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Home workout


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Home workout

  1. 1. Home workout _ Increase muscle massTo do each exercise till failure as a circuit. 3sets / 45 sec rest between circuitsBiceps / Triceps1- Biceps curls 4- Over head DB2- Close gripe push-ups 5- Concentrate curls3- Hammer curls 6- Dips tricepsShoulder / Chest (Swiss ball/ bench)1- DB chest press 5- Push up2- Arnold DB press 6- DB reverse fly3- DB chest Fly 7- Cross over DB (down to up)4- Bent arm side lateral raise 8- Front DB raisesLeg / Back1- Lungs 5- sumo squat2- wide-grip pull-up 6- BB good morning3- Gluteus kick-back 7-Three position calf raise (in-out-middle)4- One arm DB row 8- chin-upThe circuit body warm-up exercises should do before main workout. Completeeach circuit without rest. Circuit 2-3 times. Rest 1min after each circuit.1- Skipping (1min)2- Squat 25 reps3- Mountain climbs 30 reps4- Bent over circles (front/back 20 reps each)4- Kickboxing (1min)Roberto JrPersonal Trainer