be   useful   to   illustrate   the   points   you   make   in  your  presentation.  WiFi  Internet  will  be  available  in  the  hotel  lobby  but  you  should  not  rely  on  it  for  your  presentation  since  reception  is  not  guaranteed. 8
  11. 11. Featured Speaker Dr. Martha J. Kanter Martha   J.   Kanter   was   nominated   by   President   Barack   Obama   on   April   29,   2009   to   2009.   Kanter   reports   to   Secretary   of   Education   Arne   Duncan   and   oversees   policies,   programs,  and  activities  related  to  postsecondary  education,  adult  and  career-­technical   and  Universities,  Tribal  Colleges  and  Universities,  and  Faith-­Based  and  Neighborhood   Partnerships.   To   spur   education,   economic   growth   and   social   prosperity,   Kanter   is   charged  with  planning  and  policy  responsibilities  to  implement  President  Obama’s  goal  2020”  as  measured  by  the  proportion  of  college  graduates  over  the  next  decade.  Under  Secretary  Kanter  and   her   team   are   keenly   focused   on   improving   college   access,   affordability,   quality,   and   completion   to  implement  President  Obama’s  American  Graduation  Initiative.  are   Pell   Grant   recipients.   Kanter   and   her   team   are   working   closely   with   postsecondary   partners   from  across  the  nation  to  boost  American  innovation  and  competitiveness  with  an  ambitious  college  completion  agenda,  teacher  quality  reforms,  adult  education  program  improvements,  modernization  of  career-­technical  community  college  students.  From  2003  to  2009,  Kanter  served  as  chancellor  of  the  Foothill-­De  Anza  Community  College  District,  one  of  position.  In  1977,  after  serving  as  an  alternative  high  school  teacher  in  Massachusetts  and  New  York,  she  then  served  as  a  director,  dean  and  subsequently  vice  chancellor  for  policy  and  research  for  the  California  vice  president  of  instruction  and  student  services  until  she  was  named  president  of  De  Anza  College  in  1993,  serving  in  this  position  for  a  decade  until  her  appointment  as  chancellor.  Kanter  has  been  recognized  for  her  work  numerous  times,  including  being  named  Woman  of  the  Year  by  the  24th  Assembly  District,  Woman  of  Achievement  by  San  Jose  Mercury  News  and  the  Women’s  Fund,  and  Woman  of  the  Year  for  Santa  Clara  County  by  the  American  Association  of  University  Women.  In  2003,  she  received  the  Excellence  in  Education  award  from  the  National  Organization  for  Women’s  California  Chapter.  In  2006,  she  was  honored  for  diversity  and  community  leadership  by  the  Santa  Clara  County  Commission  on   the   Status   of   Women,   and   in   2007,   the   American   Leadership   Forum-­Silicon   Valley   honored   her   with  the  John  W.  Gardner  Leadership  Award.  In  2008,  Kanter  received  the  Citizen  of  the  Year  award  from  the  Cupertino  Chamber  of  Commerce.  In  2009,  Notre  Dame  High  School  in  Silicon  Valley  honored  her  with  the  her  for  the  Business  Hall  of  Fame.  In  2011,  Kanter  was  appointed  to  the  U.S.  National  Commission  for  the  Department  of  State  that  supports  worldwide  humanitarian  development  and  values  by  coordinating  efforts  and  delivering  expert  advice  on  issues  of  education,  science,  communications  and  culture.  Under   Secretary   Kanter   holds   a   doctorate   in   organization   and   leadership   from   the   University   of   San  Francisco.  Her  dissertation  addressed  demographic,  institutional,  and  assessment  factors  affecting  access  to  higher  education  for  underrepresented  students  in  California’s  community  colleges.  In  1994,  she  opened  policies  to  advance  Foothill-­De  Anza’s  legacy  of  excellence  and  opportunity  for  California’s  expanding  and  increasingly  diverse  student  population.  She  received  her  master’s  degree  in  education  with  a  concentration  in  clinical  psychology  and  public  practice  from  Harvard  University,  and  a  bachelor’s  degree  in  sociology  from  Brandeis   University.   Kanter   holds   honorary   degrees   from   Palo   Alto   University,   Chatham   University,   Lakes  Region  Community  College,  Moraine  Valley  Community  College  and  the  Alamo  Colleges. 9
  12. 12. Speaker Biographies Isa  Adney Community  College  Success Isa  Adney  is  a  national  spokesperson  for  community  college  success,  helping  students   to  avoid  student  loan  debt  and  break  cycles  of  poverty  by  choosing  community  college,   and  ensuring  that  choice  is  a  wise  investment  in  their  future  by  connecting  with  people   who  can  catapult  them  to  wealth,  success,  and  a  job  that  they  actually  enjoy. Isa   has   been   featured   in   publications   such   as   The   White   House   blog,   USA   Today,   U.S.   News,   and   The   Lumina   Foundation,   FOX   News   Latino,   and   has   been   featured   Day,  and  Orlando  Matters.  She  also  shares  her  success  story  and  core  strategies  as  a  speaker  to  colleges  and  universities  around  the  country,  and  shares  free  content  to  help  students  succeed  and  inspirational  interviews  with  professionals  (such  as  a  New  York  Times  journalist  and  an  NBA  Executive)  on  her  blog  moved  from  Puerto  Rico  to  New  York  City  because  there  weren’t  any  jobs  in  Puerto  Rico.  They  didn’t  speak  a  word  of  English  when  they  came  to  the  United  States;;  her  grandfather  worked  as  a  janitor  for  most  of  his  life  and  her  grandmother  as  a  maid.  Her  father  went  to  community  college  but  never  made  it  to  a  university.  It  took  time  for  Adney  to  realize  that  students  from  wealthier  families  had  a  head  start  in  life,  Adney  shares  her  personal  story  in  her  book  Community  College  Success  so  historically  underrepresented  groups  in  higher  education  can  learn  how  build  a  community  to  help  them  achieve  an  education  and  a  life  far  beyond  their  dreams  and  family  histories.  Adney  graduated  from  Seminole  Community  College  (now  called  Seminole  State  College  of  Florida),  in  May  received  her  B.A.  in  Communications  May  2009.  She  will  graduate  with  an  M.Ed  in  Training  and  Development  from  the  University  of  Illinois  at  Urbana-­Champaign  in  June  2012,  and  works  as  a  Student  Life  Coordinator  at  Seminole  State  College.  Adney  is  married  and  lives  in  Orlando,  Florida. Crystal  Carson Target  2020  North  Carolina  Participant  Board  of  Directors Crystal   Carson   was   born   in   Fayetteville,   North   Carolina   on   a   military   base   in   1988   and  moved  to  Ancorage,  Alaska  at  the  age  of  three.  From  a  young  age  Crystal  knew   she   would   attend   college   and   started   saving   pennies   in   elementary   school.   Her   postsecondary   career   started   in   her   junior   year   of   high   school   when   she   attended   courses.  One  year  later,  she  earned  her  high  school  diploma  at  Robert  Service  High   struggles.Crystal  took  a  year  to  plan  for  her  long-­term  goals  and  in  2008,  moved  to  Charlotte  North  Carolina  to  pursue  her  studies  at  Central  Piedmont  Community  College.  Like  many  other  community  college  students  Crystal  worked  a  full  time  job  and  did  her  best  to  balance  classes  and  extracurricular  activities  and  at  one  point  she  took  a  semester  off  because  she  did  not  have  the  savings  to  pay  for  classes.  But,  with  the  connections  enrolling,  Crystal  has  served  as  the  co-­chair  of  the  Community  Service  Club  and  Vice  President  of  the  Student  Government  Association  at  CPCC.  She  is  also  a  Target  2020  North  Carolina  Democracy  2.0  Award  winner. 10
  13. 13. Alberto  Carvalho Miami-­Dade  Country  Public  Schools Alberto  M.  Carvalho  is  Superintendent  of  Miami-­Dade  County  Public  Schools  (M-­DCPS),   the   nation’s   fourth   largest   school   system,   serving   a   diverse   student   body   of   over   quality  education  for  all  students,  Mr.  Carvalho  became  Superintendent  in  September   2008.Under  Mr.  Carvalho’s  leadership,  M-­DCPS’  business  operations  were  restructured,  resulting  in  an  increase  in  in  the  budgeting  process,  he  restored  public  trust  and  community  support  for  Miami-­Dade’s  public  schools.  District  posted  its  highest  high  school  graduation  rate  ever  and  through  a  data-­driven  approach  to  school  students   consistently   have   outperformed   their   national   peers   on   the   Reading,   Mathematics   and   Science  on   the   National   Assessment   of   Educational   Progress,   a   measure   considered   to   be   the   gold   standard   of  performance  accountability.A   leader   in   innovation,   Mr.   Carvalho   is   spearheading   the   transformation   of   education,   pushing   for   the  migration   from   textbooks   to   digital   content   and   is   developing   cutting   edge   educational   environments   to  meet  the  demands  of  today’s  learners.  He  has  been  selected  to  lead  statewide  committees  charged  with  charting  the  future  of  public  education  in  Florida.  He  successfully  chaired  the  Governor’s  Race  to  the  Top  Florida’s  schools.  He  was  also  tapped  as  chair  of  Florida’s  Task  Force  on  Educational  Excellence  which  has  been  charged  with  crafting  the  framework  for  the  reform  efforts  driven  by  Race  to  the  Top.  In  2010,  Mr.  In  2011  he  was  named  one  of  the  Top  10  Tech-­Savvy  Superintendents  in  the  U.S.  by  eSchool  News  and  was  awarded  the  2011  Essie  Silva  Community  Builder  Award  by  United  Way  of  Miami-­Dade.  the  prestigious  Broad  Prize  for  Urban  Education.  He  is  the  President  of  the  Association  of  Latino  Administrators  and  Superintendents  (ALAS).  A  versatile  leader,  Mr.  Carvalho  is  the  only  superintendent  in  the  nation  who  is  the  self  appointed  principal  of  two  award-­winning  schools  –  the  Primary  Learning  Center  and  the  iPrep  Academy  -­  and  teaches  Physics  in  selected  high  schools  across  the  district.  He  has  been  featured  on  CNN,  NBC,  The  New  York  Times,  District  Administration  Magazine,  The  Christian  Science  Monitor,  and  Nightly  Business  Report. Amber  Cruz Amber   Cruz   is   Program   Manager   for,   working   to   develop   programming   and  provide  support  for  summit  award  winners  in  the  fellowship  program.  She  became   a  member  of  the  team  in  September  2010. organization,  managing  their  events  and  PAC  contributions.    She  came  to  Washington,   D.C.   in   January   2010   with   three   years   of   event   planning   experience   at   a   private   event  planning  company  in  Oregon,  where  she  planned  a  variety  of  events,  including  organizer  for  Senator  Jeff  Merkley.    Amber  brings  to  her  belief  in  the  power  of  Millennials  to  make  a  difference  through  innovative,  grassroots  solutions. 11
  14. 14. Cruz  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  in  Politics  from  Willamette  University  in  Oregon.  She  enjoys  lending  her  fundraising  and  event  planning  expertise  to  women’s  organizations  in  Washington,  D.C. Grant  Garrison GOOD/Corps  Board  of  Directors Grant   leads   GOOD/Corps’s   involvement   in   the   Pepsi   Refresh   Project   and   advises   on   engagements   with   other   clients,   including   MasterCard,   GE,   Dick’s   Sporting   Goods,   the   Carnegie   Corporation,   and   the   Columbia   Water   Center.   As   Pepsi   Refresh  Project   Lead,  Grant  oversees  a  Grants  Management  team  of  13  that  provides  support  to  and   builds  brand  ambassadors  among  the  more  than  600  (and  counting!)  Pepsi  Refresh   grantees,   and   the   Production   team   that   captures   the   remarkable   stories   of   these   grantees  in  videos,  infographics,  events  and  written  content.  Prior  to  joining  GOOD/ Corps,  Grant  managed  strategy  consulting  engagements  with  diverse  philanthropies  the  Glide  Foundation,  the  Chicago  Council  on  Foreign  Affairs,  Architecture  for  Humanity,  and  San  Francisco  focused  on  civic  engagement  in  the  United  States  and  the  former  Yugoslavia.   Jade  Flader Target  2020  California  Participant  California  Community  Mobilizer Jade   Flader   represents   as   its   Community   Mobilizer   in   California.   She   works   closely   with   the   Programs   Manager   as   a   mentor   and   facilitator   for   awardees   from’s   Target   2020   Education   Summit,   held   in   San   Jose,   Cali,   through   organizing  concentrated  and  effective  seminars  to  continue  supporting  their  student   projects.  In  addition  to  her  role  with,  Flader  is  a  full  time  student  attaining   an  A.A.  degree  in  Speech  Communication  at  De  Anza  College  in  California.  Afterward  graduating,  she  will  transfer  to  a  four  year  university  for  her  B.A.  in  Film  Production.Flader  was  born  in  San  Francisco,  California,  but  grew  up  in  Malaysia,  where  she  graduated  high  school.  years,   managing   and   representing   models,   coordinating   castings   and   traveling   abroad   for   international  productions.  With  help  from  her  family,  in  2009,  both  Flader  and  her  twin  brother  moved  back  to  California  to  further  their  education.Encouraging   student   success   on   her   campus,   Flader   volunteered   as   an   English   tutor   for   cross   cultural  programs  that  help  non-­native  speakers  improve  their  language  skills.  In  addition  to  that,  she  facilitated  a  passion  for  helping  others  as  a  volunteer  at  Sunnyvale  Community  Service  which  serves  1,200  families  each  month  to  prevent  hunger  and  homeless  in  her  community.In   April   2011,   Flader   participated   in   the   California   Target   2020   Summit   as   a   group   facilitator.   After   the  summit,  Flader  was  inspired  to  continue  her  service  with  because  of  the  student  passion  and  dedication  she  witnessed  in  building  a  supportive  structure  for  their  communities.   12
  15. 15. Senator  Bob  Graham Senator  Bob   Graham  is   the  former  two–term  governor  of  Florida  and  served  for  18   years   in   the   United   States   Senate.   This   is   combined   with   12   years   in   the   Florida   legislature  for  a  total  of  38  years  of  public  service.  Bob  Graham  retired  from  public   Bob   Graham   is   recognized   for   his   leadership   on   issues   ranging   from   education,   economic  development,  healthcare,  environmental  preservation  and  his  service  on  the   Senate  Select  Committee  on  Intelligence  —  including  eighteen  months  as  chairman  in   2001–2002.After  retiring  from  public  life,  Senator  Graham  served  for  a  year  as  a  senior  fellow  at  the  Harvard  Kennedy  School  of  Government.    In   May   of   2010,   Senator   Graham   was   appointed   by   the   President   to   serve   as   Co-­Chair   of   the   National  Commission   on   the   BP   Deepwater   Horizon   Oil   Spill   and   Offshore   Drilling.     This   followed   his   service   as   a  Commissioner  on  the  Financial  Crisis  Inquiry  Commission  and  as  the  Chairman  of  the  Commission  on  the  Prevention  of  Weapons  of  Mass  Destruction  Proliferation  and  Terrorism.    Currently  he  serves  as  chairman  of  Senator  Graham  also  serves  as  a  member  of  the  CIA  External  Advisory  Board,  as  a  member  of  the  board  of  directors  of  several  companies  and  as  the  chair  of  the  Board  of  Overseers  of  the  Bob  Graham  Center  for  Public  Service  at  the  University  Florida.    background  in  government  and  intelligence.     Matthew  Haggman John  S.  and  James  L.  Knight  Foundation Matt  Haggman  joined  the  staff  of  Knight  Foundation  in  October,  2011. Previously,   Haggman   worked   for   The   Miami   Herald   covering   Miami-­Dade   County   government  and  real  estate.  He  has  also  covered  legal  affairs  for  the  Daily  Business   Review. In  2008,  he  co-­authored  an  award-­winning  series,  Borrowers  Betrayed,  which  detailed   lax   state   oversight   of   the   home   loan   industry   that   contributed   to   Florida’s   rise   in  mortgage  fraud.  The  series  won  numerous  awards,  including  the  Gerald  Loeb  Award,  the  highest  honor  in  business  journalism.Haggman  has  a  doctorate  of  law  from  Vermont  Law  School  and  a  B.A.  in  history  from  Tulane  University. 13
  16. 16. Dr.  Eduardo  Padrón Miami  Dade  College An  American  by  choice,  Eduardo  Padrón  arrived  in  the  United  States  as  a  refugee  at  age   student  achievement  and  the  largest  institution  of  higher  education  in  America,  with   more  than  174,000  students. An  economist  by  training,  Dr.  Padrón  earned  his  Ph.D.  from  the  University  of  Florida.  Corporation  of  New  York  granted  him  its  prestigious  Centennial  Academic  Leadership  Award.  This  year  he  Service.Dr.  Padrón’s  energetic  leadership  extends  to  many  of  the  nation’s  leading  organizations.  He  is  the  immediate  past   chair   of   the   Board   of   Directors   of   the   American   Council   on   Education   and   a   past   Board   chair   of   the  Association  of  American  Colleges  and  Universities.  During  his  career,  he  has  been  selected  to  serve  on  posts  of   national   prominence   by   six   American   Presidents.   Most   recently,   he   was   named   chairman   of   the   White  House  Commission  on  Educational  Excellence  for  Hispanic  Americans  by  President  Obama.Dr.  Padrón  is  widely  recognized  as  one  of  the  top  educational  leaders  in  the  world.  He  serves  on  the  boards  of  the  Council  on  Foreign  Relations,  the  Business/Higher  Education  Forum,  the  League  for  Innovation  (former  chair),  RC-­2020,  the  College  Board  Advocacy  and  Policy  Center,  the  White  House  Fellows  Selection  Panel  (chair),   the   International   Association   of   University   Presidents.   He   has   held   leadership   positions   on   the  boards  of  the  Carnegie  Foundation  for  the  Advancement  of  Teaching,  the  Hispanic  Association  of  Colleges  &   Universities   (chair),   the   Kennedy   Center   for   the   Performing   Arts,   Campus   Compact,   the   Congressional  Hispanic  Caucus  Institute,  and  others.President  Padrón’s  transformational  accomplishments  at  Miami  Dade  College  have  been  acknowledged  by  the   national   media,   including   The   New   York   Times,   NBC   Nightly   News,   Time   magazine,   The   Wall   Street  Journal,  CNN  and  The  Chronicle  of  Higher  Education.  He  has  received  some  of  the  most  prestigious  awards  in  and  out  of  academia  as  well  as  several  honorary  doctorates.  He  is  also  the  recipient  of  highest  honors  by  the  governments  of  foreign  nations,  including  France,  which  named  him  Commandeur  in  the  Ordre  des  Palms  Académiques;;  Argentina,  which  awarded  him  the  Order  of  San  Martin;;  and  Spain,  whose  King  Juan  Carlos  II  bestowed  upon  him  the  Order  of  Queen  Isabella. Dr.  Lenore  Rodicio Miami  Dade  College Lenore   Rodicio   is   currently   Executive   Director   the   MDC3   Student   Success   and   Completion   Initiatives   at   Miami   Dade   College.     Dr.   Rodicio   joined   MDC   in   the   Fall   of   2002   as   an   adjunct   instructor   of   chemistry   at   the   Kendall   and   InterAmerican   Campuses.     In   the   Spring   of   2003,   she   accepted   a   position   as   a   full-­time   faculty   member  at  MDC’s  Wolfson  Campus.    In  2006,  she  became  the  chair  of  the  Department   of  Natural  and  Social  Sciences  at  the  InterAmerican  Campus.    She  moved  to  Kendall   Campus   in   her   current   role   in   January   of   2010.     Dr.   Rodicio   has   collaborated   on   a   number  of  grant  projects  aimed  at  recruiting  students  to  the  sciences  and  improving  modular  redesign  project  funded  through  the  National  Center  of  Academic  Transformation,  and  the  Statway  project  funded  by  the  Carnegie  Foundation.    Aside  from  her  interest  in  the  sciences  and  mathematics,  Dr.  Rodicio  served  as  a  founding  co-­chair  of  the  Learning  Outcomes  Project  that  facilitated  the  development  of  ten  College-­wide  learning  outcomes.  As  a  result  of  her  work  with  Learning  Outcomes,  Dr.  Rodicio  became  associated  with  the  Association  for  General  and  Liberal  Studies,  and  is  currently  serving  as  the  vice  president  and  president-­elect  of  that  organization. 14
  17. 17. Dr.  Rodicio  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Science  degree  in  chemistry  from  Barry  University,  and  a  Doctor  of  Philosophy  degree  in  chemistry  from  Louisiana  State  University. Maya  Enista  Smith organization  whose  mission  is  to  improve  democracy  by  investing  in  Millennial-­driven   solutions. At   28   years   old,   Maya   is   a   veteran   in   the   public   service   sector,   beginning   her   non-­ undergraduate   at   Rutgers   University,   focusing   mainly   on   voter   empowerment   and  youth  civic  engagement.  She  began  her  career  as  the  East  Coast  Coordinator  for  Rock  The  Vote  at  age  17,  a  position  in  which  she  registered  over  30,000  young  people.  Through  her  work  with  Rock  The  Vote,  Maya  She   continued   her   voter   registration   work   when   she   accepted   the   position   of   National   Field   Director   for  the  Hip  Hop  Civic  Engagement  Project,  a  project  that  grew  out  of  the  successful  National  Hip  Hop  Political  Convention  in  Newark,  NJ.  Maya  organized  a  13  state  campaign  that  registered  over  300,000  new  voters  in  In   addition   to   her   work   with,   Maya   serves   on   the   Advisory   Board   for   CIRCLE,   the   Working  Group  for  the  Civic  Health  Index  of  the  National  Conference  on  Citizenship,  and  the  Board  of  Directors  for  BoardSource.   For   her   leadership,   Maya   has   been   awarded   a   YouthActionNet   Fellowship,   the   Independent  Young  Women  of  Achievement  Award  and  Gelman,  Rosenberg  +  Freedman  20011  EXCEL  Award  for  Excellence  Volunteering  and  Service  in  New  York  City,  NY  and  as  a  grant  reviewer  for  competitive  grant  programs  at  the  Case  Foundation  and  the  Knight  Foundation.  Most  recently,  Maya  was  awarded  the  competitive  Prime  Movers  Fellowship  of  the  Hunt  Alternatives  Fund.Maya,   very   proud   of   her   Jersey   roots,   grew   up   in   Maplewood,   New   Jersey   and   attended   Columbia   High  School  in  Maplewood,  NJ  and  Rutgers  University  in  New  Brunswick,  NJ.  She  currently  resides  in  Washington  DC  with  her  husband,  David  and  her  two  black  labs,  Hudson  and  Zinny. Damian  Thorman John  S.  and  James  L.  Knight  Foundation Damian   Thorman   joined   Knight   Foundation   in   2007   as   National   Program   Director.   The  National  Program  supports  innovative  ideas  and  leadership  with  the  potential  to   drive  transformative  change  nationally  and  in  Knight’s  resident  communities.  He  helps   develop  new  grant  opportunities  at  a  national  level  that  target  systemic  change  within   the  framework  of  informed,  engaged  Kansas  City,  Mo.  He  founded  and  ran  the  Thorman  Strategy  Group,  a  consulting  practice  that  assisted  professor  at  Avila  College  in  Kansas  City,  Mo.  Thorman  was  the  director  of  public  affairs  and  policy  at  the  Ewing  Kauffman  Foundation  in  Kansas  City  from  1994  to  2002.  In  Washington,  D.C.,  he  served  as  assistant  director   at   the   American   Academy   of   Pediatrics,   professional   staff   member   of   the   House   Education   and  Labor  Committee,  and  congressional  aide  to  then-­U.S.  Rep.  Bill  Richardson.  He  also  served  a  brief  stint  as  a  reporter  for  the  National  Catholic  Reporter  in  Los  Angeles.He  has  a  law  degree  from  the  University  of  Missouri-­Kansas  City  and  a  master’s  in  business  administration  from  Rockhurst  University. 15
  18. 18. Summit Supporters The  Knight  Foundation  is  a  national  foundation  with  local   roots.  It  chooses,  as  the  Knight  brothers  chose,  to  seek   opportunities  that  can  transform  both  communities  and   journalism,  and  help  them  reach  their  highest  potential.   It   advances   journalism   in   the   digital   age   and   invest   in  the  vitality  of  communities  where  the  Knight  brothers  owned  newspapers.  The  Knight  Foundation  focuses  on  projects  that  promote  informed,  engaged  communities  and  lead  to  transformational  change.  It  believes  that   information   is   a   core   community   need   and   that   all   citizens   should   get   the   information   they   need   to  thrive  in  a  democracy  and  act  in  their  own  best  interest.  To  learn  more  about  the  Knight  Foundation,  visit The   Bill   &   Melinda   Gates   Foundation   focuses   on   issues   it   believes   are   the   biggest   barriers   that   prevent   people   from   making   the   most   of   their   lives.   By   teaming   up   with   partners   around   the   world   to   take   on   some   tough   problems,   including   the   failures   of   America’s   education   system,   it   funds   innovative   ideas   and   employs   an  outstanding  leadership  team  to  direct  strategies  and  grantmaking.  The  belief  that  every  life  has  equal  value  is  at  the  core  of  their  work.  To  learn  more  about  the  Gates  Foundation,  visit Lumina   Foundation   for   Education   is   committed   to   enrolling   and   graduating   more   students   from   college.   They   are   the   nation’s   largest   foundation   dedicated   exclusively  to  increasing  students’  access  to  and  success   in  postsecondary  education.  Their  goal  is  to  increase  the   percentage  of  Americans  who  hold  high-­quality  degrees  policy,  and  by  using  our  communications  and  convening  capacity  to  build  public  will  for  change.  They  have  worked   with   and   made   grants   to   many   colleges,   universities,   peer   foundations,   associations   and   other  organizations  that  work  to  improve  student  access  and  outcomes  across  the  nation.  To  learn  more  about  the  Lumina  Foundation,  visit The  Florida  Joint  Center  for  Citizenship  is  a  partnership   between  the  Lou  Frey  Institute  of  Politics  and  Government   at  the  University  of  Central  Florida  and  the  Bob  Graham   Center  for  Public  Service  at  the  University  of  Florida.  The   Joint  Center  grew  from  a  2006  bipartisan  effort,  launched   by  Congressman  Lou  Frey  and  Senator  Bob  Graham,  to  improve  civic  education  in  Florida.  Since  2006,  with  the  help  of  many  other  organizations  and  people,  the  state’s  Social  Studies  standards  and  benchmarks  have  been  revised  and  strengthened,  the  Justice  Sandra  Day  O’Connor  Civics  Education  Act  has  added  civics  to  Florida’s  list  of  tested  subjects,  and  the  Joint  Center  has  been  established  by  formal  agreement  between  the  University  of  Florida  and  the  University  of  Central  Florida.  The  Joint  Center  is  pleased  to  be  one  of  many  who  are  helping  to  restore  the  civic  mission  of  Florida’s  schools.  To  learn  more  about  the  Joint  Center,  visit   . 16
  19. 19. Summit Partners AmeriCorps  Alums  is  a  community  of  experienced  volunteer  leaders   who   share   a   commitment   to   a   vision   of   a   more   perfect   America.   They   are   a   national   network   of   over   half   a   million   alumni   from   the   AmeriCorps   national   service   (including   NCCC,   VISTA   and   pre-­ AmeriCorps   VISTA).     As   the   premiere   national   service   alumni  organization,   AmeriCorps   Alums   is   uniquely   positioned   to   be   on   the   cutting   edge   of   the   civic   leadership  community.  Their  mission  is  to  build  community  through  a  lifetime  of  service. Catalyst   Miami,   formerly   the   Human   Services   Coalition   (HSC),   communities  thrive  and  to  create  a  more  equitable  and  caring  society.   We  work  through  a  network  of  partner  organizations,  linking  people  educational  and  economic  opportunities.  Our  mission  is  to  develop  and  support  individual  leadership  and  strong  organizations  that  work  together  to  improve  health,  education  and  economic  opportunity  in  all  our  communities. Over   the   past   decade,   College   Summit   has   worked   in   partnership   with   schools,   school   districts   and   colleges   to   develop   a   sustainable   model  for  raising  college  enrollment  rates  community-­wide.  In  Miami-­ college-­immersion   workshop   program   for   a   select   group   of   high-­ potential,  academically  mid-­tier  students.  In  2003,  at  the  urging  of   a  high  school  counselor  who  witnessed  the  positive  effects  workshop   students  were  having  on  their  peers  at  school,  College  Summit  shifted  schools  students  increase  their  college  enrollment  rate  by  using  the  summer  workshop  as  one  key  lever  to  accomplish  that  goal. 17
  20. 20. HandsOn   Broward   inspires,   equips   and   mobilizes   people   to   take   action  to   positively   affect   change   in   Broward   County.   To   learn   more   about  HandsOn   Broward’s   upcoming   service   opportunities   or   to   schedule   a   Center   for   Community   Involvement’s   Mission   is   to   enhance   student  learning,  meet  community  needs,  and  foster  civic  responsibility  &  a  sense  of   caring   for   others.   The   Center   for   Community   Involvement   is   housed  within  the  Academic  Division  of  the  College.  This  Center  is  responsible  for  all  service-­learning  and  America  Reads  activities  of  the  College.  In  addition,  the  Center  functions  as  a  volunteer  clearinghouse  for  students,  staff,  and  faculty  who  wish  to  get  involved  in  community  service.  With  full-­service  Center  for  Community  Involvement  serves  the  entire  College. Public   Allies   is   a   national   movement   grounded   in   the   conviction   that   everyone   leads.   We   believe   that   everyone   can   make   a   difference   and   can  work  to  inspire  more  citizens  to  believe  in  themselves,  step  up,  and   act.   Public   Allies’   mission   is   to   advance   new   leadership   to   strengthen   the   face   and   practice   of   leadership   in   Miami   and   in   communities   across   the  country  by  demonstrating  our  conviction  that  everyone  can  lead,  and   that   lasting   social   change   results   when   citizens   of   all   backgrounds   step   up,  take  responsibility,  and  work  together. 18
  21. 21. Resource GuideFinances  -­-­  Aid,  Scholarships,  and  BudgetsFAFSA  InformationCollege  ScholarshipFree  site  that  allows  browsing  of  scholarships  and  grant  programs,  along  with  links  to  program  information.Florida  Student  Scholarship  &  Grant  ProgramsEducation,  administers  a  variety  of  postsecondary  educational  state-­funded  grants  and  scholarships,  and  provides  information  to  students,  parents,  and  high  school  and  postsecondary  professionals.South  Florida  Community  College  ScholarshipsThe  South  Florida  Community  College  Foundation,  Inc.  (Foundation)  awards  numerous  scholarships  to  students  attending  the  College  each  year.  Students  enrolled  at  least  half  time  in  an  associate  degree,  Jobs  and  Career  ResourcesIdealist.orgUSAJOBS.govJob  search  engine  and  resource  for  federal  jobs.Florida  Department  of  Economic  OpportunityThe  Department  of  Economic  Opportunity  utilizes  public  and  private  sector  expertise  to  attract,  retain  and  grow  businesses  and  create  jobs  in  Florida.  Florida  Jobs  will  connect  you  with  those  partners  and  opportunities  that  will  assist  you  in  locating,  retaining  and  growing  your  business  in  Florida. 19
  22. 22. Organizations  and  ProjectsAmeriCorpsCommunity  College  Successcareer  of  your  dreams.Complete  College  America  credential  of  value  and  to  close  attainment  gaps  for  traditionally  underrepresented  populations.  Institute  for  Higher  Education  Policyaround  the  world.  New  Organizing  UniversityNew  Organizing  University  is  an  online  learning  community,  dedicated  to  providing  organizers  everywhere  organizing,  data  management,  and  digital  strategy.Opportunity  NationOpportunity  Nation  is  a  campaign  to  promote  opportunity,  social  mobility,  and  access  to  the  American  Dream.  YouthBuild,  USAenergy  of  low-­income  youth  to  rebuild  their  communities  and  transform  their  lives.  Youth  Service  Americasubstantive  roles.  YSA  does  this  through  grant  and  service  programs.   20
  23. 23. Notes
  24. 24. 22