Windows vs. mac


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pcs better than macss

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  • learn how to write first. Maybe then you can leave a comment about your apple.
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  • hey bastered!!!windows have billions of viruses,but Mac doesn't have.its meant for greater stability,comfertability and security.if u have install windows os then you need regular maintenance against virus.if virus attacked,your pc will not guaranteed that it might work properly.Mac is overcome all these problem.mac hav plenty of applications like numbers,keynote,pages(ms excel, powerpoint,word as in windows) final cut pro and many others.mind it rascal.i love my OS X.
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Windows vs. mac

  1. 1. By:Matthew Correia
  2. 2.  Change the desktop theme – including wallpaper, taskbar, window styles and fonts – to anything you like. Try doing that on a Mac.
  3. 3.  As of 2012 the softwares compatible with mac vs. windows have a big discrepancy. The windows are beating by the macs by over 100%. This means that all your softwares or perhiprials(Ie:cameras, usb drive, and other things)may not work on a mac.
  4. 4.  With Windows you’re not tied into one manufacturer with a limited product range like you are with Macs. Want something that exactly matches your lifestyle or situation? The range of PC options is huge so you’re bound to find something that works for everybody.
  5. 5.  In windows it is easy to find a file anywhere on your pc where as in a mac if it’s not on the homescreen, unless you’re very mac savy or atleast used to the os, it’s a huge hassle to find
  6. 6. Br MacandofP PcC 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Customer satisfaction rate
  7. 7.  That graph was to the forresters 2011 customer satisfaction survey. Windwows got an 87 while the mac scored a lowly 63. This is usefull because it shows that people that bought are happier with their decision than people that bought a mac.
  8. 8. Chart Title Android(phones and tabs) Other Linux 1% 1% 1% Ios(ipad) 6% Mac Osx 12% Windows 7 35%Windows Vista 14% Windows Xp 30%
  9. 9.  As you can see from the chart Windows dominates the market. This matters because it is easier to get help for a windows through forms or even through windows. The more people it serves…the more customer service it has.
  10. 10. IMAC PC Processer:2.5 ghz quad  Processer:2.4 ghz quad core core 4gb Ram  8 gb ram 500 GB Hard drive  1.5 TB hard drive(1,500 GB) Hard drive
  11. 11.  You are probably thinking to yourself well the mac must be almost half the price with that difference in specs
  12. 12.  The Imac has a hefty price tag of 1,199.00 while the windows pc costs 550.00. That less than half as much. The mac Is 650 dollars more expensive
  13. 13.  I know that you think that the macs beautiful 22 inch screen is worth that huge 650 dollar price range but it’s not. You can get a Screen of the same size and resolution for 169 dollars So that means that the mac is ripping you off by 481 dollars
  14. 14.  The software that comes on a typical Imac is worth 223 all together while on your typical Winows 7 pc its worth 179 223-179=44 macs soft ware is worth 44 dollars more. 481-44=437 not even considering the specs the mac is a ripoff of 437 dollars. If you put the specs into account it’s a ripoff of more like 650 dollars.
  15. 15.  With the mac you are paying for unessecary expensive bells and whistles that are trying to duplicate the windows experience. They have failed.Stick to the ipod apple.