Assignment 32 group


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Assignment 32 group

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 32 MOODBOARDS Chelsea Fashole-Luke Rosalin Zein Russ Monocillo Marisha Inoke
  2. 2. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Chelsea Rosie Russ Marisha Images Layout / Design Graphics & Colour Text
  3. 3. CHELSEA
  4. 4. CHELSEA
  5. 5. CHELSEA
  6. 6. Rosie
  7. 7. Rosie Really nice layout, the page doesn’t look overcrowded w/ text. Layout & Design DPS Challenges convention of folio being horizontal Minimalist Shows that there doesn't’t have to be a lot on the page for it to be interesting. V interesting graphics of: 1. broken glass 2. Trees 3. Leading lines & broken picture Unconventional placement of Headline
  8. 8. RUSS The graphics would act as a border which would encase the text but when it does the colour be faded to a toned down colour so that the audience will be able to read the text The graphics should be the social media logos with lines connecting each other Rainbow colour representing the LGBT community, Using icons such as phone devices/ computer, laptops Pixilated background which we can link to social media or the computer screen
  9. 9. CHELSEA
  10. 10. Rosie
  11. 11. Rosie Layout & Design Newspaper Advert Really interesting photography & editing Headline and Scheduling info Very simplistic layout and most follow the same concept. Channel 4 Logo always on right side Similar layout to ads – v simplistic, ‘open plan’ (lots of space
  12. 12. RUSS Having the colour scheme too vibrant would take away the attention of the text The rainbow colour should be faded and merged with/ without the main picture We chose this colour scheme because it is relevant to our product which is about ‘ sexuality’
  13. 13. Text (titles & standfirst) Big, bold font sized headlines make it able to catch the readers attention. Also there are simple and are not complex. Bigger font captures the readers attention Font repetition decrease in thickness but not size.
  14. 14. Text (titles & standfirst) 3D effect on fonts make them look really trippy Creative text styles are more perplex and are not boring. More creative! Headlines on the primary image itself Long titles are convention al for DPS.
  15. 15. Text (titles & standfirst) Font style looks like an old font that’s more for old fashionabl e type writers. Black and white primary image of skyscrapers and the headline “USA” in the countries flag colours Font size increases each line. Standfirst is smaller than the headline but still stands out and is in black.
  16. 16. Text (titles & standfirst) Headline is bold but there is difference in size between the letters perhaps to show importance i.e. her name “Adele” Font is white, big and bold and it stands out against the dark-ish pink and grey background Colourful scheme for the fonts and is extremely feminine
  17. 17. THE END.