Bronwen Harding's Personal Brand Plan!


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Bronwen Harding's Personal Brand Plan!

  1. 1. Green and Fashion Savvy A Personal Brand Plan by Bronwen Harding<br />
  2. 2. A More Personal Message…<br />I truly believe in finding balance in life, working extremely hard but also taking time to enjoy what life has to offer. I have chosen PR because of the endless possibilities in learning, being creative, and meeting new people. I am an eager, ambitious, creative, and enthusiastic hard worker, who pays strict attention to detail and aesthetics. I would like to focus mycareeron corporate social responsibility, where I would concentrate my efforts on environmental issues and how companies choose and display their initiatives. I truly believe in a company’s role and requirement in taking care of the environment in which it is a part of. <br />
  3. 3. Situation Analysis - SWOT<br />Strengths<br /><ul><li>I am a very good listener, considerate, creative, and attentive.
  4. 4. I adapt easily to new situations, am easy-going and click with all types of personalities.
  5. 5. I have excellent writing and communication skills.
  6. 6. I thrive on being positive, honest and real, and love to help people around me.
  7. 7. I am able to take suggestions and criticisms very well, I see them as opportunitiesand ways in which to improve.
  8. 8. I am able to think quickly on my feet and am an excellent problem solver.</li></li></ul><li>Situation Analysis - SWOT <br />Weaknesses<br /><ul><li>I am a perfectionist which often means I focus too much time on unnecessary details.
  9. 9. I tend to stress and get overwhelmed easily in situations where I feel I do not have any control.
  10. 10. I tend to be passive at times meaning people can take advantage of my niceness and easy-going character.
  11. 11. I am not a strong public speaker when it comes to presenting in large settings.
  12. 12. I have not had much opportunity to develop strong leadership skills yet.
  13. 13. I am not overly knowledgeable when it comes to social media.</li></li></ul><li>Situation Analysis - SWOT<br />Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Being aware of the changes in the PR world with social media, I can use the materials available through the various channels of SM to not only help me develop my brand but become more familiar with how SM itself works and how it has changed PR.
  14. 14. By taking advantage of the volunteer opportunities at Humber, I hope to improve my leadership skills.
  15. 15. By taking on a mentor I hope todevelopmy weaknesses into strengths.</li></li></ul><li>Situation Analysis - SWOT<br />Threats<br /><ul><li>I fear of not being able to keep up with social media and how society has become so technology focused. I am not overly computer savvy and often cannot keep up with the latest applications and networking websites. It is often hard to stay current and relevant.
  16. 16. I fear the public feels companies and CSR initiatives are implemented for the wrong reasons, and done simply so the company looks good. This is an issue unto itself, I feel a company must be passionate about their role in taking care of the environment, people, and the community, etc., in order for the public to feel a company’s initiatives are genuine. </li></li></ul><li>Objectives<br />To become a PR practitioner who is able to clearly and effectively convey and rely messages using the required mediums prominent in the PR world. <br />Use my skills towards the betterment of society and the environment in the ways companies conduct themselves and play a vital role in the community.<br />To work with people who share the same passion for the environment and aesthetics.<br />To become a leader in the CSR world focusing largely on the environment. <br />
  17. 17. Strategies<br />To increase my online presence and thus develop who I am and what I plan to achieve. <br />Connect with people who share the same interests in CSR and environmental issues.<br />To become increasingly greenandshare my experiments and experiences online and create a network of likeminded individuals.<br />Pay particular attention to websites heavily invested in green initiatives. <br />
  18. 18. Tactics<br />Keep my blog and twitter accounts up-to-date and focus on current environmental issues and follow various companies that practice both good and bad CSR. <br />Write insightful blogs and tweet useful information people are going to benefit from.<br />Volunteer at least once and attend as many PR events as possible before interning in the fall. <br />Subscribe to and read various newspapers, journals and magazines to become more knowledgeable on current affairs. <br />Listen to the radio more frequently.<br />Become a friend of social media and research how companies use this tool in CSR.<br />Become a member of IABC and CPRS.<br />
  19. 19. Critical Path<br />March 2010 (Now) – August 2010<br /><ul><li>Update my blog once a week on brand related topics and general interests as well to get more followers.
  20. 20. Tweet about brand related topics a couple of times a week and get people following.
  21. 21. Attend at least two PR events where I can further develop brand-related thoughts and work on my networking skills.</li></li></ul><li>Critical Path<br />September 2010 – November 2010<br /><ul><li>Acquire an internship placement that is related to my brand and will help me to do some serious learning and networking.
  22. 22. Keep developing and allowing my brand to evolve and possibly change with new found interests.
  23. 23. I will continue to create blogs and twitter posts related to my PR and internship experience, but keeping in mind my interest in CSR and environmental issues.</li></li></ul><li>Critical Path<br />December 2010 – Future and Beyond…<br /><ul><li>To continue working on my strengths and weaknesses and have developed my leadership and public speaking skills before I enter the workforce.
  24. 24. Continue to work on developing and fleshing out my brand.
  25. 25. I will hopefully be working someone related to my brand and hope to be successful and grow. </li></li></ul><li>I’m not in the Yellow Pages, I’m here…<br />