library association information systems client server architecture different types of servers introduction to servers function of server server operating system windows and its functions windows 10.0 windows 1.0 windows operating system external commands of dos internal commands of dos development of dos genesis of dos disk operating system dos genesis of operating syste development of operating syste system software operating system output devices input devices communication devices storage devices peripheral devices development of computer generation of computer computer evolution components of computer functions of computer fundamentals of computer computer computer technology communication technology foundation of it components of it information technology survey research observational research correlational research descriptive research action research experimental research historical research modes of research methods of research literature review tools for literature review different tools and techniques review of related literature review of literature rrl steps for research proposal benefits of research proposal features of research proposal research synopsis research proposal statistical software software for staticics spss ethics of research need of research definition of research concept of research writing of research report structure of rearch report thesis theses research report research report online reaarch communities research communities virtual research communities vrc citation management tool mendeley reference management tool software hypothesis formulation hypothesis concept research question need of web resources concept of web resources types of web resources web resources development of web sementic web web 3.0 urn uri dói url purl truncation search boolean search refinement techniques search strategies safeguarding web resources encoding and decoding watermarks encription preprint servers preprints types of information sources subscribed access free access open access heuristics search strategies heuristics vocabulary control tool controlled vocabulary vocabulary challenges in harnessing web r financial issue copyright issue information overload challenges in web resources application of ai in libraries artificial intelligence ai development of information sys evolution of information syste era of information system information system environment envis science information system niscair medical information system medline medlars information system nuclear information system inis library network information network inflibnet delhi library network developing library network delnet agricultural information syste agris cultural organisation unesco universtiy grants commission university grants commission ugc profession difinition attributes of profession professional profession library professional library profession library as profession library professional associati professional association india library indian library association ila ifla international fedration ifal library science teachers assoc teachers associaton iatlis library and information center special assocation iaslic code of ethics ethics library professinal associatio cilip american library associat ala evaluting is evaluation planning and designing is
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