How You Can Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile


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If you're about to graduate or you're a recent graduate of National College then this training presentation is for you! Learn how to build a professional LinkedIn profile and learn the importance of having a presence on the site.

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How You Can Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile

  1. 1. How You Can Build aProfessional LinkedIn Profile
  2. 2. Overview• LinkedIn vs. Facebook• LinkedIn statistics• Why you need a LinkedIn account• What’s on your profile?• Basic profile checklist
  3. 3. LinkedIn vs. Facebook• LinkedIn and Facebook are not the same thing!• LinkedIn is a professional site that can help you with your career.• Facebook is for socializing.• Do not mix the two sites. Do you really want future employers looking at your Facebook photos or wall posts?
  4. 4. LinkedIn Statistics• 100+ million users• Over 150 industries are represented• 2+ million college students• 37,000+ college and university alumni groups – including National College!
  5. 5. Why You Need a LinkedIn Account• It’s your professional online presence• Opportunity to connect with other students, alumni and local employers• Research companies/career paths• Explore opportunities with local employers that may not recruit on campus• Learn professional networking etiquette
  6. 6. What’s on your LinkedIn profile?
  7. 7. Headline• Appears directly below your name• Affects how people will find and classify you• Think of this as a slogan for yourself – How do you want people to think of you professionally?
  8. 8. Profile Photo• Allows people you have networked with to quickly identify you• A professional looking headshot is very important• You should be the only person in your profile photo• Remember, this isn’t Facebook – pictures of you partying are not appropriate
  9. 9. Education• Include information about all schools you have attended• Include your program of study and degree or certificate• Include any honors or awards you’ve received at school
  10. 10. Summary• This should resemble the first few sentences of your cover letter• Allow for others to quickly learn about you• Present your summary in short blocks of text for easy reading
  11. 11. Specialties• Include keywords and phrases that a recruiter or hiring manager might type to find a person like you• The best way to find relevant keywords is by checking out job listings that appeal to you and pulling words from there
  12. 12. LinkedIn Profile Sections• Showcase your college accomplishments – Projects – Awards & Honors – Organizations – Courses
  13. 13. Adding SectionsSelect the sectionyou would like to addto your profile (note:you can add as manysections as youchoose to – you willneed to selectsections one by one) Once you have the section selected, click “Add to Profile”
  14. 14. Adding Sections (cont.) To add information to your new section, click “+ Add a course” Be sure to select “Student at National College” from the dropdown menu
  15. 15. Your Completed Profile• Users with 100% complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn• You can’t build connections if people don’t know you exist or see what you have to offer• Think of your LinkedIn profile as your online business card, your resume, and letters of recommendation all in one
  16. 16. LinkedIn Basic Checklist Headline Profile Photo Summary Specialties Experience Education