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IDS_Rapport plug-in for Salesforce_success story


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Published in: Technology
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IDS_Rapport plug-in for Salesforce_success story

  1. 1. Rapport plug-in for Salesforce Company: International Decision Systems Opportunity: Rapport plug-in for Salesforce   Vertical: Hi-Tech Software? Challenge Solution Benefits . Ø Rapport customers who also Ø Developed plug-in using Ø Syncing data between Rapport use Salesforce are manually native apex code so that and Salesforce is completely synching the data between Rapport can integrate with automated both the systems Salesforce Ø Simple and intuitive Admin Ø IDS wanted to integrate IDS Ø Data Integration from Rapport panel help defining the data Group’s existing Rapport system to Salesforce using web mapping very easily system with Salesforce services Ø Flexible sync options - Ø IDS wanted to develop a Ø Field mapping from Account Automated and On Demand generic plug-in for Rapport to Customer, Opportunity to which can be deployed to all Application done, so that if any Ø Increased productivity of their Rapport customers with changes take place it will reflect Rapport and Salesforce users little configuration effort   in Rapport & Salesforce   Ø Manual and automated sync feature developed