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Latinomics Best Practive Example: presente!


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How would you describe education? What is your interest in education? How can you contribute to the change.
A engaged group of entrepreneurs, public servants and represantatives of various Latin American cultures met and developed a vibrant experience. They developed concepts for alternative education approaches and why they are important for Out-Of-The-Box-Solutions.

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Latinomics Best Practive Example: presente!

  1. 1. Latinomics Diplomand Seminar Best Practices: presente! - NGO for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Education presente! is a NGO thatidentifys alternative communities and shares stories about an universal education worldwid. We foster local collaboration with like-minded individuals and education initiatives, create awareness within the general public and share our learnings globally. The NGO of our distributed collective is located in Austria.
  2. 2. Quick Protyping: Edu on Tour 2016: Brazil Challenge: Our schools date back to the age of the industrial revolution when society benefited from uniform education system. Times have changed and now we need schools that prepare young people for a future that we cannot foresee yet. How do we make sure that schools teach our children what they will really need in life? Assignment: Help the NGO presente! to design an impactful leadership program for transforming education. Why should we bring schools, organisations and education leaders together, build bridges and enable exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of education innovation between outside of our boxes. Meet some of the participants. Official Invitation:
  3. 3. Eric Kimori Superpower: Support from Heaven Avatar: The pastor Why do you join Edu on Tour? Africa is a continent of disparities. At least as far as Education is concerned. Nothing has the potential to unite nations especially by fostering cross-cultural awareness and cohesiveness, more than education. What project do you bring to Edu on Tour? Peace Education in Kenyan Schools. Peace Education which implies an active concept of peace through values, life skills and knowledge in a spirit of equality, respect, empathy, understanding and mutual appreciation among individuals, groups and nations, is critical now than ever before.
  4. 4. Sharon Galorian Superpower: Story Telling Avatar: Banana Smile Why do you join Edu on Tour? I like join EoT as to be part of a like minded group of people that are committed to lead the change we wish to see in the world, game changers and trouble makers ahahah, to inspire and be inspired, beleza What project do you bring to Edu on Tour? Go Banana Style. Our Goal is to illuminate the world spreading values through Edutainment. Stories, such as moral stories have the power to shape mankind’s destiny. Some stories have survived time that are able to deliver universal messages transcending generations. This is my story to tell http://galoriancreation
  5. 5. Philippe Greier Superpower: Connector Avatar: fl9wrider Why do you join Edu on Tour? I want to connect with people from all around the world that are thinking and acting in a conscious and free manner. At the most beautiful and highly energetic places. And build with them lighthouses. What project do you bring to Edu on Tour? EDUshifts. A peer2peer community learning platform for education activists. A Social Impact Game that is co-created and co-owned by its users. Set up as a autonomous, distributed network. Crowd: presente!
  6. 6. Mini EDUhacks @ Latinomics Seminar 1) Design your ideal Edu on Tour 2016 (30 mins) Assignment: Make a movie flyer a) What would you like to see? b) What would you like to experience? c) What impact do you want to create? 2) Create a business offer for governments, companies and NGOs (45 mins) Assignment: Make a 2 mins pitch and create a 1 page summary. a) Why would you like your organization to join Edu on Tour 2016? b) Define 1 concrete next step. Official Invitation:
  7. 7. Latinomics Seminar Participants Team 1 Gladys Martínez, email Ignacio Ortíz Vila, email Team 2 Joaquín Aranda, email José Gregorio, Ram Murguia, Team 3 María Belén Cerimedo, email Pedro Sequera, Hernan Ezequiel Franco, email
  8. 8. Resultados Team 1
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  10. 10. Resultados Team 3
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  12. 12. muchos graçias! Philippe Greier; LinkedIn: