Two Solutions to Plastics       For Today and the Next Generation      Teaching K-12th grade student to value and sustain ...
Bag shmag Im in a hurry...                                                 Issues:                                        ...
How we help to fund ourselves:                   Income:                                                                  ...
Technology we will use:  100% recycled and non-petroleum          Soy-based hard “plastics”                Plant-based pli...
Marketing and Outreach:         Internet      Targeted via search programs like Google AdWords                           ...
The competition: Major reusable                       Them:                                           Bagito: shopping bag...
Our Team: Founder and Director:                     Mitch Barlas, ME.D. - Former School Principal, teacher,               ...
Financials:                                                                Year 1            Year 3           Year 5      ...
Sustainability:                  Bagito:                                        BagSpeak:  1. Uses 100% recycled plastic f...
Today:    To date the BagSpeak project was reached over 6000 students. This Spring    we have scheduled programs in 30 mor...
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Pitch deck bag speak and bagito


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Updated Pitch Deck for Think Beyond Plastics Innovation Competition

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Pitch deck bag speak and bagito

  1. 1. Two Solutions to Plastics For Today and the Next Generation Teaching K-12th grade student to value and sustain their natural world; inspiring the rest of us to do the same. Micro-stuffable full-sized reusable shopping bags and other useful and well designed products made from 100% recycled and reweable materials. 100% of the net proceeds go to the BagSpeak project. Bagitos are produced and sold by BagSpeak. BagSpeak is the parent compan of Bagito, and is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit orgnaization.Contact: Mitch Barlas | Mitch@BagSpeak.Org | (831) 244-0925 | 214 3 rd Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95602 | |
  2. 2. Bag shmag Im in a hurry... Issues: Is that a newIll just take a plastic one... Whats the big deal ? Ben and They recycle these anyways Jerrys right!? Flavor!? t Quick Mar Yum! The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is... Plastics have been helpful in our lives and have led to many useful and important ideas and inventions. However, now we must reduce our reliance on petroleum-based plastic products, and increase our efforts to create and use more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. We must also do a better job of educating the next generation in environmental stewardship and sustainable practices and empower these students to make changes and seek solutions. Our Targets: Plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic storage bags and wraps , plastic bottles and plastic storage containers, and enhancing and expanding K-12th grade environmental literacy learning across the US and abroad.
  3. 3. How we help to fund ourselves: Income: Bagito 50% Sponsorship 25% 25% Grants/Donations Sponsorship: Grants/Donations: Bagito: BagSpeak partners with BagSpeak has actively been Bagito is a unique micro-stuffable organizations, businesses and pursuing public and private grant full-sized reusable shopping bag corporations to sponsor its opportunities since its inception. designed to hang on a persons projects in school districts. To date, BagSpeak has received key ring. 100% of the net approximately 25% of its proceeds go to support Past sponsors have included: Whole Foods operating budget through grant BagSpeak. Markets, New Leaf Markets, Waste Management Inc. Green Waste Inc, Salinas awards. Valley Solid Waste Authority, Merlone Geier Bagitos are currently available at: Whole Partners Past grant awards include: Whole Foods Foods Markets, Select Walgreens, and local Markets, Green Waste Inc. and others retailers throughout Northern California and online:, and Customer base and outreach: The BagSpeak Project has expanded due in large parts to teacher, school and parent word-of-mouth. BagSpeak also utilizes a outreach coordinator, BagSpeak has a marketing and sales director. BagSpeak and Bagito have also built an an online and social media presence that is expanding. BagSpeaks and Bagitos partnerships with local governments and agencies have also helped us to reach out audience.
  4. 4. Technology we will use: 100% recycled and non-petroleum Soy-based hard “plastics” Plant-based pliable “plastics” based fabrics Plus a variety of online learning tools for students, along with student solar and wind energy kits and other renewable and sustainable technologies for learning.
  5. 5. Marketing and Outreach:  Internet Targeted via search programs like Google AdWords  Outreach coordinator  Print ads BagSpeak employee reaching out to schools and districts to bring program Magazines, weeklies to teachers and students/  Event sponsorship  Word-of-mouth  Collaboration Example: Sponsoring the City of Mountain Views new With local governments, plastic bag launch festivities waste haulers and state agencies  Schools  Partnerships Fundraisers, word-of-mouth With businesses, organizations  Trade shows and corporations utilizing employee base and customer connections.  Conferences Currently available at: Whole Foods Markets, select Walgreens stores, Sprouts Markets, Goodwill Retail Stores, and other local retailers. Current projects: Monterey County, Santa Clara County, Contra Costa County
  6. 6. The competition: Major reusable Them: Bagito: shopping bag producers - High retail prices ChicoBag ($6.00- $14.00) - Large when stuffed - Made primarily with non-recycled or renewable resources. - Low retail price point ($3.50) - Uses non-breathable fabric (promotes - Micro size when stuffed, can bacteria growth) attach to key ring - Large for-profit company. - Made from 100% recycled plastic fiber EnviroSax - Very high retail prices - Double stitched and breathable ($8.85 - $39.00) (prevents bacteria growth) - Very large when stuffed - Created with both men and women - Designed with woman in mind. (and kids too!) in mind. - Made from petroleum-based fabric product. - 100% of net proceeds go to - Uses non-breathable fabric (promotes support non-profit environmental bacteria growth) ed. Project. - For-profit company The othe re are le r no ss Flip and Tumble - High retail price the U orga n-profit than five ($8.00 -$14.00) S off n iz ed ering ations a ucation the s cr al - Large when stuffed learn in-de ame oss ing t - Uses non-breathable fabric (promotes ha pth type of need offer t the Ba K-12 bacteria growth) for s s – Ho gSpeak uppl w - Made with petroleum-based fabric products. emn ever the Project exce l tal e eds iteracy f nvironm the c ar enta So th a l ere i orgnaiz pacity o s mu aiton f the ch r s. se envi (and mo oom for ronm r B enta e K-12 agSpeak l ed. proje cts!
  7. 7. Our Team: Founder and Director: Mitch Barlas, ME.D. - Former School Principal, teacher, instructional technology specialist, environmental educator Mitch was a teacher and school administrator for 20+ years. Ever since he was a kid he had a strong connection with nature and the environment and went on to develop a passion for experiencing and preserving our natural world with others. Board of Directors: David Meckler, MBA - Partner Merlone/Geier Abby Chrystal – Ph.D. Student in Environmental Studies, UCSC Barbara Madick - School Nurse, educator, environmentalist Carole Barlas, Ph.D. - Organizational consultant, adult education specialist, environmentalist Ramon Flowers - Former Broadway actor and performer, educator, green realtor. Science Advisory Panel: Suzzane Hebert - Education Director Seymour Long Marine Discovery Center, Santa Cruz, CA Jennifer Salztman, Ph.D . - Education and Outreach Coordinator, Department of Earth Science, Stanford University Lacey Raak, Ph.D. - Director, Office of Sustainability, University of California at Santa Cruz. Jeff Rosaler Ph.D . - Scientist, educator Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center- NOAA. Richard Montgomery Ph.D . - Professor mathematics and the environment, University of California at Santa Cruz Emily Coco, Teache r - Public School 86, New York, NY Sharon Eshel Gloster, Paren t – Coordinator of the Theukauff Elementary School Green Team, Mountain View, CA Nathan Powers , Owner Allterra Solar, Santa Cruz, CA Plus 15 awesome interns!
  8. 8. Financials: Year 1 Year 3 Year 5 (2011/12) (Projection) (Projection) Revenue Bagito $24,042 $120,000 $380,000 Sponsorship $16,450 $45,000 $85,000 Grants/Donations $5289 $75,000 $95,000 TOTALS $45,781 $240,000 $565,000 Customer Base (Bagito)* 32 125 325 *Conversion rate: 1 customer = averly sales of $1920 Number of Students Reached 5100 20,000 60,000 Number of Teachers Reached 152 740 2300 Number of Schools Reached 80 166 480 While no start-up capital is needed at this time, capital for program and business expansion is critical.  A significant number of schools and teachers have expressed interest in BagSpeak for the 2013/14 school year we currently do not have enough resources to cover the need.  Reorder rates for Bagito are high. We are taking on new clients each month. Also we are in discussion with a major national retailer to bring Bagito (and another product in development) into their retail outlets. Capital is needed to fund this increase staff, fund development projects and increase inventory to support growth – all to help BagSpeak to meet its growth market.  Fundraising for program and business expansion will begin in May 2013. Target fundraising goal: $65,000 by September 2013 (This includes possible grant award from Think Beyond Plastic)
  9. 9. Sustainability: Bagito: BagSpeak: 1. Uses 100% recycled plastic fibers in its 1. Teaches students in grades K-12 concepts products. in environmental stewardship, environmental sustainability and personal responsibility for 2. Is at work developing household products our natural world (Both in the US and abroad.) with 100% plant-based polymers (including soy, wood pulp, corn and bases). 2. Supports and empowers students to begin to think critically and deeply about the state 3. Products are produced in ethical and of their natural world, and gives them environmentally sound factories. opportunities to problem solve solutions for a more sustainable future. 4. Pays into a carbon offset program (to cover transportation and other carbon producing 3. Helps schools establish Zero Waste Lunch aspects of the business.) programs and whole-school waste diversion initiatives and provides support for 5. Has a robust waste diversion policy in place maintianing the programs. (current diverting 75% of office waste.) 4. Use sustainable practices (including 6. Gives 100% of its net earning to non-profit extensive recycling, rusing and environmental literacy project for K-12 students reducing,composting, shared transportation (BagSpeak) and energy conservation) in our offices, on the way to a project and at all project sites.
  10. 10. Today: To date the BagSpeak project was reached over 6000 students. This Spring we have scheduled programs in 30 more schools with an additional 2600 students participating. Bagitos are available in approximately 60 retailers in Northern California, New York and Arizona. Reorder rates have been consistent and we are on target of hitting our sales goal for the first quarter. BagSpeak was a runner-up in the California Coastal Commissions Whales Tales Grant Series. BagSpeak has been recognized by the Speaker of the New York City Council, City of Santa Cruz and the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Management district. BagSpeak is currently partnering with the County of Santa Claras Office of Sustainability for a major project in the Silicon Valley. The Bagito team is working with several manufacturers to produce plant based “plastic” zip bags, wrap, storage containers and water bottles. BagSpeak and Bagito recently partnered with the United States Department of State and its mission in Mauritania Africa on a project that reached 700 school children in and around the capital of Nouakchott. (Mauritania is the fone of the first Countries in the world to entirely ban plastic bags.)