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Draft 4 marisha done


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Draft 4 marisha done

  1. 1. Research & PlanningByMaria FashakinHelen ghebremedhinMarisha InokeRianne Wright
  2. 2. TimelineReality:Maria iscontemplating atthe top of the hill:0-21secsReality Maria islooking around ather surroundings.1:09-1-12secsFlashback:Maria comeshome and seesmum passed outon the bed22—1:08secsFlashback: of Mariacleaning up andRianne rings to ask tocome over but thehouse is a mess1:13-1:45secsReality sky islooking at her bagand taking outthe map andcircling it.1:46-2:04secsReality: Maria islooking at the bagand taking out herkeys while holdingthe map, andlooking at phone asshe receives a text.2:29-2:47ecsFlashback:Maria walks intoshop and wantsto buy food butcant afford it2:05-2:28secsCredits from2:48-2:59secs
  3. 3. conventionConvention you are applyingin opening sequenceUse/develop or challenge?HOW?WHY?Similarities/differences toreal filmsConflicts include inner/outerrealistic struggles depictingalcoholism, depression andneglect.Use.• In Sky’s (main character)flash backs she witnessesher mother drinkingalcohol.Film: 8 MileThis is similar to the film 8Mile as Jimmy’s mother is analcoholic.portray realistic characters inconflict with eitherthemselves or others.Use.• In Sky’s (main character)flash backs she has aheated argument with hermother which she stormsout the door.Film:
  4. 4. conventionsConvention Explanation Example from real filmSwearing The ‘mother swearing infront of the kinds whichgives an bad exampletherefore the children endup swearing too .Fish tank-the mother infish tank is not very caringor know the way to showher love to her childrenshe always swearing atthem .Drugs and alcohol The ‘mother’ drinking andsmoking which influencedkids to do the same .Fish tank –mother drinking& smoking in front of herchildrenNo norms and value in thefamilyThere is no family value inthe house for examplewhen are they going to eata meal together or theyshould not be anyswearing at the house.Fish tank –Not having ameal together
  5. 5. Target audience ANiche Audience Opening sequenceAge 15+Gender Male and FemaleRace/ethnicity Black, white and AsianLocation Brent town hallMarisha’s houseSocial class Middle/working classInterests/hobbies People who like films thatportray realismSocial group Young adults and youthsSexuality AnyProfession/role Student
  6. 6. Target Audience A1. Why would your target audience beinterested in your opening sequence because ofthe plot?• Our target audience would be interested inour opening sequence because the storyline isa realistic and relevant issue tostudents/young people, as it reflects the realissues of scoiety.
  7. 7. Target Audience B2. Why would your target audience beinterested in your film because of the form?*(how a film is constructed..• In our film, we’re going to have emotive musicwhich helps create the mood for the audienceand evoke sympathy.
  8. 8. Target Audience B23. Why would your target audience beinterested in your film because of the genre &conventions?• It is a hard hitting drama that deals with reallife issue’s such as drug abuse, neglect anddepression.
  9. 9. BBFC & Film Rating• The BBFC stands for the British Board of FilmClassification. It is an independent nongovernmental body which has classified filmssince it was set up in 1912.• We have decided that our film should be rated15 because is suitable for those aged 15 andover.
  10. 10. Distribution• IFC Films (IndependentFilm Channel) is anAmerican film distributioncompany based in NewYork, owned by AMCNetworks. It distributesindependent films anddocumentaries under theIFC Films, SundanceSelects and IFC Midnight.It operates the IFC Center.
  11. 11. • Momentum Pictures(also known asMomentum) is one ofthe leadingindependent motionpicture distributors inthe UK and Ireland andreleases approximately20 theatrical films ayear, with several dtvreleases.
  12. 12. Distribution companies• Viva verve is what we wanted to use as thedistribution company is an independentdistribution and it is a conglomerate, whichhas released similar films to ours such a bulletboy and red road which are low budget filmsand award winning ones.
  13. 13. This is what Helen looked likebefore:Helen was dressed normally beforewe started filming.She was wearingjewellery.A colourful blueand red shirtHelen had onlipstick whichconnotes thatshe takes pridein herappearance.
  14. 14. This is what Helen looked liked afterHelen had ona baggy creamjumperWe put liquideyeliner under eyesto create darkcircles, whichconnote that she isa mess and is nottaking care of herwell being.Her hair was alot more flatand dead itlooked lifelessAt thispoint Helenhad on nolipstickHelen mise-en-scene didnot completely reinforceher character, but hadparts that did.
  15. 15. This is what Maria looked likebefore:Maria waswearing a plaingreen jacketwith a furhood.Marias hair isneatly donewhich outlinesthat Mariatakes pride inher looksMaria is alsowearing agold necklaceMaria is alsowearing a pair ofsilver earringsconnoting the factthat she has money.Maria was alsodressed ordinary.
  16. 16. What Maria looked like after:Maria hair istied back.She is notwearing anyearringsbecause shecannot affordany.Maria iswearing aplain blacklight jumper.She is alsowearing a blueand yellowschool tieMaria is notwearing agoldnecklace.
  17. 17. Storyboard
  18. 18. Storyboard
  19. 19. Storyboard
  20. 20. Storyboard
  21. 21. Storyboard
  22. 22. Storyboard
  23. 23. Storyboard
  24. 24. Shot listCamera S: Camera A: Camera M: Camera C:Extreme close up High Pan Focus pullClose up Low Tilt Rule of thirdsMid shot Track Deep focusLong shot Shallow focusArial shotPOVOver shoulderOverheadTwo shotEstablishing shotWide shot
  25. 25. Script*Maria walks in to the room and stops to look at mum, she then goes to sit next toher*Maria : ‘Mum’Mum: ‘Go away’Maria: ‘Mum’Mum: ‘I said go away’*Mum hits Maria, Maria runs off crying*Second SceneHello?Rianne: ‘Hey Maria, how are you’Maria: ‘Hi Rianne oh Im good’Rianne: ‘That’s good urm I was just wondering can I come over today? I haven’t seen youin a long time I really miss you’Maria: ‘You want to come over today oh urm Im busy’*Maria looks around at room*Maria: ‘Oh okay then hopefully ill see you around’Maria: ‘Okay bye’Fourth sceneMaria: ‘How much’Shop keeper: ‘£2.00’Maria: ‘oh okay’*Maria looks down at her hand*Maria: ‘I think I lost some money along the way’
  26. 26. LocationsThis isGladstoneparkIt is in Dollis HillNorth WestLondonWe choose tofilm herebecause wethought it wouldbe good for ourcharacter Mariawho iscontemplatingwhether sheshould go homeor notThis park isspacious.The park is quietAs a group we though Gladstone park wouldwork well with our opening sequence
  27. 27. Conventions Use, develop orchallenge?Example from similar filmsSingle parent USE because Fish Tank-Joanna is a singleParent to her twoyouthfulDaughters.Alcoholic parent USE because 8 Mile-Jimmy’s motherConstantly drinks.Isolated character who keeps toherself.USE because Breakfast club -Character is isolatedfrom other socialgroups as he is seenas a criminal.Abusive mother USE because Precious-Mother isAbusive towardsPregnantDaughter.Conventions you apply
  28. 28. ConventionsConventions in Drama Examples from filmElement of conflict with daughter and mother.Characters:Precious – the main character has had a hard life ofbeing constantly raped by her father, gettingpregnant as a teenager, being physically abused byher mother and expelled from high school.1. Obese, illiterate and pregnant girl.2. Abusive mother who constantly shouts and hitsher.3. Teacher at a schooling programme isunderstanding and teachers her to becomeliterate.Setting: New York City ghetto of HarlemEquilibrium = Precious (main character) is at school.Disequilibrium =
  29. 29. Evidence of all costumes and propswhere getting? Cost?Actor 1 (Sky – main character) Actor 2 (alcoholic mother)Worn out grey jumper Baggy old jumperWorn out stained jogging bottoms Loose jogging bottomsBlack shoes (old )Empty bottles of alcoholBlack cardigan (school uniform)School bag