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How podcasts can improve students listening skills iarima


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Iraima Prieto. Sample. Learning Technologies for the Classroom Courses. Second cohort. 2011 (June-July)

Published in: Education, Technology
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How podcasts can improve students listening skills iarima

  1. 1. How podcasts can improve students´ listening skillsIraima PrietoLearning Technologies for theClassroom Course – British CouncilJune 4th. – August 21st.
  2. 2. Podcasts are:• Digital audio files easily downloaded and played either on a computer or on a portable device (MP3 player, Ipod, etc.)• Updated regularly• Easy to access & to subscribe to.• Copyright free for classroom use.• Often free of charge.
  3. 3. Podcasts are great for developinglistening skills because:• Audio texts usually structured in 3 sections (beginning, middle & end).• Short listening activities.• Possibility of seeing the level of difficulty.• Students´ exposition to natural models of speech or to graded language.• Additional material for teachers to teach extensive and intensive listening skills.
  4. 4. My reflections• I found this topic extremely interesting because listening comprehension is one of the aspects that is less developed in our business courses. Podcasts provide teachers with the opportunity to expose students to different sorts of authentic language in an asynchronous way to enhance their listening skills.• What I have learned regarding podcasts is already helping me a lot, especially the part of podcast material evaluation and the concept of doing tasks while and after listening.