Target 2020 florida summit commitments to action


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Target 2020 florida summit commitments to action

  1. 1. Target 2020 Florida Summit Commitments to Action My commitment to action is to continue helping other students achieve their academic and professional goals. I will target students who, like me, plan to transfer to a four year institution. I will assist them in the transfer application process and mentor and inspire them to success. I as well as my school have a great commitment to help those in need of it. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward I commit to using all the resources to help other students to find a passion in learning and being involved in school. I, also will commit to creating my proposal to help expand my club, women moving forward. My commitment to Action will be to stay focused, inspired, and on task with my future goals and educational career. I intend to complete my education up to a PHD so I know that I have reached the highest success out there. I thank Target 2020 and any other program out there that encourages students to stay on their path of success. Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to inspire, lead, teach, or assist other Millennials, students and peers in completing their college education and responsibility towards civic engagement. TO get involved on my campus to promote education at all levels Create experience to make a difference in college life and outside life. Enjoyed my time and I hope corporation expand to higher limits My plan of action is to dedicate the rest of my time at my college motivating everyone to do their best! With motivation, every/anything is possible! I commit to being a great source of inspiration as my Communities Mobilize to help build and work with the winners and implement their proposals in their schools and community. I commit to never giving up on anyone. As our CEO once said, someone took a chance on me. So, thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing organization. These three days have been an experience that I truly will never ever forget. The facilitators were amazing and everyone else. I really enjoyed this weekend there’s no words that can express how grateful and thankful I am to be here with each and every one of you I will move forward to create SLICE in my college and continue to involve myself with the center for Community Involvement. I’ll take and give. Help to facilitate the transition of leadership on our project to a hardworking a willing individual who will help carry it forward since I have graduated and will be moving out of state To always be a leader in my community and also in the world. To be the change that the world is asking for and to assist anyone who needs help in life I will dedicate myself to changing the tide in education and the relationship between students and their community. I also will work towards creating a more proud and unified network. I’m committed to contacting many of you if you have questions or comments on what you truly would want. As a Millennial, I will want to help you out such as information about scholarship or events. I’m very dependable when it comes to helping out I really am proud to say that I commit to helping out any program or project in my community that can benefit the people in my community I commit to becoming a mentor to anyone younger than myself who needs college guidance. I also commit to researching people who I find inspiring and asking them for guidance. I commit to carry out my proposal to the best of my ability I pledge to help my school, community, and peers to the best of my ability empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems.
  2. 2.  I commit to sharing my first Target 2020 experience with my advisor. I know she’ll be very excited to know what happened this weekend. I commit to the completion of my proposal program, students helping students, because it is my nature to help others. It is my passion to enable and help others achieve their dreams and goals in any way I can I commit to represent the founding ideas which make up mobilize. I will continue to engage in service activities in order to serve as an example for my community. I promise to remain open-minded and excited about the wonderful ideas my peers are constantly creating. I commit myself to help everyone I can at my school and my community. Breaking down the barriers will succeed and try to help every woman even if they are not a part of my college. We will continue our project with implementing at our school. We think that early/young parents need help and feel motivation in order to continue with their educational career. I commit myself to participating in any club or organization focused on improving the global community during any and every phase of my life (meaning: forever and ever). I learned that anyone and everyone can feel empowered and become a leader. I will continue to be involved in the student Government Association to continue to get better as a person and a leader After all of the amazing inspiring minds that I met today I commit to seeking out for the individuals who can help me accomplish my goals and I also promise to give back as much to my community. I commit to seek out organizations that I can have an impact on and that will sure have an impact on me. I will join not only leadership organizations but those that benefit my community. I will volunteer at my local elementary schools and provide students with the quality experience I once had Find more tools and resources for community college students with ideas and commitment to improve their schools and communities It was a very eye opening experience and I am looking forward to many more summits I’m committed to stay in contact with new people I became friends with. Also I will stay committed to making a difference in my community, such as being a role model and leader, and expanding the information that I have attained at this summit with other people/students on my campus. I will also engage in more activities and further my career. I will also continue to support and be a part of mobilize. Thank you I had a great experience! I found this to be a great experience; I met interesting people with many ambitions. One person in particular, the President of SGA. My commitment would be to continue to try and make this project effective. I commit to pursue my intellectual interests actively with an open mind, as well as with a focus on social consciousness. I will make sure to help others wherever I go I will volunteer more in my community and I’m committed to work in my campus to help those students struggling and for the college to listen to them. Go back to my campus, share some of the different proposal to SGA and other clubs that I participate in or know about. I will welcome freshman and junior students to my organizations and empower them and teach them leadership in order to continue a successful legacy! My commitment to action is to volunteer my time as much as I can within my community to help improve it one project at a time. I also want to be a role model for other students to succeed. I promise to serve the community and dedicate time for it to progress. I will network with others to expand alliances to make my plans become realities. I will also contact the speakers I met so I can gain tips for better success for the community. I am committed to take the opportunities to volunteer or help my community. I want to be more involved with helping and encouraging the youth and minority population. empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems.
  3. 3.  Help others that are in my same situation and volunteer, stop waiting for someone to take action. When I see something to be done, do it. Taking advantages of similar summits such as this one to expose and eliminate future and current barriers. I commit to helping a student in all my classes. To provide support to different initiatives despite my soon departure. Set the theme for our events. I plan to serve my community to my full potential and help to change lives by making others struggles easier. I would definitely support the projects help in my college. I commit to continue to fight for the dreams and visions that I have for myself and the world around me. I know that having dedication, passion and perseverance will enable me to achieve anything I set my mind to I commit to help anyone in need that in any way I can. To voice my opinions and ideas to help others in the long run. I commit to volunteer my time and energy. Being here has inspired me again and empowered me to make change I am committed to breaking down the barriers of women completing college. I am also committed to giving anyone my contact info to anyone who asks for it. Lastly, I am committed to making a change in the world by being a helping hand. I commit to volunteer as much time as I can to my community and school My commitment to the community is to make sure I make a difference, anywhere I go, in any shape way or form. We need to commit to our communities before we commit to anything else My commitment to my team’s project is that of 100%. I commit to follow through with all of our amazing idea. The feeling of inspiration and motivation will stay with my team throughout this project. There will be a transition from our idea being a proposal to actually taking action. Thank you Mobilize for this wonderful opportunity. I commit to follow through on my teams project, and to adampt it as necessary to fit my community. I will always inspire and motivate other to reach their full potential whether documented or undocumented. Just do my best in what I can do Create a coalition of students to work together in order to tackle the issues we have seen in this summit. To bring every leader from all campuses around one table I promise to be very responsible to the project that my team and I will develop thanks to Mobilize’s help. I will reach my community to improve it and hopefully impact the society in a positive way creating a legacy of leaders in the end I commit to becoming more civically involved in my community Whenever I begin or become a part of a civic project, I will commit to listening actively and engaging; I will do so with much enthusiasm and promise to always give my best I commit to fulfilling my objective to carry out and create community garden that will be sustained by low income communities Always help out in the community when I observe that a tweak has to be made to make it a better place I commit to do all I can do to improve student engagement in my school. Not only engagement civically but also on campus and college life As a community leader, I work with high school students very intimately in trying to help them get to college. With Mobilize’s help, I met a wonderful group which I look forward to working with. My commitment is to continue being a leader amongst my peers and a role model amongst the younger community. I had a tremendous amount of learning strategies, tips, and skills that I incorporated to my previous knowledge. My commitment is to use the resources I earned and seek foundations to invest in my project in order to foster care students have hope and success in college. empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems.
  4. 4.  My commitment is to implement more help for students who lack the knowledge in the transferring process, scholarships and do not transfer because of this. For that reason that extra help will guide them toward the path of success. I commit to continue to find new ways to help students and people in my community. I commit to doing the best job I can to have a successful and innovative campaign in our school. Thank you Mobilize for your dedication to the community and for holding this wonderful summit. I commit on doing my best for my student population. I commit on doing my best for my community I will be leading other to create a better society. To promote civic engagement in my college community. To unite student leaders from all campuses and use our numbers to facilitate my goals and create a coalition among these leaders to mobilize the student body to become more civically engaged within their community. I will join/participate in as many social and community projects as possible. It’s up to students like me and others here at the summit to stay on top of their academic and professional goals and make sure that all of them receive the best advising and help in our college campuses. I’m committed to make them succeed in anything they want to achieve as long as they keep up the good work. empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems.