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Polar Bears


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Polar Bears

  1. 1. The Polar Bear Book.!By Sophia M.
  2. 2. Table Of Contents!IntroductionInteresting FactsDietMy DiagramMy GlossaryMy SourceMy Habitat
  3. 3. I chose polarbears becausethey live in theNorth Pole.!I wonder howa polar bearcaches a seal?!The answer isthe polar bearnocks the prey.!Introduction!
  4. 4. Diagram
  5. 5. Diet!
  6. 6. Habitat
  7. 7. I learned that polar bears are astall as an elephant.!I also learned that some polar bearsway 1,700 pounds.!I also learned that polar bears haveblack skin.!I also learned that when polar bears areborn they cant see!!Facts!
  8. 8. My source of information is a book.!The author of my source is Roberta Edwards.!The title of my source is Polar Bears In Danger.!My source
  9. 9. Arctic:TheNorthPole.!Fierce:Polar BearsAre MeanSometimes.!Lunges:WhenSomething JumpsForwerds.!Feasts:A BigMeal.!Cubs:Baby Bears.!Glossory!