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Edu 2.0 Presentation
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Edu 2.0 pptx

  1. 1. E-Learning PlatformBy: Mary BarefootEDU 2.0
  2. 2. EDU 2.0 IS A CLOUD HOSTING PLATFORMThere’s nothing to download, install, ormaintain.
  3. 3. FREE FOR TEACHERS Looks like Facebook Free unlimited storage for teachers up to 2000 Easy sign-up. students. I signed up in .30 a student less than a for minute. organizations .
  4. 4. INSTRUCTOR-LED AND OTHER CLASSES  Rich support for instructor-led, blended, and self-paced classes  Create lessons connected to state and common core standards that include multimedia content, a wide variety of assignment types, and track student proficiencies  Assignments can be set up as gateways, which means that students cannot proceed to the next lesson until a specified threshold score has been achieved.
  5. 5. ASSESSMENT Several types of assessments, including quizzes, freeform, debates and discussions, question banks, timed quizzes, and answer feedback Quizzes Question banks Surveys Attendance Offline Freeform Rubrics Student notes with configurable visibility Debates Discussion assignments Team assignments Dropbox assignments Extra credit assignments Personalized assignments
  6. 6. ANALYZING AND REPORTING STUDENTPROGRESS  Chart student progress through lessons  Chart student progress through a teacher can graphically see assignments student progress  Chart student scores through a classs  Site statistics lessons and  Student activity timeline assignments, or  Class enrollment report through an individual  Class completion report assignment. You can see a timeline of a students activities within a class, as well as a report of enrollment, status, and completion.
  7. 7. EASY TO FIND LESSONS AND STUDENTS Go straight to the current lesson Hover over names and send a message or click Skype for a video conference or chat. Classes organized by category and have tabs for lessons, calendar, forums, blogs, and wikis. Lessons easily created and downloaded
  8. 8. RESOURCES FOR CREATING LESSONS Text/HTML Images Videos (edu 2.0 provides the video hosting) Audio Slideshows Google apps integration Badge integrations with Facebook and Twitter Audio Recording Moodle Import
  9. 9. BUILT-IN COLLABORATION TOOLS  Groups  Forum  Blogs  Chat rooms  Wikis  Video conferencing using Skype  News and activities feeds
  10. 10. COLLABORATION FEATURES Groups: A group is a place for members to meet and collaborate. Examples include study groups, interest groups, school groups, and class groups Forum: Several areas of the site, such as classes and groups, have forums for discussions. Discussions are threaded so its easy to follow a conversation. Blogs: A blog is an online journal for sharing your thoughts with others. This site supports personal blogs, class blogs and group blogs. Chat Rooms: A chat room allows members to exchange text messages in real time. Classes and groups have their own private chat rooms. You can also initiate a chat directly with a user if they are online Wikis: A wiki is a collection of pages that more than one person can edit. The history for each page is kept so that you can see the edits and who made them. In addition, you can restore a page to one of its previous versions.
  11. 11. ALL FEATURES ARE EASY TO USEJust hoverover thefeature andyou will seethe basicinformation.Click onthatinformationand it takesyou there.
  12. 12. FEATURES Reporting andPortal analyticsMobile Curricula andClasses ProficienciesLessons CertificationAssessment Home pageQuizzes MessagingGradebook Web conferencingCollaboration Monitoring SchoolSCORM DistrictsAccount management E-commerceTeaching assistants PortfoliosParents Internationalization Integration Cloud hosted Support
  13. 13. TECH SUPPORT The community support forum can be accessed by anyone and allows members to help each other with issues. Direct access to the technical support staff. If you have any kind of question, suggestion, or bug report, visit the help area by clicking the icon in the side bar or the Help/support links in the footer of every page. You can access the technical support staff by clicking on the support icon. They respond to questions within a few hours during US business hours. You can also click on the community support icon and see if other members can help you.
  14. 14. OVERVIEW Support is always available by the on- line support board Use your own URL, customize the sight, Enable communications monitoring that scan offensive words and reports the resource. Analyzing and reporting data: such as how many students have visited a lesson and how long they stayed on the lesson. Curriculum and profeciences: you can create a lesson that matches state and common core standards and can be customized, organzied in categories. Instructor-led Classes Keeps the focus on collaboration and communication
  15. 15. OVERVIEW  Digital certificates can be automatically created when a class is completed.  E-commerce allows teachers to charge for certain classes and lets you track customers and their purchases.  Integrate with external systems such as google apps, moodle import and others.  Reports can be generated to see how well students are understanding each profeciency and allows students to track their own profeciency.  Self-paced classes can be created and the student can easily focus on the lessons.  Groups established quickly.
  16. 16. OVERVIEW Provide a wide range of build-in reports All features can be accessed using a mobile device. Designed to be seen clearly on tablets. Easy to import and export accounts Parent accounts and full support for those accounts Resources can be shared with other campuses. Built-in portfolio system for each student to put in their own library, share with others, and showcase their work. Supports a wide range of languages. Analyzing and reporting data: such as how many students have visited a lesson and how long they stayed on the lesson.
  17. 17. RESULTS
  18. 18. Lesley University ECOMP 6203Online Teaching: Building Communities & Facilitating Student Discussions Dr. Adrianne Hunt Created by: Mary Barefoot