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10 events: jorge, paula benito and marta


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10 Spanish events

Published in: Education
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10 events: jorge, paula benito and marta

  1. 1. Jorge, Paula and Marta
  2. 2. War of Independence On the year 1808 past the war of indenpendence War of Independence The Spaniards fought .
  3. 3. Carlist uprising On the year 1848 past carlist uprising. Carlist uprising. Carlos was a king.
  4. 4. Constitutión On the year 1876 past a sucess that it’s called Constitution Constitucion. The Constitucion is the law of the law.
  5. 5. Futbolin On the year 1987 Alejandro Finisterre invent the futbolin. Futbolin.  The futbolin was a tablegame.
  6. 6. Chupa Chups On the year 1958 invent the Chupa Chups. Chupa chups. Chupa chups is a candy.
  7. 7. Euro On the year 1995 invent the Euro, the official coin in Spain. Euro. Euro is a coin.
  8. 8. Spain won World Cup On the year 2010 Spain won the World Cup. Spain won the World Cup. The World Cup are difficcult.
  9. 9. Pedro Duque  Pedro Duque went into space in 1998  The first Spanish in space  He participated in the launching of the Spanish satellite Deimos.
  10. 10. Attacks of March 11, 2004  In Madrid there was an attack in a train where they bombed.  Attacks of March 11,2004.  193 people died and 1858 were injured
  11. 11. King changed  On the year 2014 Spain changed the King. Spain changed the King. The new king are Felipe VI.