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Sf recreation & parks government non-profit [compatibility mode]


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Sf recreation & parks government non-profit [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Donation Management for Government Non-profitCompany: San Francisco Recreation & ParksOpportunity: Donation ManagementVertical: Government Non Profit Challenge Solution Benefits? SF Parks is a non profit providing Donation and Donor workflow . Mansa aligned complete donation clean, safe and fun park process has been implemented process for SF Parks as per their experiences . Donations were their specifications, which now involves source of income & they wanted to no human intervention to store Reports have been generated to manage them through Salesforce. data in different fields provide donation summary each quarter They needed to streamline and Separate agent accounts were segregate donation process, made which had details of all their Agent donations and direct through agents and direct collections to process gifts and donations are tracked and donations, since it was difficult to commissions automatically reported separately keep track of gifts & commission for agents. For donors paying through installments, automated email SF Parks wanted to implement reminder too was incorporated modes of payment for e.g. monthly, saving manual effort to churn out quarterly or so for all donors. data each month