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Welcome to central web power point may

  1. 1. Welcome toCentral ElementarySchoolGo Eagles!!!2012-2013
  2. 2. Notes From Mrs. MizellDear Parents,We welcome you and your children to our Central Family. This year has beenamazing. We have had tremendous turn outs for math and literacy night. PTA workershave been a vital part of our volunteers this year. Because of our parent involvementcommittee, parents were invited to come to school and be a part of the class. We thankthose who came.This spring, we are making an effort to provide positive behavior support forevery student in every part of the school day. We ask that all students: Be safe. Berespectful. Be responsible. Because of an outcome from our wellness committee, weare going to implement an opportunity for an extra physical activity once a week for ourstudents. Names will be placed in a class drawing due to students doing what is right inbehavior and academics. We hope our families will help to reinforce these importantbehavior guidelines by using these same terms at home.To ensure all students work to their potential, remember a good night’s sleep,healthy meals and being to school on time is very important. We continue to encourageyou to be involved in your child’s education at home and in school. Students need tocontinue to practice reading each night. Together we can make this an outstandingsecond semester year!“Striving for the Best while Soaring above the Rest”Sincerely,Cindy Mizell
  3. 3. Announcements• May 2nd: 2nd Grade Field Trip• May 2nd: Kindergarten Cap &Gown Pictures• May 6th-10th: Teacher Appreciation Week• May 13th-15th: 4th Grade Camp• May 24th: Fun Day• May 27th: Memorial Day-NO SCHOOL• May 29th: Talent Show• May 30th: Kindergarten Graduation 1:00PM• June 3rd: Last Day of School• June 4th: Summer Break Begins
  4. 4. It’s Yearbook TimeDon’t miss out on Central Elementary’svery first yearbook!!!Yearbooks go on sale on April 15thand will be $17 this year.You can purchase Yearbooks throughthe office or through your child’steacher beginning April 15th! Bewatching for the order forms to comehome soon!Don’t miss out on all the amazingmemories from our EXCELLENT firstyear as Eagles! 
  5. 5. Writers are working oninformational books in science. We arestudying plants, worms, insects, wasps,bubbles, ect.Readers get to know charactersby pretending and by performing our books.Students are working on performing mini-play’s in the classroom.Sorting and Survey’s: The studentsare taking surveys at home or in theclassroom and sorting them as a whole group.We are also working on recognizing numbers1-20 and counting to 100.Insects, Bubbles,Ponds/Butterflies, and Plants.
  6. 6. What are we studying??Reading:. Nonfiction textMath: : Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.Writing: NonfictionMake sure your child is reading 3-4 times a week at home!Make sure to sign the log!!Make sure you study your Sight Word Lists!!
  7. 7. What’s Happening in2nd Grade???ReadingFor the Month of May we are Becoming Experts onScience Topics.WritingIn May we are working on Writing About Science using theScientific Method.MathOur focus in math for May is Measurement.Science/Social StudiesWe will be learning about Plants and Animals andparticipating in Scientific Experiments.Dates to Remember:May 2nd: Field TripMay 24th: Fun DayMay 30th: End of Quarter
  8. 8. 2nd Grade had an EnchantedTime at our Fairy Tale Ball
  9. 9. 3rd Grade Happenings!We’re going on a fieldtrip….We’re so excited!!!Friday, May 17th, we willbe visiting the Fine ArtCenter to watch TheWizard of Oz!Our classes are divinginto computer basedresearch! We justfinished our 1stproject on countries,states, animas, andfamous people.Talent Show is onWednesday, May29th. Talent showsign up sheets wenthome. Tryouts willbe held soon.The end of the schoolyear is quicklyapproaching….WOOHOO!!We will be starting ourend of the yearassessments. Pleaseencourage your child toKEEP on READING!!
  10. 10. 4th Grade Happenings• Reading- We are doing a unit on historical fiction. We are readingindependently and meeting in book clubs to discuss different periods oftime such as World War II, immigration, the Civil War, slavery, theUnderground Railroad, civil rights, westward expansion, etc.• Writing- We are doing a unit on writing historical fiction. Each studentis choosing a time in history and writing a historical fiction story aboutthat particular time period.• Social Studies- We are studying the major historical events thatoccurred during the 20th century (civil rights, the Great Depression,space exploration, the dust bowl, World War I, and World War II.• Math- We are doing a unit on collecting and graphing data.• Cursive Writing- We are learning to write in cursive. Please practice athome.Important dates:May 13, 14, 15- Fourth grade campMay 24th-Skate DayMay 27- Memorial Day (no school)May 29th- Talent Show (TBA)May 30- End of 4th quarterMay
  11. 11. Look What’s Happening in5th GradeMathWe are reviewingmultiplication anddivision strategies inmath.LiteracySocial StudiesScienceWe are finishing up ourunit on the solar systemby creating our ownplanets. This is a creativeproject where eachstudent will design his/herown planet and describe itWe are reading and writing inthe content area this month.Students are researching theCivil War and creating anonfiction article based ontheir research and notes.In social studieswe are studyingthe Civil War.
  12. 12. Library MediaCenterMay 10 will be the last day forstudents to check out book.May 17 will be the last day forbooks to be returned.
  13. 13. Drop off andPick up• Bus drop off andpick up will belocated behind thebuilding on North22nd Street.• Car drop off andpick up will now belocated in the frontof CentralElementary Schoolon North 24thStreet.