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Luminous Capital - Salesforce, Advent Integration - Success Story


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Published in: Technology
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Luminous Capital - Salesforce, Advent Integration - Success Story

  1. 1. & Advent Integration using Informatica Cloud Challenge Solution Benefits ? Luminous was sending multiple client entries manually to Advent APX ,for all security/equities options which was very time consuming. Security of data being their prime concern they wanted a secure Salesforce interface with Advent APX. Without centralized automated process data analysis of data sent by Advent APX was a pain. All Incoming and outgoing data of client was synchronized, with the help of Informatica Cloud Sync service An interface was created in Salesforce which does automated export of client data and import of analyzed data from SFTP server was also setup for secure data exchange Company: Luminous Capital Opportunity: Salesforce Integration Vertical: Wealth Management Luminous had its entire process automated ,without any manual effort involved in sharing and hence saving man hours Now Luminous can easily manage the investments & relationships with the help of Salesforce Luminous can now countercheck and store client portfolios easily .