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Academic paper template


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A PDF of a Scrivener template (see my blog, for academic writing.

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Academic paper template

  1. 1. [Title] [Author Name] [Institution Name] [Location] [Other authors] [Institution] [Location] Current version: [date]Keywords: [Keyword1], [Keyword2], [Keyword 3]Corresponding author:[Name][School][Institution][Address]Business: [Telephone]Facsimile: [Fax Number]E-mail: [Email adddress]
  2. 2. Abstract:[Abstract] 1
  3. 3. 1 Introduction[Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum]The remainder of this paper is set out as follows. Section 2 provides a literature reviewidentifying [lorem ipsum]. Section 3 outlines hypotheses, Section 4 considers themethod used to address the research question, and Section 5 outlines the results of theresearch. Section 6 discusses these results and identifies implications for futureresearch. Finally, Section 7 summarises and concludes the paper.2 Literature review[Lorem ipsum]2.1 [topic 2][Lorem ipsum] 2
  4. 4. 2.2 [topic 2][Lorem ipsum]2.2.1 [sub-topic 2A][Lorem ipsum]2.2.2 [sub-topic 2B[Lorem ipsum] Table 1: [lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum] [Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum] [Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum] [Lorem ipsum] [Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum]2.3 [topic 3][Lorem ipsum] 3
  5. 5. 3 Hypotheses[Lorem ipsum]4 Research method[Lorem ipsum]5 Results[Lorem ipsum]6 Discussion of results[Lorem ipsum]7 Limitations, future research and conclusion[Lorem ipsum][Lorem ipsum]References[Lorem ipsum] 4