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Linked in


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The basics and good practices used for a LinkedIn account.

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Linked in

  1. 1. Cherry Hill Public Library
  2. 2. What is LinkedIn? A social network for work professionals • Founded in 2003 • 227 million members worldwide, 200+ countries • Grows by 2 new members per second Informational Credit:
  3. 3. • Created for: – Job seekers and recruiters – Business promotion – Self promotion and branding Success is in deciding which area you fall into and constructing a profile that matches your goal Informational Credit:
  4. 4. • Not the place for: – Amassing tons of followers – Posting pictures of family, pets, personal information – Send out spam messages – Engage in sales Keep it professional!
  5. 5. 2 ways to access Website: App:
  6. 6. Free or Paid? Free Premium $0.00 $20/$30/$50 per month N/A Add a badge that you are looking for employment No guarantee of placement Placed at the top of searches See the last 5 people who looked at your profile See who looked at your profile** Send a free message to ANYONE if you are the member of the same LinkedIn group InMail ($30/$50 plans) N/A View salary data for each job Account types: Free, 3 premium for business, 3 sales professional accounts, 3 Job Seeker accounts, 3 Talent Finder accounts for recruiters
  7. 7. Overview
  8. 8. Free Account What is included? • Search and view LinkedIn profiles • Request and provide recommendations • 5 Introductions • 100 search results returns • Save up to 3 searches with weekly email updates • Receive unlimited InMails
  9. 9. Used to connect with others who are not in your connections • Not the same as free messages • Paid for service if you want to use it to send to others • You can receive InMail if you change your account settings
  10. 10. Main Page Status bar LinkedIn Today New Connections Recommends 3 people Activity Who viewed your profile Free account: 5 people
  11. 11. Navigation c Narrow your search Edit your profile See who has viewed your profile Contacts Add contacts Find alumni Companies Groups Pulse Education Invitations Messages Notifications: Who viewed your profile, new Connections, endorsements, and recommendations Add contacts Find employer suggestions based on your profile Global Navigation bar
  12. 12. Creating Your Profile 1.Professional-type picture-Current 2.Summary of professional experience: list positions and major accomplishments 3.Current status 4.Education, certifications, awards, publications, specific skills, volunteer experience 5.Professional recommendations 6.Attached resume, presentations, etc 7.Contact information 8.Opportunity preferences Your Profile should include: 40x more likely to find opportunities with a complete profile!
  13. 13. Summary c • 1st area most people read! • Look at what others in your area have written to discover keywords • Sell what you are good at, what you know, and who you are, professionally
  14. 14. Education • Focus on the last 10-15 years • Don’t include H.S. • Include relevant certificates, awards, etc • Graduation year? • Add links to company’s site, company’s FB Page, or your portfolio—3 site max • Include professional & personal interests
  15. 15. Public Profile • Searchable by anyone • Control displayed info c c
  16. 16. Building Your Network • Match your network to your goals • Import your web/desktop emails into contacts • Skip connecting with people that aren’t part of your goals
  17. 17. Adding Contacts—Web Email
  18. 18. Adding Contacts-Desktop Email • Add CSV files from Microsoft Outlook (separate .CSV with commas) • Add vCard files from Mac OS X (.VCF (electronic business cards))
  19. 19. Adding Applications • •Wordpress • SlideShare • Amazon Reads • My Travel by TripIt • Portfolio Display by Behance •Lawyer Raitngs by LexisNexis •Legal Updates by JD Surpa
  20. 20. Managing/Expanding Your Network Q: What are the various levels of connections? A: Degrees of separation
  21. 21. Responding to Invitations • Add email notifications • Click Accept • Click Ignore-Archived • I Don't Know--blocks • Report Spam
  22. 22. Adding a Photo Click on icon to upload a photo You are 7x more likely to be found via LinkedIn if you have a photo!
  23. 23. Job Seeking • Complete your profile • Aim for 50 connections to yield better job searching results* • Develop recommendations (3) • Google yourself A completed profile can generate up to 40x more opportunities! *
  24. 24. Job Searching • Google yourself • Aim for managers, clients, or executives for recommendations • Use the keywords! • List skills • Upload your resume List accomplishments, not just tasks!
  25. 25. Job Searching Search by job position, company or job skill
  26. 26. Recommendations • At least 3 • Talk to your connections • Review
  27. 27. Joining Groups Two Types: Open or Members-Only Don't see a group, you can create your own
  28. 28. Groups • Types: – Alumni – Associations – Professional Groups – Non-profits – Corporations – Personal Interests You can join up to 50 groups with your account
  29. 29. Saving Searches Saved Searches: Free account, save up to 3 Notifications: •Neverb(people) •Daily •Weekly •Monthly
  30. 30. Image Credit:
  31. 31. Profile Picture • Don’t leave a blank image • Keep it professional, not social • Post a current photo
  32. 32. Status • Share what you are working on or recently accomplished • Keep it professional, not personal • Update regularly to show you are engaged
  33. 33. Endorsements
  34. 34. Uncheck box Privacy & Settings > Profile > Privacy Controls > Turn on/off your activity broadcast
  35. 35. Privacy & Settings > Profile > Privacy Controls > Select what others see when you've viewed their profile
  36. 36. Edit Your LinkedIn URL
  37. 37. Chrome Extensions
  38. 38. Chrome Apps
  39. 39. Closing Your Account Go to your Profile>Account>Close your account 1. 2. 3.
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  41. 41. Thank You! Melissa Brisbin Emerging Technologies Librarian & SA (856) 903-1243