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Misty Weaver's talk at Content Strategy Seattle Content Critique June 17, 2013

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  • Great resources. Thx!
    I really liked the 'show vital info up front' part.
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  • Message and tone across channels
  • ModCloth’s mission is to democratize the fashion industry with customer feedback and validation.Programs like Be the Buyer™ allow customers to vote items from emerging designers into production.ModCloth has built a loyal community through engaging, interactive contests on our blog and an active involvement in social.
  • Misty Weaver ModCloth Content Experience

    1. 1. Misty WeaverContent Experience at ModClothJune 17, 2013Community Manager, Content Insight@meaningmeasuremweaver@content-insight.com
    2. 2. Evaluating Content Experience• Comparison with direct competitors• Customer Loyalty Programs• Clear knowledge of customer base• Product display
    3. 3. Content Strategy Basics• Consistent• Credible• ContextualThey said it better:
    4. 4. Comparison Home page – 40% off• Ann Taylor• J Crew Factory• Modcloth
    5. 5. 30% off
    6. 6. A lovely photo story
    7. 7. Loyalty in my inbox• Email– AnnTaylor,Loft, J CrewFactory tellme aboutDiscounts– Modclothtells me astory or atrend -Curation
    8. 8. Who is• Founded in 2002• 3 employees, 375 and 3 offices in 2011.• 112,000 followers on Twitter• 882,150 fans on Facebook
    9. 9. Do you curate with your?• Blog• Social Media• Feature Stories• Home page• Taxonomy
    10. 10. Modcloth taxonomy allows for
    11. 11. How browsable is your content?
    12. 12. Do you give reasons to return EVERY DAY?
    13. 13. How good does your product look?
    14. 14. Do you show the vital info up front?
    15. 15. Who writes your copy?
    16. 16. Did someone give up on this story?
    17. 17. What’s your commitment to community?
    18. 18. The real contenders: Differentiation• Curation• Content Flow• Community• COMMITMENT
    19. 19. E-commerce Evaluations: Ask yourself• Do you understand your customer, market andopportunity? Is that clear in your copy and display?• What is the curation policy, workflow and experience?• Have you invested in faceted navigation and taxonomy?• Do you give people a reason to return everyday?• What is your product display flow from results to detail?• Consider each page without its sisters, is it stillunderstandable and attractive outside of the nav flow?• Are professionals writing your copy and photographingyour product with customers in mind?• What’s your commitment to community?
    20. 20. You can audit for content experience: inventory• All these words support search,internally and externally
    21. 21. Content Analysis Tool View• http://content-insight.com• Human Reader View  Metadata View
    22. 22. Misty Weaver• Have Coffee with a Community Manager• @meaningmeasure• mweaver@content-insight.com