Bears are awesome !


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Small presentation about bears that I did for my class

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Bears are awesome !

  1. 1. What are bears ? Types of bear : 1. Asian black bear 2. American black bear 3. Spectactled bear 4. Brown bear 5. Asian sun bear 6. Panda bear 7. Sloth bear 8. Polar bear
  2. 2. Diet : • Bears are omnivorous : they can either hunt animals (deer, caribou, elk…) or scavenge (garbage, dumps…) • Bears living near rivers tend to catch salmon • While getting ready for hibernation, they eat twice as much food as usual • Female bear won’t be able to give birth if they’re not fat enough • Polar bears mainly eat seals, by patiently waiting for them poking out of the water to breath Bears are great fishermen Bears can weight as much as 1700 pounds (771 kg)
  3. 3. Mating and cubs : • • • • • Mating depends on the bears health and weight Males are quite rough, they can kill the female for food Bears mate in spring but it take a while for the male to seduce the female Once they’ve mated, male will leave and never see the cubs Bears in warm climate don’t hibernate and can mate at any time • It takes 3 to 9 months depending, on the species, to give birth • Some species have a delayed implantation so they can hold off fertilization until hibernation so cubs will be born in a warm and safe place • Bear cubs are born helpless, neither can’t they see nor hear or have teeth • Cubs weight around 1 pound when born (450g)
  4. 4. Hibernation : • Bears hibernate 4 to 7 months since food is scarse in winter • While hibernating a bear’s heartbeat goes from 40 to 8 beats/minute • Bears can give birth and and go back to sleep immediatly after during hibernation • Cub nurse themselves while their mother is sleeping • Bears can go for more than 100 days without eating or drinking • Bears don’t poop while hibernating • This time of lethargy is a great opportunity for scientist (gathering data, replace batteries in collar, studying…)
  5. 5. Random facts about bear : • Some species of bear in Asia build nests in trees • Cubs can moan and cry for weeks if separated from their mother • Bear will fight to death to protect their cub or sibling • Bears like beer : in 2004 a bear passed out after drinking several cans of beer he had stolen from a fridge he broke into • When U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a black bear cub on a hunting trip, a cartoon featured the event, and soon stuffed toy manufacturers popularized “Teddy’s bear.” Bears have deadly skills : • Bears can run up to 40 mph (as fats as an average horse) • Polar bears can smell seals who are 20 miles away • Polar bears can swim up to 100 miles without resting at 4 mph • Some bears can jump 2 meter high • Polar bears can’t be seen on IR camera due to their fur • Eating a polar bear would be deadly for a human • Bears are very smart and have been known to roll rocks into bear traps to set off the trap
  6. 6. Human are the bears only predator Men is the biggest threat to bears, there are 3 main reasons : - Global warming - Hunting - Destroying bears natural habitat Why ? Mainly for those 2 reasons: - Selfishness - Unawarness Siberian bear hunting armor
  7. 7. How to survive an encounter with a bear ? Remember that bears are fast,have better sense and can climb on tree 3 steps to follow : • Lie down • Cover your neck with your hands • Don’t panic Bears kill an average of 6 people per year
  8. 8. Bears are also popular on the internet: