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Mansa Systems App Development Customer Success


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If you have an idea for an app, Mansa can help you develop your idea into a fantastic app.

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Mansa Systems App Development Customer Success

  1. 1. App DevelopmentCustomer Success Stories
  2. 2. Hollywood startup rocks with force.comProblemIts on the Grid had an idea for a new subscription based portal for theentertainment verticalNeeded to have current search listings of open writing assignments &open directing assignments at Hollywood studiosSolutionMansa Systems built a custom site on the platformBenefitsInformation on open writing assignments & open directing assignments isnow accessible in an easy to use, searchable databaseIts on the Grid easily stores private notes with every person, project, andcompany in the system.
  3. 3. ProblemThe normal intake, screening, and referral process for matching eligible citizens totheir available government programs, community services, and financial productswas an inefficient, long, paper & binder based process often with out-datedinformation.SolutionMansa Systems developed on the platform the Resources Match applicationthat matches individual socio-economic profiles against eligibility criteria and utilizesa sophisticated scoring engine to match client data to services in the system.Benefits Individually customized results for each citizen Smoother, more cohesive, 24/7 , always up-to-date help for citizens Massive time savings and efficiency gains in organizations using Resources MatchCurrent UsersTotal of 36 community-based organizations, schools, and public departmentsIncluding San Francisco City and the state of Hawaiiwww.resourcesmatch.orguses to help match citizensto available, local resources