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maurak portfolio

  1. 1. Nordic Film Festival poster
  2. 2. Catalyst Communications — Outdoor Guide cover and page design Photo: ©PatitucciPhoto If You’ve Got The Guts, We’ve Got The Goods OutdOOr Guide Spring/Summer 2009 OutdOOr Guide Photo: ©PatitucciPhoto SEE INSIDE for New Products, Useful Tips and Upcoming Events SPring/SUmmer 2009 SEE INSIDE for New Products and Useful Tips Keeping You Light on Your Toes—Wherever You Go Gear to Make Mother Nature Proud Common Threads Recycling Program Recycle your worn-out Patagonia® Capilene® High Tech for the High Country GIMME SHELTER Understanding tent lingo is important to Razor-Sharp Traction Performance Baselayers, Patagonia® organic purchasing one that best fits your needs By cutting thin, lateral slices in cotton T-shirts, all Patagonia® fleece, and and expectations. Here’s a glossary of the their rubber soles (razor-siping), Rain Shadow Jacket $150 Polartec® fleece from other manufacturers Easy-on quickdraw Keen shoes provide excellent through the Common Threads Recycling most common types of tents. Roll-down, Weather protection without a shadow of elastic cord lace traction in wet conditions. The two-way Program. Learn more at razor-siped slices flex open adjustable hood a doubt. Experience 100% waterproof or call 800-638-6464. Minibus Tents $389–$429 B Double-wall Tents. A mesh body, or canopy, when walking so water flows breathability with this ingenious hard shell. Staking it easy in comfort. Don’t let these light- can be covered by a separate waterproof rain through (like rain tires), allowing A special lining channels moisture away from weight 3-season tents fool you—they’re roomy fly. Most common tent design, especially for the other sections of the sole to skin, protects the waterproof barrier, and three-season tents. securely grip the surface. with huge vestibules, two doors and a host of slides easily over layers. v men’s (shown) and livability extras. Inside-outside vestibule pockets Pros: Excellent ventilation and protection; women’s; Wt. 13.5 oz. conveniently and safely store your gear. Best of versatile set-up options with or without fly MORE TIME TO PLAY all, pitching a tent has never been easier thanks Cons: Heavier and less stable than Newport H2 $95 Reverse-coil DWR-coated Courtesy of The North Face/Tim Kemple Time off is a gift. So use yours to the full- to a range of innovative features. single-wall tents pit zips with storm flap The sandal that started it all. Stay attached est extent your benefits allow. Here are some men’s You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, right? to gritty trails, wet river rocks, slippery Fun Foot Facts Capilene 1 T-Shirt $36 ® ideas to make it a win-win deal for you and Come in and we’ll help you determine how many B Single-wall Tents. The canopy is made decks—planet earth—with KEEN’s no-non- your employer. vestibules and doors you really need. We’ll take the of waterproof material, eliminating the Feels as good as it performs. A silky sense original. The robust Newport strikes Bigfoot guesswork out of pitching in the wild. need for a rain fly, creating a single baselayer designed for high-exertion, a naturally air-conditioned balance between The largest recorded feet in the world Offer a compromise. Is there a way to trade wall structure. hot-weather pursuits. Made from 100% utility, comfort and performance. v men’s belonged to Matthew McGrory (1973-2005), for vacation time? Compromise for a smaller recycled polyester, it’s moisture-wicking Clever Twist Clips help pitch and Pros: Lighter, stronger and faster to pitch whose dogs were a whopping size 28½. raise plus more vacation? An extra project in and dries quickly. Even better, it’s disassemble your tent easily and than double walls The 7'4 resident of Florida paid $22,745 for exchange for a trip? quickly, while saving weight recyclable through the Common Threads Cons: Less ventilation, smaller and more a pair of shoes to fit his unusually large feet. Recycling Program. Plan ahead to use downtime. Study your expensive than double-walls need a new pair of shoes? • UPF 15 sun protection schedule well in advance to ask for time off Waterproof hood with B Free Standing Tents: With poles assembled, Torsion stability ESS shank Shopping for shoes is best done in the • Gladiodor® natural odor control when you’ll be least missed. Demonstrate welded construction keeps your foot level keeps your gear dry tent stands up without need to stake out. afternoon, when your feet have swollen a women’s your concern for not being disruptive. Common design for two or more person tents. little. Then you can be sure your new shoes Quarter-top front pockets Reduce the impact. Present a well-thought- Pros: Easy to pitch and relocate; no need will fit your feet at all times and won’t Separate inset hook- out plan for how you’ll make up for time away. Stretch-woven bucket for staking; stronger than non free pinch. Try both shoes on, as most people pocket holds rain gear and-loop wallet pocket standing tents tend to have one foot larger than the other. Unpaid time off. It isn’t first choice, but it’s Dual-pivot E-VAP™ foam Cons: Heavier than non free standing tents easier to get. hipbelt evenly distributes Made with 100% Beauty is Pain the pack’s load B Non Free Standing Tents. With few to no H2No® waterproof/breathable recycled material Women suffer from four times as many foot 2.5-layer tear-resistant fabric Suggest as an incentive. Time off after a pole intersections, these tents rely on problems as men. This is believed to be a major project is a good motivator, and may be tension from stakes to stay upright. Non-marking lugs grasp result of their choice of footwear, often with Flap overlaps sides more affordable than a bonus. unforgiving ground to keep out rain Pros: Light weight and packable; preferred narrow toes and high heels. Targhee II $115 Half Mass Bag $100 Stand Up Shorts® $55 Work/play opportunity? Conferences or by cyclists, soloists and when size and professional events around which you can weight is priority; usually one person only Tackle any terrain. With KEEN.Dry™ one more for the ladies… A critical mass of clever, compact storage for Make a stand against the elements. Rugged waterproof membrane to shed water, and It is important that women wear correctly fit- work and play. Access everything you need 10 oz organic cotton canvas endures the play, may be easier to sell, especially if you Cons: Require staking; less stable and Primero Packs $299–$319 self-molding insoles that ward against ting footwear as on average they walk 3 miles with a ton of pockets and features for all your roughest terrain and treatment—from you and share expenses. smaller than free standing Packs primed for the serious explorer. You’ll hardly sharp rocks, KEEN’s multi-purpose light farther every day than the opposite sex. gear, including a fully suspended, padded Mother Nature. Yet softens and personalizes Courtesy of KEEN Conserve sick and personal days. Find out notice the load and mileage on your next multi-day B Three-season Tents. Mostly double wall hiker is a real crowd pleaser. v women’s 15 laptop sleeve. v 16 x 11 x 5 with age. Double seat resists abrasion. v men’s trek, thanks to the revolutionary X Radial™ frame your employer’s policy for converting them to tents maximizing use of mesh for summer, Foot binding…Yeowch! pivoting with your every move. The injection- spring and fall camping. personal time. In China during the early 10th century, foot molded back panel features self-healing EVA foam Pros: Best ventilation and versatility Courtesy of Patagonia binding was seen as a sign of beauty and was Extended Weekends. Taking off even a par- with airflow channels for superior comfort and practiced by all social classes. Foot binding ventilation. Beyond comfortable, these packs’ Cons: Less warmth and stability than Washable polyester tial day on a Monday or Friday can extend webbing uppers was a tradition in which the toes were tightly anatomically precise construction moves with four season tents your trip another night. wrapped in cloth, breaking the bones and your body’s natural gait. B Four-season Tents. Usually, but not curling the front of the foot downward. Be worth it. The more valuable you are, the How many cubic inches do you really need? always, single wall tents with less mesh for Venice H2 $95 easier it is for your manager to want to keep How should a pack fit? We’re here to help After a number of years performing this ritual warmth and more poles for strength. Playful meets performance. This sandal you happy. you find a pack designed just for you. from about the age of five onwards, the front Pros: Best design for high winds, cold features an open strapping system for Regardless of weather, and back of the foot would be forced together Trust is key. Be dependable and keep your the ingenious Jake’s Foot temps and heavy snows outstanding ventilation on hot summer to give the impression of small, dainty feet. keeps your canopy taut days. A streamlined, grippy outsole with company’s interest in mind. Your boss will be Cons: Can be heavier and less breathable A young woman’s marriageability and social and the tent solid by multi-directional lugs and razor siping more comfortable that your time off is a good using fly-tension leverage than three-season tents KEEN began with a moment of pure vision, with a simple design challenge: Can a standing were greatly improved by small feet. investment. provides exceptional traction control on Source: sandal protect toes? The answer was yes and the Newport was created. A moment of rocks, beaches and boardwalks. v women’s Source: pure vision, a design inspiration, a Hybrid approach. It’s amazing how one innovative sandal can lead to bigger things. After more than 40 years of innovation, it just comes naturally to The North Face. From hardcore Growing Up Walking All Over Runners Tongue in Cheek Inspired by the planet, designed for those who enjoy it. Patagonia stays true to its pledge 29,035' Mount Everest is getting higher— A chameleon’s tongue can be shot out to an alpine adventures to mellow day trips, The North Face combines ease of use with high-performance Don’t let the term “race walkers” fool you: growing 2.4 each year. Unlike worn older a world-class race walker can complete a to build the best products and do the least harm. From using recycled materials to creating extraordinary length: in some species the technology. Backpacks that self-heal and tents that practically pitch themselves are just two of the ranges, the Himalaya is a relatively marathon in sub-seven-minute miles. recyclable apparel, Patagonia offers high-quality adventure apparel with integrity. tongue is longer than its body! many innovative features The North Face offers outdoor enthusiasts. youthful, growing mountain mass. Source: Source: Source: