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Character profiles


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Character profiles

  1. 1. Character profiles
  2. 2. Victim Name: Emily Fields Age: 14 years old Description: Emily has green eyes and dark brown hair. She is approx. 154 tall. This character plays the part of Emily Fields, who is taken and killed by a man. She is the main character in the teaser trailer – flashbacks to the disappearance of Emily will be shown throughout. Emily will be seen in the ‘afterlife’ trying to help her parents and family overcome what happened to her.
  3. 3. Killer/ kidnapper Name: John White Age: 57 years old Description: John has brown eyes and light brown hair. He is approx. 159 in height. This character plays the part of John White, the kidnapper and murderer of young Emily Fields. This character plays a main role in the trailer as his presence needs to be emphasised to the target audience. Some dialogue will be used by John during his scenes.
  4. 4. Mum Name: Susan Fields Age: 45 years old Description: Susan has brown eyes and is approx. 157cm tall. Susan plays a big role in the trailer – she will appear in the first scenes where her daughter, Emily, goes missing. Susan will be dressed in normal motherly figured clothing and will be a strong user of dialogue throughout the teaser trailer. As she is the mother of Emily there will be different emotional scenes shot with Susan.
  5. 5. Sister Name: Aoife Fields Age: 18 years old Description: Aoife has blue eyes and brown hair. She is approx. 153cm tall. Aoife Fields will appear throughout the trailer in shot scenes – she will be presence in the moment of Emily’s disappearance and again in the family home. Aoife will use dialogue during her scenes, including screaming, talking, laughing and crying.
  6. 6. Dad Name: John Fields Age: 48 years old Description: John has blue eyes and is 151cm in height. John Fields is the father of Emily Fields, although he does not play a massive role in the film. John will appear in the home scenes where the audience can witness the affect the disappearance of the young girl has on her family. John will have no talking scenes but will appear to be crying.