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Adtran_Salesforce customization force.com_development_success story


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Adtran_Salesforce customization force.com_development_success story

  1. 1. Salesforce Customization and Development Company: ADTRAN Inc Opportunity: Salesforce Customization and development Vertical: High-tech Hardware? Challenge Solution Benefits . Adtran wanted to better Corrected the Email handler Adtran can now clearly view manage their campaign classes which is used to update their campaigns and its services and campaign view and create certification records members process automatically in Salesforce using XML file Adtran could see the right Lead status was not coming campaign information as per the in one column Visualforce pages & triggers need created that are necessary to Certification was not being support the campaign view Adtran now offers better updated automatically managed services to its clients Customized objects, fields as per the requirement