Khadijah mother of the believers


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Khadijah (Allah be pleased with her), one of the best women in history. A wife of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) and who was the first to accept his Message. The Qur'an makes reference to her and The Prophet (saw) spoke highly of her in his narrations.

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Khadijah mother of the believers

  1. 1. Khadijah bintKhuwaylidMother of the BelieversPresented by Mirza Ali-Mohammed (Trinidad & Tobago)
  2. 2. Questions to ask for any lectureMirza Ali-Mohammed 2
  3. 3. Outline of LectureWhere do you find information on Khadijah?Background of KhadijahKhadijah the wife and motherKhadijah the supporter of the MessageThe death of KhadijaVirtues of KhadijahLessons we can take from KhadijahMirza Ali-Mohammed 3
  4. 4. Accurate Recording about the Seerah only started afterRevelation.
  5. 5. 15 volumes onbiographies. D 230 AHIbnKathirMirza Ali-Mohammed 5
  6. 6. Family, Tribe, RelativesMirza Ali-Mohammed 6
  7. 7. Mirza Ali-Mohammed 7
  8. 8. QusayKhadijahMuhammad(saw)Five Generations Six GenerationsBanu Asad Banu HashimMirza Ali-Mohammed 8
  9. 9. Relatives of NoteBrother AwwamZubair ibnAwwamAbdullah ibnZubairFamous Sahabi –one of the first five toaccept Islam.Mirza Ali-Mohammed 9
  10. 10. Hakim ibn Hizam (nephew)Born 15 years before the Prophet (saw)Only person known to have been born inside theKa’abahHe remembers the year of the ElephantHe accepted Islam at 60 years – upon the Liberationof MakkahHe lived a long life – 120 years (60 before Islam and60 after Islam)One of the few who narrated aspects of the early lifeof the Prophet (saw)Mirza Ali-Mohammed 10
  11. 11. Khadijah – 3 PhasesBirth to 40 years old40 years to 55 years – wife ofMuhammad (saw) and motherLast 10 years – wife of theMessenger of Allah (saw) andIslamic workerMirza Ali-Mohammed 11
  12. 12. Birth to 40Khadijah was called al-Taahirah when she was young.She used to feed and clothe the poor, assist herrelatives financially, and provide for the marriage ofthose of her kin who could not otherwise have hadthe means to marryShe inherited a lot of wealth.She had a thriving trading business.She turned down a number of proposals for marriage.She was known for her intelligence and wisdomMirza Ali-Mohammed 12
  13. 13. Two previous marriagesFamousCompanionFrom the tribe ofBanu MakhzoomMirza Ali-Mohammed 13
  14. 14. HIND – The SahabiHind participated in BadrHind participated in UhudHind is credited for describing the Prophet’s physiqueKnown for righteousness and generousityHe took extreme caution when quoting the ProphetMuhammad (saw)He died in the Battle of the Jamal fighting on the sideof Ali ibn Abu TalibMirza Ali-Mohammed 14
  15. 15. Khadijah – the business ladyShe would hire business partners to gowith her caravans and give them apercentage (mudaarabah)She became the richest lady in all ofMakkah. Her Caravans were huge.Allah speaks of the caravanstravelling in winter and summer inSurah QuraishMirza Ali-Mohammed 15
  16. 16. Surah Quraish (#106)(It is great grace from Allah) for theprotection of the Quraish.(And with all those Allah’s Grace andProtection), We cause the Quraish caravansto set forth safe in the winter (to the south)and in summer (to the north without anyfear)Mirza Ali-Mohammed 16
  17. 17. Reference in Qur’an to Khadijah’swealthAlam ya jidka yateeman fa’aawaa (Did He not find youan orphan and gave you shelter?)Wa wajadaka daaalan fahadaa (Did He not find youunaware of the Right way, and then directed you toit?)Wa wa jadaka ‘aailan fa aghnaa (Did he not find youin want and then enriched you?)Tafseer – reference is made to the wealth given byKhadijah for the work of AllahMirza Ali-Mohammed 17
  18. 18. Mirza Ali-Mohammed 18
  19. 19. Marriage of Khadijahto the Prophet (saw)Mirza Ali-Mohammed 19
  20. 20. Early years of MarriageVery little information available about earlyyears of marriage life. Three reasons for this:1.Khadijah died in Makkah2.All children died early3.Incidents occurred in the house ofthe Prophet (saw)Mirza Ali-Mohammed 20
  21. 21. The Prophet Muhammad used to seekseclusion in Ghar Hira (Cave of Hira) – attimes for one whole month. (Ibn Hisham)Mirza Ali-Mohammed 21
  22. 22. An Angelvisited theProphet (saw)in the cave.The Firstrevelation ofQur’an camedown – Surahal ‘Alaq : 1 - 5Jabal NoorMirza Ali-Mohammed 22
  23. 23. What happened to An Nabi (saw)His chest was shaking. His heart began topalpitateHe rushed home to KhadijahHe said – I think that I have lost my mindKhadijah consoled him with comfortingwordsMirza Ali-Mohammed 23
  24. 24. What we knowShe would go up to Ghar HiraShe consoled the Prophet after theincident at Ghar HiraShe sought advice from her cousinWaraqa ibn NawfalMirza Ali-Mohammed 24
  25. 25. He (saw) again rushed to Khadijahsaying Dath-thirooni, Dath-thirooni.Allah then revealed Surah alMuddathir : 1 - 7Mirza Ali-Mohammed 25
  26. 26. Khadija in the first JamaatYahya ibn Afeef visitedmakkah to do business withAbbas and observed threepeople at the Ka’abah praying.This incident is detailed in the books ofImam Ahmad and TirmidhiMirza Ali-Mohammed 26
  27. 27. Children of KhadijahDied before revelation Married Abul ‘Aas –son of HalaMarried Uthman. Diedafter Badr.Married Uthman.Died 9AHBorn 5 yrs beforeprophethood. Died 6months after An nabiOnly child to be born afterIslamMirza Ali-Mohammed 27
  28. 28. When did Khadijah die3 years before Hijra (Migration fromMakkah to Madinah)She died in the tenth year of the Da’wahShe died soon after Abu Talib in the sameyearThat year was referred to as ‘The Year ofSorrow’No Janaazah was prayed for KhadijahMirza Ali-Mohammed 28
  29. 29. Mirza Ali-Mohammed 29
  30. 30. Best women of mankindAnas reports that the Messenger ofAllaah, salla Allaahu alaihi wa sallam,said: The best women of mankind arefour: Mariam daughter of `Imraan,Assiya wife of Pharaoh, Khadijadaughter of Khuwailid, and Fatima thedaughter of the Messenger of Allaah.[Bukhari and Muslim] Also in Musnad of Imam AhmadMirza Ali-Mohammed 30
  31. 31. Aisha jealous of KhadijahNarrated Aisha: I did not feel jealous of any of thewives of the Prophet as much as I did of Khadija,(although) she died before he married me, for I oftenheard him mentioning her, and Allaah had told himto give her the good tidings that she would have apalace of Qasab (i.e. pipes of precious stones andpearls in Paradise), and whenever he slaughtered asheep, he would send her women-friends a good shareof it. [Sahih al-Bukhari]Mirza Ali-Mohammed 31
  32. 32. Halahvisiting AnNabi inMadinahAisha :The Prophetwouldfrequentlymention herJibreelbringingsalaamsfrom AllahThe gemsparkledeven afterdeathMirza Ali-Mohammed 32
  33. 33. Lessons from Our Mother
  34. 34. LessonsKhadijah’s response to RevelationHer support and comfort for her husbandHer love for the Messenger (saw)Her sacrifice for the Messenger (saw) and the IslamicworkHer humility in spite of being very wealthyHer being subjected to difficult times with theMessenger (saw)Her wisdomStart a Da’wah TeamMirza Ali-Mohammed 34
  35. 35. Do you want to be like Khadijah?Mirza Ali-Mohammed 35
  36. 36. Questions?Mirza Ali-Mohammed 36