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Ebook created by MJGDS 1st grade students about sharks. Student read a book, extracted information to put into her own words, and added several nonfiction text features. Drawings via ExplainEverything app; book using BookCreator app.

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  1. 1. The Shark BookBy Jett S.
  2. 2. About SharksDiagramFactsGlossaryTable of ContentsHabitat!DietSource
  3. 3. I chose sharks becausethey are cool.About Sharks!
  4. 4. I wonder what food sharkseat to keep them alive?theanswer is fish and people.
  5. 5. Diagram
  6. 6. Diet
  7. 7. Habitat!
  8. 8. I learned that ababy shark can eatcrab.Facts
  9. 9. I learned that apufer fish cankill a shark.
  10. 10. I learned that asting ray is like abat.
  11. 11. I learned that aswordfish can lose afight with a great whiteshark.
  12. 12. My GlossaryBlood - Sharks smell bloodTeeth- they use their teethto rip off meat.Chunks~ they are big piecesNoises~ loud soundsSpeedboat~ fast boat
  13. 13. By Joanna Cole!!SourceHungryHugrySharks!