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Powerpoint featuring the Fort Lupton Summer Migrant program Mural Porject

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Fl mural

  1. 1. Fort Lupton Migrant SummerSchool 2012 Mural Project – Two week project, mural is displayed in the Board Room In the Weld RE-8 District Office. PK – 12th grade students participated A special Thanks to:  CBOCES  Scott Graham, Grant Director  Marcus García, Artist in Residence  Teachers: Connie García, Jesús Hierro and Gabby Delgado  Migrant students and families
  2. 2. The Mural Students painted a mural based on “Drago” (1947) by Argentine painter Alejandro Xul Solar, 1887- 1963. Drago is a landscape in which the principal figure is a curving creature decorated with international the flags, contrasts and bright colors. It undulates gracefully across a sand-colored background with stars and moons of many colors bouncing around it like beach balls.
  3. 3. Summer school was fun. I liked painting the mural verymuch because I like to color and I like Art. Giselle, 1st gradeI liked going to summer school. It was a lot of fun becausewe got to paint a mural and go on a field trip. I liked thatmy parents also came to classes. Emmanuel, 4th grade
  4. 4. There were many things I liked from summer School. Onething I liked was that we had small classes; specially our mathclass, which is my favorite subject. Another thing I liked wasthat we got to paint a mural that has lots of flags from all overthe world. I really liked that we got to learn how to matchcolors to make another. The final thing that I really liked waswe went on a field trip to two colleges and the Museum ofNature and Science. That was a great experience because Iwould like to visit more universities! Karen, 8th grade
  5. 5. I enjoyed summer school and especially painting the mural. Itwas very nice to be a part of this project. I liked the colorfulflags and that we all created the mural. I also liked going tothe museum and visiting the snake exhibit. Jovanny, 4th gradeGoing to summer school was a lot of fun. I got to spend timewith other students and make new friends. Creating themural was very special and fun! I liked the bright colors andhow we all participated in this activity. Mirka, 5th grade
  6. 6. My experience of painting the mural was cool. It was also fun andawesome. I think we should go to summer school again this summer.Please have a summer school this summer. Jonathan, 6th gradeMe gustó el programa de verano porque las clases no estuvieronaburridas y la que más me gustó fue la de arte. Fue muy divertidaporque pintamos una tabla grande y me gustó porque dibujamosprimero en papel. Me gustaron mucho los colores con los quepintamos el mural; quedó muy bonito y con colores brillantes.I liked summer school because the classes were not boring. The onethat I liked the most was Art. It was a lot of fun because we painted abig board and I liked it because first we drew on paper. I liked verymuch the colors that we painted the mural with; it was nice, colorfuland bright. Ricardo, 8th grade
  7. 7. I liked going to summer school. The best part was working on themural. I think that it was good because it taught me how to doteamwork. It was a way to do art and at the same time to have fun. Itwas better than staying at home. In conclusion, my summer schoolexperience was great! Lyzeth, 8th gradeSummer Migrant School was great. I had a great time in all myclasses. The best class for me was Art; it was fun painting the mural!All the classes taught me new skills that were very helpful. Both fieldtrips were fun, I enjoyed the 3-D movie at the Museum of Natureand Science and I also liked the food at the University of NorthernColorado. I had a fantastic time at summer school. Arturo, 9th grade
  8. 8. My experience in summer school was very cool for the following reasons.To begin, I did not want to go at first, but my mom made me. Also, I had togo, so I stayed out of trouble. However, my first day was very good that Ifelt like it was not even in school. It felt like I was doing many activitiesthat were fun and I was learning a lot.Next, we made a mural, which was very interesting because it has a lot offlags from all over the world. It also had a snake that made it seem like allthe flags were connected to it. I painted the flag from the African countryof Malawi; it was a very cool flag.I also learned a lot in summer school about Frida Kahlo. She was a verymysterious and outstanding person. She was an excellent artist and shedrew many self portraits. In addition, she suffered a lot; she was hurtphysically and mentally. Her emotions were very understandable. Herhusband cheated on her so much… but back to our mural, in my opinion,it is the best one. Mr. García is an awesome artist, he is the best and hisdrawings are terrific. Finally, we all took a picture with the completed mural; our master piece.So as you can see, my Migrant Education Summer School experience was agreat one! José, 9th grade
  9. 9. My summer would have not been so great if I had not gone tothe Migrant Summer School Program. I had the most fun that Ihave ever had in a classroom. Not just, I had fun; I also learneda lot of important skills that have been helping me this schoolyear. I hope there will be another summer program this year. Edgar, 10th grade
  10. 10. For More Information Nancy Wendirad,Migrant Education Graduation Advocate530 Reynolds StreetFort Lupton CO 80621(303) 857-7155nwendirad@ftlupton.k12.co.us