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Reddress Creative concept portfolio

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1 5-11 mark-port 3

  1. 1. Mark McDowell REDDRESS CREATIVE CONCEPT PORTFOLIO 25 Memorial Parkway Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey 07716 Cell 917.971.8070 Office 732.204.2776
  2. 2. REDDRESS is a cost effective resource for pharmaceutical companies and advertising agencies. We specialize in branding and concept development for healthcare products. In addition we have done concept testing, direct mail campaigns, website design, sales material and logo design. Our size and efficiency make REDDRESS CREATIVE ideal for managing small product AOR assignments. Award winning concept and campaigns A network of seasoned art and copy teams Deadline conscious and budget sensitive
  3. 3. 3M-Minitran™ Direct Mail Gold Award Winner Rx Club Show- Direct Mail Sample holder Consumer Ad
  4. 4. Medtronic – Ad Units and Mail Gold Award Rx Club Show- Corporate Advertising Activitrax Direct Mail
  5. 5. 3M NorflexBID™ Silver Award Rx Club Show- Direct Mail Envelope Small Space Ad Direct Mail Envelope
  6. 6. AXCAN - CANASA™ Direct Mail Doctor Mail/Inflammatory Bowel Envelope Spread
  7. 7. Various –Ads and Direct Mail Breath “Single Sponsored” Direct Mail Series Gold Award winner – Rx Club Show Direct Mail Postcards for recruitment “ Working Together” Direct Mail Series Recruiting Ad ADs and Writers
  8. 8. Various Ad and Poster Units Ad Brevibloc- HR Control Poster: BROMFED - Decongestant-Cough /Cold Ad Primacor-CHF – Ad Celestone Soluspan Anti-Inflammatory Contraceptive Public Health
  9. 9. Various Concepts Asthma-theophylline Vis Aid Anti-Acne benzoyl peroxide Fertility IVF Asthma-theophylline Topical Anti-Fungal
  10. 10. Various Concepts Fast Anti-Migraine Tablet Colonoscopy Prep Salsalate Pain Relief Faith Based Investments Pfizer Corporate Ads ADA Guilt Free Dessert