Lean Content and Lean Startup Seattle

Content Strategy, Community Management
Dec. 2, 2013

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Lean Content and Lean Startup Seattle

  1. Kelsye Nelson @kelsye Misty Weaver @meaningmeasure Lean Startup Seattle @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  2. Kelsye Nelson  Co-founder of   @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye Misty Weaver  Content Strategist  Lecturer, UW iSchool  @meaningmeasure
  3. “Useful, usable content is a process, not a product. It needs people who are responsible for ongoing, editorial oversight. Set standards to inform changes and inspire growth.” – From Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  4. Credible  Clear  Consistent  @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  5. Business goals  Audience pains and passions  Systems and Channels  @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  6. @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  7.  Social media is a great way to listen Audience pain and passions  What channels they use  What terms they use  The Hummingbird Effect @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  8. Process for listening  Rhythm for writing  System for keeping on schedule  @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  9. @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  10. • Brainstorm • Create • Edit/Optimiz e • Publish @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  11. @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  12. What titles can you generate?  How would you write a short summary (snippet)?  What short headlines would you create for social media channels?  Are there topics, keywords or hashtags you’d apply?  @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure
  13. Local Resources Content Strategy Seattle Meetup - - Distilled - Portent - Books and Marketing Blogs Content Strategy for the Web - Content Marketing Institute - HubSpot - @LeanStartupSEA #LeanStartupSEA @kelsye @meaningmeasure

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