Avoiding Drowning in Overload of Information from Online Qualitative - Lb Qualitative Research


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Avoiding Drowning in Overload of Information from Online Qualitative - Lb Qualitative Research

  1. 1. Qualitative 360 Europe 2014 Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Supported by Organised by
  2. 2. Avoiding drowning in overload of information from online qualitative Group discussion – Qual 360 Laure BOISIER CEO Lb Qualitative Research
  3. 3. Definition of Drowning
  4. 4. So? What is : Avoiding drowning ? Let's start here ! First time to share!
  5. 5. First associations to AVOIDING DROWNING?
  6. 6. Avoiding drowning ? • Do not panic, keep confident • Keep your chin up • Look around and learn about your environment • Organise your resources, get to know your limits • Float on your back - Move slowly - Use the flow • Ask for help
  7. 7. So when it comes to overload of information from Online Qualitative ? What does it mean
  8. 8. HOW CONFIDENT CAN YOU BE ?  You've done analysis with loads of contents before ?  You've been moderating the project ?  You are a Qual expert ?  You've got resources (3T): time, team, treasure ?  You've been negotiating an adequate schedule ?  You've got clear objectives ?  You've been attending this group discussion ?
  9. 9.  You've done it before !  YES YOU DID ! 10 groups of 2 hours in the same country 4 groups of 2 hours x 4 countries 18 in depth of 2 hours 24 pre-tasks journals of 8 pages IF NOT … You might be a new Bee in Qual ? Ask for HELP, SUBCONTRACT, GET TRAINED SAME FEELING OF OVERLOAD MORE OR LESS
  10. 10.  You've been moderating !  HOPE YOU DID ! We all know that analysis without moderating is a difficult task It is very easy with online to avoid moderating  DON'T IF NOT … DO IT AFTERWARD WHATEVER IT TAKES even thought it will never be the same (And try to get a budget for that) SAME FEELING OF PRE-ANALYSIS DONE DURING FIELDWORK
  11. 11.  You are a Qual expert !  YOU ARE ! DAMN ! You have methods and experiences There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to handle such an analysis IF NOT … SAME CAPACITY FOR HANDLING ANY KIND OF ANALYSIS You need friends quallies to cheer you up (And maybe some CHOCOLATES, or a big bowl of CHAMALLOWS)
  12. 12.  You've got resources !  TIME, TEAMS OR TREASURE You must get resources to sooth the process – for a little extra cost you can sleep. Like a note taker help a lot with offline you have ways. IF NOT … Don't take the project You are risking a BURN OUT Don't push too much your limits LIKE AN OFFLINE PROJECT YOU SHOULD GET HELP TO SOOTH THE PROCESS
  13. 13.  You've been negotiating an adequate schedule !  IT REQUIRES TIME INDEED You have a dense and difficult analysis to do, try to deconstruct in clients mind the idea that it is going to be fast and easy IF NOT … You WILL panic Or you need a huge team to build the analysis for you Or PLENTY of free time YOU SHOULD GIVE YOU SOME TIME TO DO THIS ANALYSIS
  14. 14.  You've got clear objectives !  HOPE YOU HAVE ! You have define clear objectives with your clients about the analysis and recommendations you have to deliver You don't need to Focus on EVERYTHING IF NOT … You should call back your client To define precise objectives – we all know that SAME PROCESS: FOCUS ON YOUR CLIENT QUESTION
  15. 15.  You are attending this session  YES YOU ARE! BUT MAYBE YOU ARE SLEEPING, BECAUSE OF YESTERDAY NIGHT FEVER ?
  16. 16. YOU HAVE ONLY YES THAN KEEP CONFIDENT  You've done it before !  You've been moderating !  You are a Qual expert !  You've got resources !  You've got clear objectives !  You've been negotiating an adequate schedule !  You've been attending this group discussion !       
  17. 17. IF YOU'VE GOT AT LEAST 2 NO Don't be afraid to ask for HELP ! Yet ... Who ? For what How fast ? (let's find out later)
  18. 18. Overload of information ? Let's find out what is an overload of information when it comes to online Qual
  19. 19. Defining an Overload of information Time to share!
  20. 20. Loads of pages & files • Full of 'non processed' written contents • Full of dates, timings, system information you don't care about • Full of pseudo rather than real names Loads of images / videos with system names (not meaningful) Non verbal expressions  Colors Signs !?;§!(? Detailed individual views and conversations all together
  21. 21. Pdf extracts when you expect Word, Excel No groups segmentations Videos or photos stuck on the platform Noise - Pollution : too much extract info that you don't want No linearity in the conversations No possibility to get photos in the adequate format in the text And it also depends on the platform !
  22. 22. X4 = Too much space, bad layout Nice to read
  23. 23. 20130524163928capture_20130524 (1)  This file name is for : Video on Organic Products Habits  Leila 30 y.o., One baby kids, House Mom
  24. 24. ~Hugues_M.~135705~19561998-9f9 This file name is for : Photo in shop or showing vegetables display  Hughes, 42 y.o., Bachelor
  26. 26. Get organised ! Before During And After
  27. 27. Before • Precise exercices requested from consumers • Precises steps in your BB or Blogs Communities • Precise time that they are suppose to spend (mastering the amount of contents)
  28. 28. Before Try to anticipate your segmentation for your analysis So you can filter your contents easily afterward
  29. 29. During IT REALLY DEPENDS ON THE SIZE OF YOUR COMMUNITY AND HOW DEEP YOU WANT TO PROBE  Working with a large number of participants : naturally some of them will develop their views, so you might not need to probe SO deeply  If it is a small community and you wish to go deeper with each one of them : ok you can be interested in probing more  Always keep in mind that PROBING GENERATE MORE CONTENTS to analyse afterward – do you really need to ? Maybe the answer is already there ?
  30. 30. During LISTEN (read)  Monitor it, moderate it often  And all the way VISUALISE  You can use the likes / encouragements instead of probing  Use the tags to visualise things  Visit the profils pages BE WITH THEM  Don't leave it alone even if you don't push to generate contents  Stay focus, don't get disconnected MAKE SURE YOU CREATE A RESEARCH EXPERIENCE OF YOUR OWN LINKING FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, SENSATIONS TO YOUR FIRST UNDERSTANDINGS
  31. 31. After On the platform Your extracts
  32. 32. After You don't want to feel like this ! • Allow some time for organizing your contents TO GET TO KNOW THEM (that's the key) • AND most of all pay attention to your extracts TO FEEL CONFORTABLE
  33. 33. GETTING ORGANISED TO GET TO KNOW THE CONTENTS Demonstration with a game!
  34. 34. After Throw away what you don't need Use post its Print the contents if you wish Underline Use folders (on real desk, on laptop) Name and organise them
  35. 35. After Renaming files ! So they appear as I wish on my desktop
  36. 36. After Avoid PDF Avoid extracts with comments at the bottom, try to get them in the flow Avoid extracts per participant but use extracts per question / step If you already know a platform maybe it is worth it to use it several times so you get used to it, and to the extracts
  37. 37. In the end – before starting your analysis – you need to feel like this ! ALL NEET & TIDY It feels GOOD !
  38. 38. Now you can start analysis ! ::: And you know how :::
  39. 39. • First quick overall reading • • First thoughts on a paper Make a draft scenario • Start where ever you wish But start it ! • • • Move little by little Going back to the detailed contents when you need
  40. 40. Time to summarize Time to share & create your own list of useful tips & tricks
  41. 41. My Own Tips and Tricks to swim peacefully in my contents • • • • • • Master your contents from the start Moderate & get an experience Watch out for your extracts ! Use the same platform : one you already know ? Get organised to get to know your contents Take out all the noise on extracts, rename, classify • AND ... Stay confident
  42. 42. For what Organising Classifying HELP ! Who Best option : Teams / Colleagues Freelancers How fast ? Can be fast But plan 1 - 2 days for a community of 2 weeks - 40 people (depending on how the extract look like)
  43. 43. And if you still feel you are about to panic Ask an Online Qual Expert to help
  44. 44. My message to the platform providers • • Please try to think about the extracts Please try to make them look like our online experience !
  45. 45. Thanks Laure BOISIER CEO Lb Qualitative Research l.boisier@lb-qr.com
  46. 46. Qualitative 360 Europe 2014 Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Supported by Organised by