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Flex care_Easy Search management tool development _success story


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Flex care_Easy Search management tool development _success story

  1. 1. Easy Search management tool development Company: Flex Care Opportunity: Search Vertical: Medical Staffing Services? Challenge Solution Benefits . Already a Salesforce user they Mansa Systems developed Flexcare people now had difficulty to match fields & Search pages for recognize & identify all fields search through the list of Contacts, resource & Accounts and this has resulted in higher hospitals & data of nurses using visual force user adoption profile & staffing Services Each search field was Company employees can now Due to lack of customized customized as per their have instant access to classified search pages they wasted a lot requirement, and classification data through customized search of time fetching out data from of search pages was done as Tabs the cloud per the database Easy search functionality has helped in higher efficiency and hence saving man-hours