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What is Dissertation


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What is Dissertation

  2. 2. What is Dissertation ?• Dissertation is an fantastic art of writing the contentin good manner.• It shows that one should be got knowledgein particular topic or thesis.• This might be of fullyprofessional writing or professional quality ofpresenting the topics.• Say an example some people was well-versed inknowledge but while writing in paper they dontknow to express what they are trying to say in words.• Few are expert in writing what they hear or see.
  3. 3. • Dissertation should attract the audience, by itsclear, concise, and complete details of contentwhich is in a crisp manner.• It should be vesicle
  4. 4. Types Of Dissertation• Not only in content in way of presenting alsothe dissertation gives you a value.• It also contains the structural style andpresentation style.• Structure and presentation of content mayvaries from place to place.
  5. 5. Structural Style• Structure Style is based on the structuralconcept of the content which research paperthey have taken to write.• Structural style contains– Monograph and– Bibliography as its types.
  6. 6. Structural Style• Monograph is a specialist work of writing on asingle subject or an aspect of a subject,usually by a single author.• Bibliography is traditionally the academicstudy of books as physical, cultural objects; inthis sense.
  7. 7. Presentation Style• Presentation style is how the content ispresented to the reader. It varies from personto person (based on their thought).• Presentation style may contains of The top-down strategy , Headings , Chunks, etc.,
  8. 8. Presentation Style• The top-down strategy is nothing but it tellthem what you will say, then say it.• Heading is like the heading in the newspaperwhich attracts to go through the maincontent.• Chunks are nothing but giving them like ashort details like short paragraph to read.
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