Changing Learning Management Systems and Changing The Way We Teach & Learn


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Presented by Liesel Knaack & Michael Paskevicius from the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning at Vancouver Island University. Delivered at the British Columbia Desire2Learn Regional User Forum November 16, 2012 at BCIT.

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Changing Learning Management Systems and Changing The Way We Teach & Learn

  1. 1. Changing Learning Management Systems and.....Changing The Way We Teach & Learn Liesel Knaack & Michael Paskevicius Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning
  2. 2. How many are from teaching and learning centres? How many are also new to D2L?Who is using the software as a service option? How many have been through the implementation process?
  3. 3. VIU eLearning Landscape 344 faculty using LMS (44%) ~ 1500 Moodle courses Mainly web-enhanced LMS use ~ 10,000 Student accounts 4 Campus locations
  4. 4. 9 instances of Moodle each with different code-base Too many with high level administrative access Hosted at VIU on 2 older servers reaching capacity and life-span No mirrored servers or load balancers No connectivity to the Student Registration System 500 GB of mainly storage depots’ Manual creation of courses/students
  5. 5. Milestones 2012February - Made decision to switch March - Sign contract with D2L April - Admin Level training May - Implement LE 10.0 + Tool Training June - 22 2 hour workshops for 80 faculty July - Implement SIS integration August - Moodle converter V1 September - 150 courses launched October - Invited 50 more faculty to join November - New training approach December - Drop in Days
  6. 6. Moodle ConversionManual rebuild of 30 courses for Fall 2012 (June & July)Convert and then edit of 80 courses for Fall 2012 (August)SRS course copying and activating (for over 170 courses in total)Currently converting 150 courses for January 2013 Laden | Flickr - Photo Sharing! : taken from - mikecogh 3 includes 1200 more
  7. 7. Training Sagamore - 2006 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! : taken from - pollyalida
  8. 8. Components: Learning Environment & ePortfolioAuthentication – LDAPFull email configuration for faculty and students
  9. 9. Complexity of the DOMEDome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : taken from - Roles and permissions pay heed | Flickr - Photo Sharing! : taken from - most uncool
  10. 10. Student Registration System IntegrationNomaaah! | Flickr - Photo Sharing! : taken from - cvogle
  11. 11. Integrating Educational Technology Services Desire2Learn offers a suite of tools for elearning built around course groupings drawn from the student information system. WordPress is a free and open source DIY blogging tool and content management system which includes features such as a well developed plug-in architecture and template system. Kaltura is a video publishing and curation system which allow users to submit video for consumption on the web and on mobile devices. Collaborate provides an online synchronous audio and visual meeting environment allowing for questions, whiteboarding capabilities, desktop and application sharing, breakout rooms, live chat and polling.
  12. 12. D2L Kaltura Integration Open Issues: • Feedback for uploaders after contributing • Persistent quality issues with webcam recording • Placement of webcam recording option with D2L (Student deposit video in dropbox?)
  13. 13. Blackboard Collaborate Integration Week 3: Online Class Discussion
  14. 14. Wordpress Blogging Network
  15. 15. D2L Implementation Project Blog
  16. 16. CIEL Community Blog
  17. 17. Integrating open educational resources
  18. 18. Google Analytics Site visits tracking • GA on D2L home page • GA on course home pages Metric of most active course sites
  19. 19. Google Analytics Browser profiles of visitors Mobile access overview
  20. 20. Google Analytics Real Time
  21. 21. Thank you!Contact us: Follow us: @edtechviu