Joseph Stromski II: Personal Branding Plan


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Joseph Stromski II: Personal Branding Plan

  1. 1. Personal Branding Plan Joseph Stromski II
  2. 2. Portfolio A portfolio should include an autobiography, original work, resume and contact information Assets: Google, Wordpress, Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter View my portfolio on Wordpress View my portfolio on Google Sites
  3. 3. Goals Start a strategic communications/event planning firm Freelance for arts and entertainment magazines Increase target audience from 18 - 25 year-olds to 18 - 35 year-olds
  4. 4. Output Objectives Update Twitter at least five times per day Update Facebook twice per week Update Wordpress and Google Site at least once per week Submit original writing samples to art and entertainment magazines/corresponding Web sites biweekly
  5. 5. Outcome Objectives Increase Twitter followers by 10 per month Increase overall daily unique blog visitor average from 15 to 25 Average at least 25 unique visitors to Google Site per week To have a minimum of four articles published yearly in nationwide arts and entertainment magazines/on corresponding Web sites
  6. 6. S.L.O.T. (1/2) Strengths: I’m not an expert, but I know more than most Quick learner My tomorrow phone I have a head start
  7. 7. S.L.O.T. (2/2) Lesser Strengths: I’m not an expert Opportunities: Every business can benefit from social media Threats: Almost everybody thinks they’re an expert
  8. 8. Key Messages (1/2) Whether it's getting your message out through print, managing your social networks and Web site(s) or planning and executing events, Stromski has the experience and knowledge to provide the results you want through a customized plan at a price you won't find anywhere else
  9. 9. Key Messages (2/2) If you provide a service or product, regardless of whether it's exclusive to you or a competing product, it's in your best interest to inform the public about it as quickly and concisely as possible to maximize profits and increase your client base
  10. 10. Strategies Participate in Facebook, Twitter and clients’ sites’ conversations daily Link Twitter anywhere it can be linked Retweet pertinent tweets, articles and links Subscribe to arts and entertainment magazines to get a feel for target audiences and become familiar with writing styles
  11. 11. Basic Timeline Launch date of May 10, 2010 Short term: Update social media according to Output Objectives Long Term: Continuously monitor all updates, stats and media coverage
  12. 12. Evaluation Track Wordpress stats Track stats Monitor Twitter followers Monitor print/Web publications, name and clients using Google Alerts
  13. 13. Find Me Google Wordpress YouTube Twitter Facebook Linkedin Foursquare