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Real link wheel secrets to top google rankings


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Link Wheels can get you top google rankings IF you do them correctly. They can also turn you in the expert in your field, gaining you more customers easier than ever before. In this presentation I explain what Link Wheels are and explain how you use them CORRECTLY to get top google rankings.

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Real link wheel secrets to top google rankings

  1. 1. Real Link Wheel Secrets To Top Google Rankings How To Use To Get Traffic, Notoriety, And Top Rankings … Really Fast Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  2. 2. What Are Link Wheels?Started as a black hat strategyThrow some junk contentat some web 2 propertiesand throw some junk linksat them. The web 2 properties all linkdown to the main site. Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  3. 3. But Why?The web 2 sites would build up a lot of link strength which would then pass that down to the main site.That would result in good rankings Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  4. 4. The Big Problem With It Google hates it, tries to find these sites and gets rid of them. Each time it finds one you have to create another … It’s a lot of work Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  5. 5. Not Only That…Do you really want your business associated with junk? Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  6. 6. The OpportunityWhen done correctly Link Wheels can be easy, improve your reputation, and generate tons of traffic from numerous sources.And your competition probably doesn’t have the foggiest idea! Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  7. 7. Know Your KeywordsTime To Build A White Hat Link WheelWhat Keyphrases Do You Want #1 For? Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  8. 8. Content Time1. Create A Separate Web 2 Site (blogger, wordpress, squidoo, hubpages, etc ) for each keyphrase you want #12. Put some great content, focused to that keyphrase on each site3. Link each site to your main site4. Social bookmark, and share on social media Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  9. 9. What Can Easily HappenIf your content is great, each of your sites ranks well and your main site ranks well … allowing you to crush your competition!And you become very quickly thought of as a market expert. Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  10. 10. Look At It Like This:Would you rather do business with the recognized expert in a field, or someone that just spends a lot of money on advertising?So why not be that expert in your field? Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  11. 11. Not Only ThatBut as the expert in your field, you get to charge more and have better profits.Customers will seek you out over and above anyone else when they need your products or services Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  12. 12. Plus…You are associated with great sites and great contentYou have multiple top ranking sites Presented By: Matt Goffrey
  13. 13. About Matt GoffreyMatt Goffrey is the highest paid SEO, traffic generation, and sales consultant/coach/speaker on the planet. However you can get a FREE strategy session by visiting his blog at: Presented By: Matt Goffrey