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Fast call411 cloud telephony application [compatibility mode]


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Integrating Innovative Telephony to Business with Salesforce

Published in: Technology
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Fast call411 cloud telephony application [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Improved Sales by Call Tracking and Analytics Using Twilio Cloud Telephony Company: Fast Call 411 Opportunity: Cloud telephony Vertical: Telephony Challenge Solution Benefits? FastCall411 develops mobile Developed a cloud telephony Cloud telephony generated local search and voice apps interface between Salesforce and quality leads by analyzing that enable partners to be most Twilio the call stats and rated them accurate source for consumers as ‘Hot’, ‘Warm’ ‘Cold’ as per searching for local merchants Every merchant is assigned with a pre-defined criteria, which solution a virtual number to track the calls saved time in data analysis One of their clients Repairpal Created an activity record for was unable to track the call each call and its recording It helped Repairpal team statistics between their improve their sales efficiency customers and shop owners Enabled consumer to browse the in turn resulting into more website of a particular business and revenue Repairpal was unable to get then click on a link to “call” the party, quality leads to follow up to sell putting the consumer in touch with the their services merchant They wanted to categorize the Implemented click-to-call clients as prospective and non functionality prospective based on call statistics