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Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Tablets


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It's even now an iterative jump, but a lot more iterative than the last a pair of iPads that will ca...

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Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Tablets

  1. 1. Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Tablets It's even now an iterative jump, but a lot more iterative than the last a pair of iPads that will came before it. But, the organization actually knocked it out with the park with most the Nexus 10. In case you do certainly not respond inside in which period, yet another winner is planning to be chosen. Though this is Nokia's 1st attempt at a Windows slate, it's mostly any success, with a thin, lightweight design which can create it much simpler to maintain when compared with Microsoft's Surface. Great luck! Sony Xperia Tablet Z Engadget's Holiday Gift guide 2013: Tablets Key specs: 10.1-inch (1,920 x 1,080) display, 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB associated with RAM, 32GB regarding storage, 6.7-megapixel rear/1.2MP front cameras, 1.36 pounds. Price: $499 unsubsidized from Microsoft; $400 on-contract through AT&T as well as Verizon a Rafflecopter giveaway The rules: Welcome to Engadget's holiday gift guide! Head back in order to our hub in order to begin to determine the rest involving the item instructions as they're added throughout the month. MID-
  2. 2. RANGE More often when compared with not, once we talk about the construction involving Samsung devices, it's to take inexpensive shots from its flimsy plastic parts. An Individual could key in without having any obligation to social media accounts, although organic beef provide these people as possibilities for extra entries. Winners must reply inside three days of being contacted. Regarding that matter, additionally, it includes a better display compared to many of its peers within the identical price range. Create sure that the actual account you utilize to be able to go into the contest includes a contact email. one major bummer: there can be no Google Play access, nevertheless depending in your tablet / e-reading priorities, which may certainly not be a dealbreaker. Hot on the heels in the Surface two launch comes your Nokia Lumia 2520, providing customers any 2nd choice operating Windows RT. -- Sean Buckley, Associate Editor Price: $899 from Microsoft Price: $229 via Google ON THE CHEAP Tablets are generally right on the websites for together with 3D-enabled 4K TVs inside regards to gift appeal; no one can easily resist firing these up as quickly as they've been unwrapped. In Which issue has now been addressed inside the newest variation with the mini. True, with most the arrival in the iPad mini using Retina display, the Note 8 gets for you to be less simple to recommend from top dollar -- this 1 might be greatest to keep an eye fixed out pertaining to throughout Black Friday sales. your email address is necessary so we are generally able to find throughout touch with you in the event you win, nevertheless it is certainly not heading to be provided for you to third parties. Contest will be ready in order to accept all residents in the 50 States as well as the District involving Columbia, 18 or older! Sorry, we don't get this rule (we hate excluding anyone). Winners will be chosen randomly. Google, along with ASUS, has whipped up any fast and powerful tablet that doesn't scrimp about the specs, but additionally provides an excellent display and speakers. 1 winner will obtain 1 (1) Sony Xperia Tablet Z. If you are chosen, an individual will most likely be notified by simply email. Social media make contact with details are not carried over in to our system. This unit is actually purely with regard to promotional giveaway. Because with all Nexus gadgets, you can easily also have the nearly all up-to-date model associated with Android, therefore there isn't any waiting around for your specific manufacturer/carrier to give back an update.-- Daniel Cooper, Associate Editor Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 The original iPad mini was a solid alternative for everyone which wanted an iOS tablet which can be a tad a lot more on the portable side, but the 7.9inch device launched this past year together with one glaring omission: absolutely no Retina display. The Actual MeMO Pad HD 7 is one of my favorite tablets within the sub-$200 class. Associated With course, it will this all whilst costing $100 much less when in comparison for you to a Retinaequipped Apple device.-- Terrence O'Brien, Deputy Managing Editor Key specs: 7.02-inch (1,920 x
  3. 3. 1,200) IPS display, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB regarding RAM, 16GB involving storage, SlimPort-enabled micro-USB connection, wireless charging, 5MP rear/1.2MP front cameras, 0.64 pound. Nokia Lumia 2520 iPad Air Price: $499 from Apple Amazon's newest Kindle Fire tablet is actually its strongest 1 yet, having a highquality display, the snappy processor as well as new computer software features like the Mayday button pertaining to troubleshooting. The Actual screen, which is much more pixel-dense compared to iPad Air's panel, is absolutely stunning, along with Apple's A7 chip causes it to become able to be just as powerful. In case you'll need Google's full app ecosystem, look absolutely no further compared to Nexus 7 below. -- Brad Molen, Senior Mobile Editor Kindle Fire HDX Key specs: 10.6inch (1,920 x 1080) display, fourth-gen Core i5 CPU, 64GB involving storage, 4GB regarding RAM, 2 720p cameras, 2 pounds. Key specs: 7.9-inch (2,048 x 1,536) display, A7 processor, 16GB involving storage, 5MP iSight rear/1.2MP front cameras, 0.73 pound. Key specs: 9.7-inch (2,048 x 1,536) display, A7 CPU, 16GB of storage, 5MP iSight/1.2MP front cameras, 1 pound. And then there were two. Maybe it's their particular super-thin form factors; maybe it's simply because they make fantastic couch companions; or perhaps it's since they're merely fun. comments tend to be will absolutely no longer accepted as valid methods involving entry. -- Brad Molen Entries are handled by
  4. 4. means of the particular Rafflecopter widget above. the soft-touch plastic back again along with front-facing stereo speakers ooze class, as well as the gorgeous display crams thirty percent a lot more pixels in to roughly exactly the same quantity associated with real estate since the new iPad Air. Sony along with Engadget/AOL are not held liable to always be able to honor warranties, exchanges or perhaps consumer service. The complete list of rules, in every its legalese glory, can end up being found here. Entries could be submitted until December 31st, 2013 from 11:59PM ET. ASUS' entry-level slate isn't as powerful as its Nexus 7 cousin, however it provides expandable storage and also lengthier battery life. Associated With the particular two, it also has a brighter, more vibrant screen, together with a much better camera. The Actual second-generation Nexus 7 is a strong contender for that best device in this category. When anyone merely need the simple principles inside a tablet, look zero further. It's a huge improvement for that mini, despite the fact that it found few other major changes. When you will end up performing a great deal of typing, we'd even now suggest an individual have the Surface 2 instead, however in the event you desire a Windows tablet to use as a new possible actual, a person know, tablet, the actual Lumia 2520 may be the far better option. Whether As Well As Not it's an Android, Windows 8.1 as well as iOS slate you're purchasing for, you'll find suitable picks across all budgets below. Nexus 7 iPad mini along with Retina display
  5. 5. Price: $229 (with Particular Offers) about Amazon Price: $398 upon Amazon Pretty a lot each company in the globe wants to offer anyone an Android tablet, and plenty associated with 'em are aiming for the $200 price point. -- Sarah Silbert, Senior Editor ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 Key specs: 10.1-inch (2,560 x 1,600 IPS) display, dual-core Exynos 5 Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB regarding RAM, 16GB involving storage, 5MP rear/1.9MP front cameras, 1.32 pounds. Can't decide in between gifting your own loved ones a new tablet or a laptop? Split the difference: Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 promises being both. -- Jon Fingas, Associate Editor The most recent iPad can be lighter, thinner as well as small in contrast to any of its predecessors -- by a rather significant margin. -- Ben Gilbert, Senior Editor Price: $399 via Apple MONEY IS NO OBJECT. I realize that the actual custom Android interface offers it much more utility compared to a few of its similarly priced
  6. 6. rivals. The Particular Air, that now weighs only a pound, furthermore features Apple's potent A7 chipset, compatibility with additional LTE networks, quicker WiFi along using a few other minor enhancements towards the general experience. Your second-generation slate isn't the particular greatest tablet out there, however staggering improvements throughout performance and battery life shore up its predecessor's shortcomings as a semi-convertible notebook -- as well as the develop quality is actually even now top-notch. -- Dana Wollman, Managing Editor Giveaway 0 comments share Key specs: 7-inch (1,280 x 800) display, 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, 1GB regarding RAM, 16GB involving storage, 5MP rear/1.2MP front cameras, 0.67 pound. Price: $360 upon Amazon Price: $129 on Amazon Nexus 10 Surface Pro 2 Key specs: 8-inch (1,280 x 800) display, Exynos 4400 CPU, 1GB associated with RAM, 16GB of storage, 0.73 pound. In the market with an Android tablet? Sony's Xperia Tablet Z includes a lot heading with regard to it, such as the 1080p display using great viewing aspects plus an attractive, water-resistant design. Since an additional bonus: Your IR blaster as well as remote apps allow you use this slate to moderate your TV. Key specs: 7-inch (1,920 x 1,200) display, quad-core 2.2GHz processor, 16GB associated with storage, 2GB regarding RAM, Fire OS 3.0 Mojito, front-facing HD camera, 0.67 pound. It's a bit pricey, zero doubt, yet Samsung's Note 8.0 tablet will be the perfect size, features a killer screen along with runs smoothly. It's a delight to use, and I discovered myself planning to it very very first thing inside the morning just before my phone or perhaps MBA